[Suggestion] Release Black Ops Before 2015 Ends.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Foxirus, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. Foxirus

    Seriously. We have got to get the black ops system in play before this years end. Its the only way you are going to get me to leave my glorious vanu faction. I would love to help the NC and TR when they have the lowest pop and are getting destroyed, But I am not logging out of my main to do so.

    I feel this will solve pretty much all the faction balance issues. Make sure you make it to where you retain your blackops status on crashes.
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  2. Turkeys!

    Is that still being done? It doesn't seem like there's been any word on it in a while, before Smedley left I believe.
  3. FieldMarshall

    I think they should release it when its done instead of trying to rush it out.
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  4. Nagant

    I don't think it worked in PS1 either... It may have felt good for the actual blackops to gank everyone with their UBER stats, but they were more disturbing than useful to have them around.
  5. SwornJupiter

    It doesn't do anything to address faction balance issues, but goes a long way to resolving population balance issues. This, in my opinion, is the big killer of fun in planetside 2.

    If it was on the table when Smed was still in charge, then it's up in the air now...
    But fingers crossed!
  6. Foxirus

    Uber stats really would not matter. NS Soldiers would use NS weapons, Nothing more.
  7. Foxirus

    Majority of all the weapons are literally carbon copy reskins of each other. The only real difference are the tanks and ESF's weapon wise. The problem with with faction balance is negligible because you already have pretty much nothing that another faction doesn't have a reskinned version of.
  8. Nagant

    In PS1 they had insane health and armour (like 100 health + 200 armour for a "heavy assault", they had like 1000 health and 1000 shield or more.) They haven't even bothered repairing the armour, it took way too long.
  9. Mefi

    They simply reuse PS1 name again, it's supposed to be a temporary character transfer to an underpop faction.

    PS2 dev team did than multiple times: Skyguard (buggy -> tank cannon), Maradeur (buggy -> AI weapon), Basilisk (ATV -> ground vehicle gun), Striker (lock-on launcher -> flare), Burster (TR AA -> NS AA).
  10. Foxirus

    This is not Planetside 1. What they had back then doesn't mean anything. Stop trying to base this game on what planetside 1 was. They are two totally different games.
  11. HadesR

    Isn't this off the table for the foreseeable future ?

    To many people gave it a thumbs up and were looking forward to it .. So it was canned :p
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  12. Ronin Oni

    And AFAIK BLackOps has never once been suggested to be made into OP super soldiers.

    They get extra XP (CERTS!!) for playing blackops and helping out lower pop factions. That's the draw.

    The downside is tehy get limited to NS weapons (though full NS aresnal access IIRC) while on black ops as well I beleive.

    At least, that was the outline for it when it was brought up some months back.
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  13. Foxirus

    People are trying to hard to compare it to the old planetside 1. They don't realize that game is done and gone. What it was has no effect on what planetside 2 will be.

    People are also failing to see that the issue is not weapon balance, Its PURELY faction population that is causing the problems right now. Black Ops I feel would remedy this issue.
  14. Nagant

    I see your point, but I don't think that this kind of approach (players lured into a different faction) will solve any problem caused by population imbalance. You cannot channel enough people into the lower pop faction. There is a reason why they are the lowest pops. They probably don't coordinate, don't support on that level, don't play as a team and that's how you loose. But people like to win. The overpopped faction will gank anyone trying to oppose and attract faction hoppers in the short run. On the long run, people will often find themselves picking the winning faction, so that character will overgrow other alts. They will socialize more within that faction, they will make bonds there. Less and less initiative to bother with the other two.

    And why would it be rewarding? For XP? There is such thing that you have enough certs... ok, it happens only at high levels, but low levels aren't much of a help for the underdog either. Lack of experience in game mechanics, controls, layouts, tactics, that kind of things. A high level surely has that, but what's the initiative to go blackop again? XP? Why? They have everything they need... It maybe fun occasionally to fight against your main faction and it may look like a challenge. For a short time.

    My solution to major population imbalance is to switch continent and pick a fight that I can enjoy. Everyone can do that.
  15. Devilllike

    I really want this too but i dont think it will happen any time soon since they have to release all the types of NS guns(bolt action rifles,Smgs,big rifles pretty much for every class there is and every play style....i think they might make it a stand alone faction which i am gonna love and i am gonna play all the ******* time
  16. Foxirus

    What you are describing is basically someone getting bored with the game entirely. Nothing but complete content revisions and additions will fix that. There was also a mentioned BR cap of I believe 80 before someone could be selected for Black Ops. As for socializing with people? I have made plenty of friends on the enemy faction that I would love to help. But I do not wish to fully join a different faction or make an alt that would require more time.

    To the last part you mentioned about you taking the noble path and switching continents? It doesn't work. You are of probably 1% of the entire planetside 2 population that does the right thing.
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  17. Some1

    If its not in development or even archived features then I dont see it happening anytime soon.
  18. _itg

    It's in the archived features under "High BR goals/Prestige." I still don't expect to see it within 6 months, unfortunately.
  19. AlterEgo

    May the Almighty Devs have the willingness to release a new mode of war to us puny players! O, Almighty Radar, inform us of your status!
  20. Foxirus

    Jesus.. You have a shrine in your closet dedicated to Radar or something? I wonder if you have a lock of his hair in there too..