Remove ANT and revert Scarred Mesa

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  1. Demigan

    It can't be deconstructed.

    The rules for deconstruction are as follows:
    Someone places a Silo. He becomes the "owner" of the build region. Anyone in his squad can use deconstruct tools including himself.

    So if you aren't in his squad, no deconstruct tool.

    And that makes sense, imagine if a faction swapper could just walk up to any fortress and deconstruct a few key structures, like repair and AI modules, a vital wall section or all AA turrets and the aerial shield modules. You could easily cripple a base in an instant.

    So as much as I dislike Diilicious's approach, he is right. It's a dick move, it prevents him from going to the fight he had chosen and it could in fact mean that your entire team has to move through a meat grinder and Tawrich just to get there, even though the whole purpose of that road is to give an alternate lattice route towards Tawrich.
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  2. Ronin Oni

    That's not even a bug, that's a damn tactical obstruction and only needs a little biut of concentrated firepower to deal with...

    which if you have a damned armor ZERG, should be no problem. It should take less than a couple min
  3. WTSherman

    That's why I said you might have to drop a silo: now the area belongs to your squad and you can decon at will. :p
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  4. Sebastien

    Then tell your team to **** off. Oh wait you won't because you're beta as **** and complain on Forumside instead.
    Protip: Nothing will change so either sack up and grief, or go around.
  5. Hoothers

  6. Chubzdoomer

    This. Scarred Mesa Skydock was, to me, by far one of the worst bases on Indar--maybe even PlanetSide 2, period. The new version is a massive improvement in every way.
  7. Diilicious

    LMAO, oookay buddy, go back to your tumblr blog now.
  8. Pfundi

    So you just expect me and the other thousands of lone wolfs to quit?
  9. Pfundi

    So you expect people that play alone to:
    -pull a ANT and probably get killed several times
    -collect resources
    -place a silo
    -deconstruct something
    Just because someone else was trolling?
  10. Demigan

    Eh, did you follow the threads leading up to the construction update? If anything, I was the hardest advocate of making sure the system would support lone wolfs.

    Now lone wolfs aren't excluded, in fact it's encouraged! The staple of a lone wolf is that he does whatever he wants, and he can do it alone... But that does not mean that it's completely disconnected from his team. A lone wolf can easily fill in a role, try to target specific things. He doesn't need his team for that, but he can help his team with it. This system actually gives tons of power to lone wolfs! Lone wolfing wasn't about ghost capping or attacking occupied bases solo, it was about doing your own plans separate from the rest of the people. So where a lone wolf used to mean "walking a different path to get a bunch of kills" now you can target things with a far bigger impact. Kill off the engineers behind a wall, target some modules to shut down key base parts, destroy the Sunderer to stop all reinforcements etc.
  11. Pfundi

    Im not going to comment much as I still didnt play on live long (those damn queues) but I cannot do what I want.
    Im forced to play on a certain continent with a certain faction (if I dont want a down time of 10min, and if I was okay with waiting 10min to every spawn I would be in an outfit) and I cant get close to enemy bases because of the turrets. And defending bases is just as boring as sieging them (so camping them with tanks).
    Maybe there'll be less bases in a few weeks and maybe they'll change something about the queuing, we'll have to wait a little longer.
    But as of now I dislike every single change in this patch except the Indar base changes.
  12. WTSherman

    He didn't say he was playing alone, he said he was in a platoon that was pushing an armor column. Dropping a silo to deconstruct an obstacle should be pretty trivial for a platoon lead, especially since Cortium is fairly abundant, a silo doesn't cost very much, and some people have been using ANTs as makeshift HMMWVs anyway.