Remove 1 Class from the game

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  1. SpruceMoose

    hypothetically, if one class had to go for whatever reason
    which one would it be, why and how would you balance it out

    kill my curiosity
  2. Bobman23

    You know how this is going to end...
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  3. Alarox


    Wouldn't that be interesting?
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  4. Mebsvernon


    Give LA assault rifles for funsies, and instead of med-kit spamming nonsense just allow everyone a limited self-heal like the medic's heal over time.
  5. FateJH

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  6. Atis

    This class creates more frustration than brings good in game. Long range or invisibility is never good to pair with high damage. Never.

    How to fix: leave only stalker cloak and tone down secondaries damage. Remove basr. Add more recon/hacking in game.
  7. SuperTrooperWaterloo

    medic, or how you call him nowadays: reviver

    medkits = full heal during fights
    heal implants = full heal out of combat

    both more effective than the healgun/medic ability
  8. HadesR

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  9. ColonelChingles

    I actually think there are too few classes. Not nearly as interesting choices.

    Battlefield 2 had a much better class system than more recent BF series, having 7 different classes instead of BF4's 4 classes. BF2 had:

    Assaults- Assault rifle and UBGL. Heavier armor. Your typical rifleman.
    Medic- Assault rifle and medical gear.
    Anti-Tank- Rocket launcher and SMG. Heavier armor.
    Engineer- Shotgun, AT mines, and repair wrench.
    Support- LMG and ammo. Heavier armor.
    Special Forces- Carbine and explosives.
    Sniper- Sniper rifle.

    BF4 condensed this down to 4 classes:
    Assault- Assault + Medic.
    Support- Mostly the same + mortar.
    Recon- Special Forces + Sniper.
    Engineer- Anti-Tank + Engineer.

    In my opinion less classes made things less fun, with fewer people being able to do more things. This cheapened teamwork.

    PS2 is already pretty low on classes, and many of these classes should be split. For instance, the HA should be split into two classes, the Anti-Tank and LMG classes.

    So really getting rid of any of the existing classes would be bad for the game. We need more specialization, not less!
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  10. GoyoElGringo

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  11. MotionBlured

    Remove necromancers. Zombies screw up balance.
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  12. SpruceMoose

    Nice Take on things, I haven't thought about it that way

    I don't think we can be friends
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  13. Ikarius77

    Of course, Infiltrator...

    Imagine combats without snipers and smg cloakers... :)
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  14. Titan6

  15. f0d

    you could probably adjust an engineer to have jumpjets and it could easily replace LA
  16. doombro

    Light Assault, easily. It does nothing of value for the game.
  17. FBVanu

    Hear hear....

    There should be one just for Piloting.. ground and air vehicles..
    Players should not be able to use engineers or HA or LA to drive or fly...
    The engineer should stay as is, to deploy turrets mines etc..

    The "Pilot" should only have a secondary pistol.. and the ability to repair their vehicle.. Maybe then teamwork would get a boost, because suddenly all kinds of players would need a ride...
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  18. Whatupwidat

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  19. William Petersen

    I wouldn't want to remove infiltrators on the whole, but I'd see them stripped of their cloaks and given back their health (or is it shields). their F ability could be the motion sensor (while they still get the dart gun, too) ala Engi's ammo box. Could then be re-named "Recon" instead of "infiltrator". But I pretty much hate 'invisibility' in any game.

    This said, I tend to agree with the guy about fewer classes = bad. There are some things about some classes I don't like, but to totally axe one would worsen the game.
  20. Crayv

    I would say medic or infil but I'm gonna go with the engineer. Would make ammo a much bigger factor for infantry (especially RLs) and would mean vehicles would only be able to repair at a repair sundy or use auto repair.