[Suggestion] Regarding the pumpkin event

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Khuden, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. Khuden

    Having played through my first pumpkin alert, I can now say that was the most boring, pointless 60 minutes of my life. This is to me, the worst 'seasonal' event that I've seen in an MMO before.

    Events should never detract from the core gameplay, in my opinion. Others will disagree with me about this, I'm sure, but when I get on PS2 I do so thinking that I'd love to go out and get into big fights with huge teams where we all work together towards a single goal. But this just encourages players to run around at random, as territory control has no bearing whatsoever on the alert. Granted, it does help players explore the environs and shows off some of the awesome areas that are off the beaten path, but in what way does it encourage actual fighting, teamwork, and the rest of the types of gameplay Planetside 2 is known for?

    My personal suggestion would be to have pumpkin PATCHES spawn at random in between two bases, and have three or four of them active at a time. Patches would have to be controlled by factions to allow players to reap the rewards. Add in incentives to the patches, such as the more enemies killed the bigger the reward (more seeds distributed) when control is gained, and suddenly you have big battles breaking out in unusual places, instead of isolated units combing the countryside and more focused on searching for vegetables than they are on fighting off the enemy.

    That's just one example of how I feel that the seasonal event could IMPROVE the game instead of distracting everyone from what we play for - coordinated attacks where we work together to defeat the enemy factions. I'm sure that others might have even better options. I know that there's been requests and discussions about adding more pumpkins to the events, but really is that promoting the type of gameplay and battles that PS2 is best at?
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  2. DatVanuMan

    The devs are bringing back normal alerts tomorrow. Also, "winning" a pumpkin alert no longer locks the continent.
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  3. _itg

    This is a good idea, but it's far too late to implement it, of course. They're making the pumpkin alerts less stupid for tomorrow, so you should be able to safely ignore them if you want to. They're also reducing some of the egregiously high pumpkin seed costs (but not yet on the weapons, sadly), so the masks should become more accessible.
  4. SupaCheese

    The problems ... beside the continent locking, which is ridiculous as it makes continent ownership random, is the incredibly low amount of seeds available, on top of the ridiculously high cost of seed items.

    Pumpkin spawning should be 24/7 across all continents.
  5. Pacster3

    Seriously? Even with the changes that event is just RIDICULOUS. It's likely the worst event I have EVER seen in ANY game. Even Pirate Day in WoW is more entertaining. This is stupid aircraft farming(cause almost all pumpkins are best accessible and viewable from air)...the number of pumpkins is a BAD joke compared even to the new costs of masks etc.(if you have one alert all 3 hours and about 140 seeds at max per alert and devide that by several 1000 players on your server then you know how long you gonna need for even the cheapest mask...let alone the weapons. How many years shall people farm?). I just got 3 seeds at the most empty time of the server...3!
    On top of that you shall hunt pumpkins at Hossin-night? Really?????

    And if all that wasn't bad enough...no...even your own team tries to shoot you down to eliminate competition. Is this the kind of gameplay you envision for the next month?

    Will the next event be similar crappy...just tell me cause then I'd quit right now. No joke...no threat...simple fact.
  6. Tycoh

    I'm guessing you weren't here when it was the Christmas event where, instead of pumpkins, you search for snow men!! :O Original idea is too original for me!!
  7. Pacster3

    I was here...it was really great compared to this. You did not have to wait for alerts. There was no Hossin. You had to kill like 21 for all rewards or something like that. I made it during one session)...here you need 600 for 1(!!!!!!) reward. No, the snowman event wasn't great fun either....but compared to this? Give me snowman any day. If they wanted to make the snowman-event shine then this halloween event was a genius move tho.

    I feel personally insulted that Higby is posting something like this on his Twitter-account: "Thanks for the feedback on the Halloween event so far, glad you guys are enjoying it!"
    As if there is ANY player that enjoys this event after like 5 minutes into the game. I even heard players complain that play china-grinders and played ultima online right at the start(you know, the game where you had to hit a freaking rock with an axe for 20h to increase your skills)...
  8. Leftconsin

    I have not yet read a single positive comment on this event.
  9. Pacster3

    Currently it feels like they just wanted to give out masks and directives to SC-buyers. Fine with me...but then scrap that "event"(which actually is just a number of pumpkin objects spread all over the map. Big deal...very creative...if you wasted more than 6 hours for creating this, then you should get fired. I expect collecting alien sunflowers for the summer event...and maybe some alien dishes at Thanksgiving. How about pink Maniac Mansion tentacles for Gay Pride?) and just put the stuff on sale instead of ruining the game for everyone by messing around with the meta.
  10. Foxirus

    I just want them to make the pumpkins appear outside of alerts. The last alert? Our entire faction found 180 pumpkins... I found 1 of those.
  11. Halo572

    The snowman hunt was mind numbingly banal.

    Magnified by the fact that they spawned in the same places and maps circulated in a short time for people to farm the achievement.

    Not even programmed to be random to make it an actual search with some effort.

    It was also obvious who was doing it as there were aircraft off peak flying around empty continents.

    To be able to top that pointlessness is genius.
  12. Crowne

    If it wasn't for all the shooting, my six year old niece would really enjoy this pumpkin hunt thing... :rolleyes: I mean it's cute and all but this doesn't seem like the right venue.

    Maybe landmark, maybe EQ2, I dunno.

    Mind you, Revenge of the Turkey for Thanksgiving might be fun. Very deadly, uber tanked turkeys descending upon unsuspecting armies. Both sides equally getting attacked by them. "Galaxy drop of angry turkeys overhead!"

    For Easter, you guessed it, killer rabbits... "Runawayyyy Runawayyy!"

    I do think a whole month might be a wee bit much. It's kind of like Starbucks starting their Christmas music at 5am the day after Thanksgiving... I'm not getting any younger, what's the rush?
  13. NC_agent00kevin

    I think it should have been done like the Snowman Hunt last year. Make em spawn all over Hossin, dont have a damn pumpkin alert and call it a day.

    I did participate and found 5 by the halfway mark. I also got myself killed a couple times by NC cruising around looking for easy kills with vehicle shotguns.