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  1. AXUS

    No classes except max. one base character that can equip and use any skill, weapon, ability, suit, grenade and utility. Focus on improving load outs. example
    prim. wpn. bolt action
    2nd wpn. crossbow
    tool. rocket launcher
    ability. drift jets
    suit. utility pouch
    grenade. sticky grenade
    utility. c.4
    who can complain, everyone can make fun load outs. There should be more load out spots, and even more for all access members maybe even station cash to buy more load out spots.
    If your complaining you dun messed up, try another load out.
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  2. MaDiv

    Stalker cloak + RL ...... =)
  3. Rahk

    But if they removed the classes, it wouldn't be cloning the BF model and it would be closer to PS1 :eek: /sarcasm
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  4. Desann

    Although i agree with you, this was how PS1 was structured. I seriously doubt this game will ever see an open class system. Its too far down the path it already is in.
  5. Springjack

    Posting a detailed class after proposing to remove them all is contradictory.
    Nevertheless I would think that idea be fun. I think you should have about half health of (the primary weapon class) guy you're mocking. DBG should make a "boost" for the ultra class mod in 1 hour increments, but you can only use it like once a day or something to keep you playing everyday. The money to be OP as Higby would stabilize PS2 for the coming generations! This way it wouldn't seriously mess with the current game structure (in my opinion).

    But cerealy, this can be implemented. But not without it's limitations.
    Like, no battle rifles with jet packs. This would be kind of tough to implement though. Thousands of combos for classes.
  7. MaDiv

    Or better: Cloak + rezznades + Healtool + lmg
  8. Jawarisin

    Stalker cloak+ c4.... How could you miss it?
    Or heavy overshield + LMG + Rocket Launcher
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  9. MisterSlim

    Bolt Action + NS 500 Jackal (to be implemented) + Lancer + Cloak + Ammo Pouch + AV Nade + Medkits or C4

    Long range, anyone? ^.^
  10. DirArtillerySupport

    I had a dream I was playing PS2 with the PS1 inventory system...but then I woke up. I hate waking up.
  11. Goldmonk

    This sounds a lot like Loadout.
  12. Vorpal_Spork

    Agreed. I think this should have been PS1 with the PS2 graphics, TTK, CoF, and flight physics. Instead they dumbed it down almost to CoD level.
  13. PanzerGoddess

    I love the atmosphere in here lol....amazes me all the hate players have to write about...yet they still play the game lol.

    "hate this game...but I will still play it five hours a day....I don't know why"

    the game is fine the way it is.....if you want one class go play an open world mmo or something and enjoy their beliefs on how gaming should be. The game gives you enough choices, choose and adapt.
  14. AcheronLupus

    Or cloak, rezznades, healtool, nanite shield, jetpack, Jackhammer/Minigun/Spandexer.

    //End of message, and game. More OP than Higby.
  15. Effect

    Because the game itself is not bad, but it could have been so much better. They took a bunch of the things that made planetside 1 great and essentially said "No!" and then made a battlefield copy with 3 sides and planetside colors/names.