Remove ANT and revert Scarred Mesa

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  1. kungflu

    Literally changed the best faction vs faction region to a ****hole.
    ANT have way too many bugs, imbalance issues especially with a faction using Phoenix. It's not ready or shouldn't be implemented at all
    Ally blockade on bridges just piss off platoon leads running vehicle armor zerg

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  2. Sebastien

    Don't use the bridge then. ****, it's not a difficult concept.
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  3. Demigan

    What bugs? What imbalance issue's? Can you name a few? I think there's only one "bug" and that might be blocking off a bridge with a wall. Otherwise... Not so much.

    Fortresses require some teamwork or strategy to destroy, that's a good thing and not an imbalance. Imagine if every fortress could be destroyed with plain old throwing your faction against it without thought, it would be a nightmare.
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  4. ArcKnight

    I get the feeling it would be a dream come true for CoD kiddies who want a rambo/god mode
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  5. ArcKnight

    what bugs? o_O please list them

    then have the armor zerg take a detour around the bridge, its not like there aren't other routes -_-

    KEEP KEEP KEEP :cool:
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  6. Eternaloptimist

    The most far reaching and exciting update I've seen in two years and someone doesn't like it becasue it has spoiled their personal favourite battleground and one of their mates has built something without planning permission? Well damn!
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  7. Diilicious

    nor is using your brain and realising that the bridge is one of the most important parts of the map. please explain how to get tanks from regent rock to scarred mesa without the bridge, if the west is occupied territory

    you cant, can you? you have a vanguard avatar, does your vanguard trade in a shield for the ability to fly?
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  8. Demigan

    Blowing up the wall, driving through occupied territory (which is much easier than you expect if you don't take the main roads) and driving up behind them.

    Alternative: Drop a Valkyrie/Gal at a base in the back of the lattice (Tawrich recycling in this case with the removal of red ridge). Get some vehicles there and aside from some time lost you also have a perfect flanking position.

    "but if I move from regent rock straight to Tawrich they'll see me!"

    Eh yeah, that's why you take a minute, fly around to the now absent auraxium mine, and keep going from there. This is territory that's not often used and gets you there with ease and relative safety. It'll be safer and faster at least than driving straight up a bridge if they know you are coming, which could result in them pushing you back. But since the bridge is blocked off anyway...
    I'm actually wondering why I haven't seen a shielded Sunderer Garage as doorway and some walls to flank it. Perfect and easy stronghold to block a bridge without blocking it for your allies.
    On that note, is it possible to place Sunderer garages next to each other? Imagine the nightmare of a row of shielded deployed Prowlers overlooking a valley... Safe from aircraft, safe from direct attacks through an indestructible shield in front of them, only attackable by approaching them from a flank or by destroying the garage first.
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  9. thebigbortishbort

    i will say , theres a little spot infront of the C point at the crown where you can wall it up and make a base , got back up from tanks and one of them decided to start shooting this said wall , until they saw a nice little gap to the side of it for tanks.

    10/10 tank funnel , really damn amusing making a base there when you don't own the crown.
  10. Diilicious

    im sorry but do you know how long it takes to destroy a wall section, with vanguard AP, it uses up a substantial amount of ammo to do, as well as time, if its being repaired its impossible, and if its an allied wall section you are likey to be team killed, im not a member nor have any boosts, getting back 450 nanites takes centuries and aint nobody got time for that.

    so instead your advice is to take my slow, loud as **** tank, all the way through tawrich, unnoticed, while 95% chance that there is a battle happening down there, at where broken arch road used to be or either of the bass on either side of it, tanks will be coming along the road from the tawrich spawn point vehicle spawner, there is virtually no way to get through that unseen and unganked, i might as well blow up my vanguard the moment i spawn it in both cases.
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  11. FieldMarshall

    Have you considered that maybe you're not supposed to easily (or at all) get tanks there,
    if defenders have set up defenses in advance?
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  12. Scr1nRusher

    10/10 troll

    Really now you are utterly stupid.
  13. Gundem

    The changes to Skydock are amazing and I wouldn't take it back for all the spandex in the world.

    Old Skydock was an awful meatgrinder who's capture was entirely based on "Who gal-drops the point first with enough MAX's".
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  14. WTSherman

    Or, in the case of an allied structure, that's what the decon tool is for. Just get someone else in the squad to decon it and move on.
  15. Diilicious

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  16. WTSherman

    Then deconstruct it. It's not a permanent fixture, there's a tool for exactly that.

    Worst case you might have to drop a silo nearby, decon the wall, then decon the silo.
  17. Targanwolf

    The ANT system is the only reason I'm playing again.
  18. Eternaloptimist

    Using construction to build tank traps..........I like it!
  19. Demigan

    When I said "blowing through the wall" I was assuming you weren't the only one trying to get through. But yes, it takes a while.

    Eh, when you reach regent rock there could be a battle raging from Xenotech lab to Tawrich. Yet it is still completely possible to get by unnoticed. Most people don't even seem to realize there's more than 3 different roads to Tawrich when you go from the Crossroads, add in going passed Xenotech and you have more than 4 roads, only one of which is actually used regularly: The main road.
    Use those back alley roads. The one at Xenotech might be used too often, but the back alley that takes you through Gravel pass, or even around Gravel pass to the Stronghold, are often completely deserted and well capable of being used for back-alley sneaking. I often use them to get a stealth Sunderer up behind enemy lines, hijack a vehicle terminal and use vehicles from there (at least I did up until pulling a new vehicle caused my Sunderer to disappear). Nowadays I'll just grab a stealth flash, drive through the deserted canyons quickly, steal a vehicle- and infantry-terminal at Tawrich Tower (or if that's busy Arroyo Torre) and drive leasurely to old Red Ridge from there. Then it's "oh hello backside of my enemy, here's a sneak attack for you!"

    How do you think I ever auraxed my AP Lightning canon with so many vehicle kills...

    I'm not saying this is better than simply being able to drive down the bridge. Of course not! It's dick move to close off a bridge like that! I'm saying that there's alternatives, alternatives that might actually pay off if you try them.

    Also as I mentioned earlier, if one side blocks the road and it's really an attack route, most places in the game you can expect some enemies to come snooping about and destroy that wall for you.
  20. Armcross

    They make a wall and they make you pay for it.