Remove afterburner from Liberators and give it to Valkyries and some other buffs

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  1. UberNoob1337101

    So a heavy bomber with buttload of health should have a bail-out option on top of already huge amounts of resistances and health while a craft that is as maneuverable/fast but vunreable to small-arms fire, much less firepower from armaments and much less health/resistances doesn't get it?

    Very balanced amirite? I'm tired of having a useless piece of excrement called the Valkyrie be partially useless in comparison to Liberators (firepower wise) and completely useless in comparison to Galaxies (Completely outclassing it firepower-wise and personnel capacity, though it is expected from what's supposed to be from a poor man's galaxy)

    I ask to remove afterburner from Liberators so they don't have it as a bail-out option (After all, it's a heavy bomber, it isn't supposed to move a lot and is expected from a heavy bomber to tank damage, also the Liberator is suprisingly maneuverable and fast for a bomber) but Valkyries with their role as a fast attack transport should honestly have it as an option.

    Other two buffs I would give them would be built-in squad logistics (suggested by Scr1nRusher) and maybe the ability for MAXes to get into Valkyries (Like a set amount? 2 at most?)

  2. CorporationUSA

    But they have fire suppression as a bailout too. It basically just gives them more health, which should be good enough to escape.
  3. UberNoob1337101

    With afterburner you dodge almost everything, now when I think about it it's almost the same thing (Afterburner having more usage/versatility)

    But in much more situations you dodge death better with afterburner than with fire suppression. And anyways, if a liberator is on fire/near death fire suppression is flavor text, not really useful but afterburner can prevent that situation altogether.
  4. CorporationUSA

    idk, I think both increase the survivability of the vehicle pretty significantly. They just do it in different way. Someone who needs to get out of the situation before they die can use fire suppression to get away. The don't need to be on fire to use.
  5. ppanj

    Fire suppression is pretty weak on libs compared to ESFs, its best use is to survive an additional dalton round to the face...Afterburner is IMHO a much better, if much more expensive option

    And come on pls people stop spamming anti lib threads...
  6. Imp C Bravo

    Afterburner is far more effective at saving Liberators than Fire Suppression. And I'd totally support removing it from the Lib and giving it to Valks.

    Libs should not have speed AND armor. The OP is, in my opinion, pretty much right.
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  7. UberNoob1337101

    *insert random bump here*
  8. OldMaster80

    Yeah but it's not that useful on Valkyrie given its low resistance. Valkyries have a good maneuverability that's sure, but it doesn't really help to bail out when all the other aircraft has afterburners and you need to slow down A LOT to drop safely. Because if you have Fire Suppression it means you have no Squad Logistics System thus you must land before you can leave the Valkyrie. And if you have Evasive Frame then you really lack air brakes.
  9. Klabauter8

    I think a reason why the Valkyrie has no afterburner is, because it is not supposed to fly high. It is supposed to fly stealthy, near the ground and support ground troups from close distance. With all the hills, mountains, facilities, etc, you have there to take cover, high speed is not really neccessary.

    If it had an afterburner, it probably would just give even more people the idea to fly it similar to an ESF, which generally fly much higher and rather do dive attacks when attacking the ground. The Valk doesn't have to do dive attacks, because it has very good hover stability, maneuverability and the gunner has more freedom in aiming.