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  1. Sumguy720

    I was tired of all the unsubstantiated claims and anecdotal evidence people use to claim that certain faction weapons are better than others. I spent the last few weeks carefully crafting the ultimate ttk simulator. Now it's 'ready' for a release, so I've put the necessary files up on my website.

    It creates heat maps that represent damage dealt per unit area.
    It can simulate over 120 weapons at any range between 1 and 1000 meters with three different firing modes (semi-auto, burst, and automatic), and calculates bullet drop and damage falloff due to range for TR and VS weapons. There are options for recoil compensation, stance, motion, and aiming setups, as well as a real time hit simulation.

    It's called DIRt, for the function it describes: Damage as a function of Input, Range, and time.
    One unfortunate thing about this program is that it was written in MATLAB, so if you don't have MATLAB it's rather troublesome to get running on your machine. I do provide some of the necessary tools on the webpage for those of you who are really seriously interested, but they'll only work if you have 64 bit windows 7 and are willing to download 198 MB files.

    If you DO have MATLAB the encrypted Pcode files are available and you can run them directly from MATLAB. I might release the source code later. It will depend on a number of things, like whether or not people would want it.


    There is an included spreadsheet that is used for the calculations which can be updated manually (open office or microsoft office required). It was last updated a few weeks ago so some of the numbers will not reflect the latest tweaks (especially to the VS weapons and scout rifles). Updated spreadsheets will be made available on the website, OR you can update them yourself using this

    You can also see some examples of the program in action in this thread

    Someone suggested I add a place where people can make recommendations for other projects to work on. Because I don't currently have the HTML knowhow to set that up on the site, feel free to post suggestions here.
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  2. Aegie

    Sneat. I like the cut of your jib.
  3. S0LAR15

    I love stats and analysis, so i love this.
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  4. SiosDashcR

    Posting in epic thread.

    You should add a donate button somewhere on the site - Can pull in some extra revenue and hopefully have a feedback/suggestion section to work on future projects that could be funded.

    Good luck and great job!
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  5. Sumguy720

    Yeah, I thought about that, It's a bit tricky to do, but I'll try.

    Actually that was pretty easy. You really think people will support future projects like this? That'd be awesome!
  6. SiosDashcR

    Go to PayPal and there should be an ability to create a Donate button from there. Wish 'ya luck and this would look greak for your resume (and portfolio)!
  7. Inlex

    Thank you! I personally love stats and analysis, but cba to plow through the stats because I have confidence that the balance was done properly. Maybe this will shut everyone up about the "OP VS range" or "op NC MAX" or whatever the fk.

    I have done a similar job on league of legends, testing champs and stats by hand. The math was right and the balance was done properly by the developers.. I expect no less here. So thank you again in an effort to shut people up ! :)
  8. Noktdaz

  9. Vorxil

    Tested it out in Matlab. Is there a reason why the form of recoil compensation is greyed out? Also, it might be worth adding an average TTK statistics with standard deviation (and preferably a given number of trials) given how it tends to fluctuate. Furthermore, you might want to expand on how the custom bullet group matrix works.
  10. Sumguy720

    Dude! Thanks so much for testing it out! I'm glad it's working.

    The form of the recoil compensation is actually not the form of the recoil compensation. It's the bullet distribution function for the COF. I had originally planned to make options for gaussian, poisson, or uniform, but ended up only implementing uniform, but not taking out the button. :p
    Lazy developer alert.

    The custom bullet group matrix thing, right now it's about the most functional I can get it to be -- unless you have some specific ideas. The idea is to let the user program in their own mouse clicking patterns. I could conceivably give the user actual direct mouse input, but that might take some time.

    TTK stats? Can do. Because the algorithm works with straight simulation, this might increase the computation time a bit. My thinking was that user could infer the standard deviations from looking at the graphs themselves, but if there is enough demand for it I could look into adding some harder statistics.
  11. Sturmwaffles

    When I played that game he was so crazy OP, oh man. I couldn't take it anymore! :mad:
  12. UnaHombre

    Woah! Cool app.
    Can you please add a feature where you can compare two guns directly? Or maybe to extract the data in numerical form?
  13. MrEclectic

    Congratulations and many thanks for the release!
  14. MrEclectic

    As Keynes said "When the facts change, I change my mind." Unfortunately a lot of people prefer to have both their mind and facts made up.
  15. CupBoy

    These guys also made a sweet PS2 weapon simulator: link
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  16. Sumguy720

    Update: Hey guys. I found a bug and squashed it just now. The vertical recoil was not being reset for weapons between simulations when generating graphs for each gun. This resulted in MUCH longer ttk calculations that would be expected.

    The issue has been fixed and the updated versions are live on the website now.
  17. Cougarbrit

    I effin hate MATLAB.

    But cool that you're doing this.
  18. Zorro

    Excellent job! I wish I could program like that....
  19. LordMatt XLVIII

    You just became every Forumside Player's best friend.
  20. Sumguy720

    Program and spreadsheet updated. All data values are current as of april 23 and shotguns are now fully supported.

    Get the latest version from the website! And remember, if you downloaded the MCR you only need to get that ONCE.

    Dude, me too. Now that I have a program I want to distribute, MATLAB has blocked me at every pass. Maybe I'll go learn java for my next project.

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