Remind me again why ?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Merakov, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. Merakov

    Remind me again why cant we (infiltrators) use anti-vehicle mines ?
    When we get close enough they can see us from the tank and shoot us down ,also we are easier to shoot than a flying LA so why cant we use tank mines ?
  2. DrankTHEKoolaid

    Sneaking up to a tank as an Infiltrator would be incredibly easy.
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  3. LibertyRevolution

    For the same reason you can't have C4..
    A cloaked player with high explosives would be OP..

    And no, tankers can't see you when you are cloaked and walk up to them, you are completely invisible to thermal.
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  4. Decian

    And the same reason Light Assaults can't have long range weaponry despite being able to jump to high perches.
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  5. Archiadus

    I've been killed several times by pilots and drivers that claim to have seen my cloaked infiltrator through thermal vision..
  6. LibertyRevolution

    Then they lie, as cloakers are invisible to thermal on all settings.

    They can however see you on the map with proximity radar, then turn off thermal, look for you and blast you.

    If you want to kill a tank as infiltrator:
    Pull a wraith flash, put 2 blocks of c4 on it from another class, switch back to infil, crash it into them.
    Or hack an AV turret and shoot them in the back from their own base..
    Or get some friends and do the explosive bolt crossbow thing.

    They have given you more AV options since launch.
  7. miraculousmouse

    Or putting getting wraith cloak flashes with furies with a few friends and sneaking up on them

    edit : I see you have left the good fight :eek:
  8. AdamRah

    the answer too your question is the same to that as why we can't use shotguns, CAUSE HIGBY SAID SO
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  9. LibertyRevolution

    Or because it was OP...
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  10. AdamRah

    you cracked the case!
  11. Archiadus

    Good thing that I reported all of them then :eek:
  12. cruczi

    It was OP yes, but that video doesn't show anything to prove it. All that video shows is oblivious newbies with three second reaction time getting owned at their own spawn. Versus those players, you can do that with any weapon and any class.
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  13. LibertyRevolution

    Yeah that was just like the first hit on youtube..
    I can't find the one where they all decloak at once and murder everyone in the room right now..
  14. Ryme

    For that matter, why do they need to decloak to kill people? Well why can't Infiltrators fire while cloaked? HA can fire while overshield is on. LA can fire while boosting in the air with jetpacks. Medics can fire while healing. Infiltrators should obeviously be allowed to fire their weapons while cloak is active. :p
  15. LibertyRevolution

    Lets let them knife when cloaked, I think that be a fun new metagame. :rolleyes:
  16. Ryme

    Hell yeah! Just imagine it. Entire continents of empty. Fields filled with nothing but the *swishing* sounds of perma cloaked Infiltrators trying to blindly knife each other.
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  17. Merakov

    C4 and Tank Mines are different .C4 will be OP on infiltrator as it can be detonated whenever you want but Tanks Mines cant
    Plus you can spot Tank mines and evade them ,also tanks get heads up with the radar**** that Im closing in and since im not flying over them and their line of fire they can kill me before I can put a Tank Mine.Also tanks should always move like a snipers should thus making it harder to plant a Tank Mine that can damage them
  18. Rohxer

    Tank mines can in fact "be detonated whenever you want". Just drop the tank mine and shoot it. Dead tank.

    It's even easier with sunderers since they are usually not guarded.

    Not many tanks run proximity radar. And the hard part for the LA is not just when they are close to the tank. If they get close to it they frequently win. The usual difficulty for them is not getting spotted during the long journey between the spawn room and tank. This is the trivial part for infiltrators and why we don't get mines/C4.
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  19. Merakov

    Infiltrator claok is not as strong in CQ as people make it I get seen so often ,as do I spot enemy infiltrators that are passing near me
    Even if not many tanks run the radar ,they can still run it if needed... they will just need it more ,as can Sundys run mine protectors.
    Also theres the constant risk of some1 spawning just when you reach the sundy ,not to mention that outfit zergs always guard their sundys
    Shooting the mine? Ok drop the mine ,aim and shoot it fast enough before the tank moves as I said tanks should be moving more as I have to move after few kills with my sniper .Even if the Tank doesnt run with the radar I still produce a sound as I uncloak that should be his cue to move and look around
    Leaving the spawn room is as easy as it gets...die ,spawn in the nearby base ,get a flash stop near a cliff or a tree fly over to a tank drop your c4 blow em up and leave .This will also work with your undefended sundy .
    Besides we can already sneak near a sundy or a tank and destroy it but we need a LA or Engi and a certed flash I dont see why we shouldnt be able to do it alone ?
  20. Rift23

    Before they removed equipment terminals from all the bases it was easy enough to hack one, swap to engineer and start farming that line of tanks you just snuck by or mine the spawnpad so somebody is stuck looking at the timer sooner than they thought. If the zerg was particularly bad you could even make multiple runs back to restock in between blowing vehicles.

    Sigh, we've lost so much.
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