[Suggestion] Remove C4 from LA or buff tank HP

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by JohnGalt36, Jan 17, 2016.

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  1. Stormsinger

    C4 ignores armor, unless I missed a patch note somewhere. The only thing that mitigates it on MBTs is vanguard shield. Armor helps on sundies, but no similar option exists for tanks. Its not a choice when no options exist.
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  2. BakaRaymoo

    to me, thats missing the point

    casualside 2 is a social game. ive always hunted certain players on every faction, but they never made threads about it. ive spent an entire day hunting the same 4 guys in phalanx turrets
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  3. FateJH

    Just to clarify, he's talking about the Reinforced Armor certifications for a tank's defense slot. Top, Sides, and Front. You can count Mineguard if you want since it adds resistance to "bottom" armor. None of them affect C-4 under the situations where it would for, say, rockets - the attacker is standing within the angular region that appropriates the kind of "directional armor" that would be exercised.

    The Sunderer's Blockade Armor was intentionally designed to mitigate some C-4 damage. An active Deployment Shield also affects C-4 damage.
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  4. Reclaimer77

    I was actually dumbfounded over how much TR and NC armor I saw on Connery. I mean..I thought Emerald was full of Vehicleside crutchies, but I was SO wrong!

    It really just made my stomach turn and gave me that much more motivation to want to C-4 as many of them to death as I could. I honestly feel pretty sorry that people who want a good gaming experience have to endure on that server.

    And there's videos posted by him where he admittedly went looking for them in his Skyguard hell bent on a personal vendetta. Who's right and who's wrong here? Which is pretty stupid approach because:

    1. The Skyguard sucks
    2. Baka is WAY too good of a Valkrie pilot to die to one.
  5. FateJH

    Is it really surprising that people playing a game that was touted for trying to be combined arms might want to play something other than Infantry?
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  6. Reclaimer77

    You don't know what I saw. You are just taking me out of context.

    Causing a stalemate because 30% of your population is outside of the base, surrounding it with Lightnings, isn't "combined arms". It's just stupidity and makes the game un-fun for everyone.

    And I would C-4 the same people and they would just pull the same vehicles over and over and over again. The resource system is useless, they might as well get rid of it entirely for all the good it does to prevent the abuse of force multiplier units.
  7. FateJH

    Would it be more fun if one side just no-contested the other just because that wayward 30% was brought to bear?
  8. Stormsinger

    Take screenshots next time, my NC is on Connery, and I don't often see ground vehicles in those numbers (I'd love to know when / where this took place, I love participating in those types of encounters) - Just last night, I participated in a 96+v96+ encounter on Emerald's Indar, I stopped bothering counting at 70 friendly Prowlers, and there were at least a third that many lightnings and sundies.

    The VS pulled just as many Mags / etc to counter us - the fight went back and forth for about a half hour, before the TR pulled off a rather nicely organized Galaxy drop on the point, the armor cleared up within another 5 minutes as defenders had to go infantry to counter, and the stalemate was broken.

    I will agree that the resource system is fairly useless as it stands - I haven't had to wait to pull a vehicle of any sort in months. The fact that Infantry based AV in general is so potent (C4 especially), combined with the fact that Vehicles have been nerfed repeatedly for years means that its basically a question of who shoots first, who is out of position, who flanks first, etc - the only real cost is the time it takes to get another vehicle back to the fight. This seems to balance fights fairly well when bases are sufficiently far apart (which is almost never the case on Indar, and Esamir's prison-style base design means that vehicles pile up nearly as badly as on Indar.)

    Really, if bases were as far apart as they are on the redesigned Amerish, I think we'd have much less of an issue with vehicle spam in general.
  9. Unclematos7

    The problem isn't C4 fairies, the problem is other infantry AV. Even outdoors, where tanks are supposed to be strong, they are end up huddling behind rocks and hills to avoid all the lockon/MANA/laser BS, which puts them in a perfect place for a C4 fairy to kill.
  10. Reclaimer77

    What happened to "Combined Arms"? You can counter infantry AV with other infantry or air units. Come on guys, it's COMBINED ARMS!!! Right?

    Tanks are "strong" outdoors. What you want is to be overpowered. If you are encountering strong resistance, then go somewhere else. You aren't wanted there. What is so hard to understand about that?
  11. Unclematos7

    The SKEP(and equivalents), Annihilator and Striker could have all been countered with combined arms. Their nerfing was totally unjustified, thank you for opening my eyes.:rolleyes:
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  12. Sebastien

    This is why you don't use your character name on the forum, because you'll get on someones ****list after calling them a stupid ******.
  13. Unclematos7

    Because my self-esteem is really dependent on how random people on the internet view me.
  14. Haquim

    I wonder.
    You say "combined arms".
    You keep using that word, but I don't think it means what you think it means.

    If I need infantery to counter enemy infantery in the spaces between bases, where my tank is supposed to be strong, then its not "combined arms".
    Its infantery versus infantery and my tank simply has no place in this fight because it is useless - which is often the case.

    The only place I can think of where tanks regularly have any impact on the fight aside from destroying sunderers is around Indar Excavation.

    Aside from the stupid tracking mechanic, which usually doesn't matter vs ground, what has been nerfed about them? Mine works just as fine as 2 years ago o_O. Well, the Striker has been annihilated, but aside from that?
  15. Reclaimer77

    Yes, sometimes you might have to get out of your tank and actually play Infantry to accomplish an objective. How exactly is that NOT "combined arms"?

    You know what, don't even answer that. I'll just get another vehicle-centric answer anyway. If you feel so "useless" in a tank, do the whole game a favor and stop using one.
  16. Savadrin

    Yes, use a harasser instead.
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  17. FateJH

    Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander. When might players have to be coerced into a tank to accomplish an objective?
  18. Haquim

    Never, because Infantery is always the answer.
    Tankdrivers having to get out and push? Combined arms.
    Infantery having to rely on tanks? Madness.

    And I tire of this game.
    This began as a thread about C4s effectiveness being over the top and it devolved into a "infantery deserve to be superior" thread.
    Reclaimer and his fellow fairy kin pretty much established themselves as the PS2 equivalent of the tumblr feminists.

    Oh and reclaimer - I don't use tanks anymore. And I've said so several times. My grand total of tanks in January is a single HE lightning to push NC MAXes away from the doors of a base.
    That doesn't mean I'm not allowed to be concerned about aspects of the game that I don't currently make use of.
  19. Reclaimer77

    I think the truth is that some of you just suck at vehicles. I know people in this game who would laugh at the idea that tanks are "useless". But they're in the game racking up 70+KD runs, not here whining...

    Wtf does that even mean? Whatever, troll on.
  20. FateJH

    KD doesn't win the game.
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