[Suggestion] Remove AP rounds ability to OHK infantry

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  1. Leftconsin

    Why not just make tanks invulnerable to infantry weapons and infantry invulnerable to tank weapons?
  2. Flag

    Well, it was at least a decent -default- weapon, good if you were TR.
    Now it's just meh, where the other two guns are basically upgrades in either AV or AI direction.
    That's my main issue, believe it or not. The way it is now it really shafts the new players.

    Before any smartarses come in here, nerfind AP and HE won't solve anything. That'd take the situation of having one gun not really worth using to 3 guns/full vehicle not worth using.
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  3. Ronin Oni

    I think HEAT should have .5m OHK splash. HE should have 1.5m OHK splash.

    Give them the same max radius and OHK ability, HE just has a larger OHK radius and does more damage out to max radius than HEAT.

    HEAT gets to kill with near misses and AP requires direct hit.

    That would be balanced IMO.

    HEAT would move a lil into HE's turf, but HE would get a small buff as well while still not being the 8m death zone it was at launch.
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  4. Flag

    Hm, not a bad idea.
  5. Ronin Oni

    Will never happen though.

    Since game launch I can't think of anything vehicle mounted that's been made more lethal to infantry.

    They tried buffing Kobalt CoF and promptly nerfed it.

    Even though this would be more of a partial unnerfing.... Infantryside tears would drown the devs until they reverted it and nerfed it even farther than now.
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  6. Money

    Or you could just have one AI turret and just upgrade that one. Or have one that damages Kinetic and the other damage Flac and give infantry the opiton like Max's have to equip one or the other
  7. Flag

    Aint that the truth.
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  8. Hatesphere

    it would be very confusing for new players, sighting a weapon like that makes it a bit harder to understand what is happening when you shoot upward at a target, or why your head shots are missing at some ranges. but it would be a fun experiment to be able to change the zero on sights between a few set ranges with true zero as the default, and for sniper scopes maybe have the zero set into each scope type for its designed range.

    simply put AP should keep its OHK and its splash completely removed to make it a point weapon, they should just be like a perpetrator not an explosive shell.

    flak should be modified to be a shield modifier making it not work if your shields are down, but have a much higher resist when they are up. make nano the opposite and make it so it does not effect your shield but does effect your health pool considerably.

    now hear me out, after this make HE have a larger blast radius so that against an HE user all a flak user has to so is keep his Shields up and he will live for more then one HE. a direct should take down the shield and work on the health a bit. this should in theory make the HE a 2 shot consistent on a flak user but effective with splash against non flak users if you work the Numbers right while allowing the restoring of some of its AOE potential, since now people with shields up and flak will simply be tickled unless close the the center of the blast, while non flak will be ripped up at a decent range and makes grenades more effective vs flak targets with no shield.

    I hope your are joking, its hard to tell on the internet.
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  9. I play by many names

    Don't lump the engy AV turret with MAX units. MAX units are actually effective and don't just feed easy head shots to snipers so they can more quickly finish their directives.
  10. Leftconsin

    I am not joking. I'm seriously asking for people to justify in their own words infantry and tanks having any interaction at all.
  11. FBVanu

    The interaction happens, because there are so many darn infantry running around.... and they try to hurt my faction... so I have to shoot them down.. with my tank..
    Then there is this strange idea of combined arms and all that...
    And when I blow up a Sundy or tank, there is usually a driver (infantry) trying to get away from the vehicle..

    But, seriously, you are joking, just admit it.. it's OK.. the truth shall set you free...
  12. Leftconsin

    I'm not saying that tanks and infantry should be like you and the trillions of neutrinos harmlessly passing through you right now.
    I just want people to think about the positives that tank/infantry combat brings to the game. So many people are so focused on the negatives. On the reasons why tanks are bad for the game or bad for fights.
  13. Opticalsnare

    More nerfing cause it killed you thread...
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  14. QuantumSerpent

    Well, given:
    1. Tanks are in the game.
    2. The game is objective-based.
    3. Only infantry can capture objectives.
    Given that tanks cannot capture objectives, their only possible value, as with any mechanism in the game, is to help infantry reach the objective, and prevent enemy infantry from doing the same. The latter is only possible if tanks can hurt infantry.
  15. Waratorium

    ..... because complex interactions between different elements adds depth to the gameplay.

    If we took your logic to its, well logical conclusion, people wouldn't be able to hurt other people unless that other person is using the same class & gun as them.

    Infantry being able to threaten tanks makes tank gameplay much more interesting, and the ability for vehicles to threaten infantry makes infantry gameplay more interesting, and adds a reason for vehicles to exist in the first place.

    Furthermore, an AP cannon is the least effective tank weapon for killing infantry, other than the skyguard, as it can only kill one infantry at a time and takes a great deal of aiming and skill to get that one kill, while the viper or HE can score kills with much less skill and much quicker. Its only right that a shell that takes a lot of skill to hit infantry with should 1 hit ko the infantry, and it is very avoidable by the infantry- I have seen infantry dodging AP lightning fire for long enough to do significant damage with decimators or shrikes.
  16. Fortress

    OK, but the lightning gets its 12mm gun back.
  17. Verviedi

    Get out, Dev. Probably the best name ever for an alt though. Kudos from us.
  18. Xasapis

    Well, the guy you quoted couldn't be further from what the majority of people feel. They have amply demonstrated in this thread, that the idea that a tank should be useless against infantry, while the opposite is not true, is utterly absurd.
  19. Verviedi

    Problem is the community is going to give in to the constant badgering, SOE is going to ground nerf Heavy Shield, then switch to this, use their alts, Mus-**** will make a video, and AP shells will no longed OHK peasants.
    We are considering a way to fight back.
  20. z1967

    This thread is contending for least useful yet most brought back from the dead page I have ever seen. Seriously...