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  1. Sweatybukakky

    Hey guys so what are your setups for battle sundies? What weapons mounts and cert slots do you equip? And also is better to go full anti armor guns (bulldog or fury) or go half AA and AV?

    Please brag about ur greatest feats with ur sundies too lol. I wanna hear some stories!
  2. Spectre 694

    I once drove down North in the canyon from NS Materials Storage in my basilisk/blockade armour Sunderer at 80 kp/h, an enemy harasser was in the way and i drove right through him...

    About 6 months ago I rammed a parked Galaxy which was being repaired and the collision made it explode, my sundy was unharmed.
  3. Tommyp2006

    For fighting armor, you want dual basilisks. They are fantastic all around weapons, and will melt armor when you're using two of them. Dual furies are great if you plan on blasting into a base full of infantry.

    I run dual basilisks with extended magazines and thermal sights, blockade armor, fire suppression, and racer chassis.
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  4. starlinvf

    First, Fury isn't anti-armor, and Bulldogs aren't effective at it unless your upclose..... something you don't want to do against a tank. Enter the Basilisk HMG. On its own its not all that threatening..... but get 2, 4, or even 6 on the same target and it'll melt tank armor with shocking speed. Also makes decent AA if you have smart gunners.

    Enter the Funderer Brigade. 2 or more Repair Sundys with at least 1 Ammo to keep them suppied, and whatever else you want to mix into the group. If you get 4 Repair Sundies together they are almost unstoppable without massive alpha damage. Back during Tech test when Ammo and Repair were standard on Sundies for testing purposes, they outclassed tanks by a wide margin when it came to armor columns.
  5. Itzhaki

    Exactly the same as my loadout. Usually I take the max proximity repair over the blockade.
  6. Paisty

    Dual bassies + 5 more sundies (2 Ammo and 4 repair throw in a blockade sundy also as a damage sponge) = total destruction of everything

    We once trolled across Indar with that setup. We drove for over an hour destroying everything we came across before the NC finally sent their own sundie column with air support to take us out.
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  7. pintle

    Repair sundies don't stack, more than 1 is useless. You rarely need an ammo sundy if you have decently certed vehicles, maybe if operating behind enemy lines, otherwise, no, never. 1 repair sundy, 1 blockade sundy blockng direct fire on the repair sundy, a handful of repair monkeys= profit.

    From another sundy thread: (

    I have various setups:

    -Default: Front fury/thermal, rear walker/zoom, blockade, fire suppression.
    -GSD: Front fury/thermal, rear fury/thermal, blockade, GSD (should probably cert mineguard for this, but it seems the meta is not at the stage where people pre-emptively AT mine amp stations/tech plants unless I shout at them on platoon chat to do so)
    -Battlebus: Front basilisk/zoom, rear basilisk/zoom, blockade, fire suppression
    -Tank support: Front basilisk/zoom, rear walker/zoom, Ammo dispenser, fire suppression
    -Maximum Trolling: Front fury/zoom, rear fury/zoom, blockade, fire suppression - this loadout is strictly for killing infantry and causing tears of rage, it is of limited utility in terms of actually getting stuff done, and unless you have squadmates with bursters/lock ons, you will die horribly to the first competent liberator to find you.

    Bulldogs are terrible on a sundy imo, especially if you are trying to provide close support to infantry, too much friendly fire potential. Basilisk is better AV, and fury/kobalt are much better as point defence weapons if you want to deploy/get close to potential C4 fairies or kamikaze engineers. I suppose there is a certain range window when they are great against infantry, but engaging in that mid range means you will likely eat a facefull of MANA AV.

    Ranger is terribad. Walker is a beastly AI machine gun if you manage to get the angle to fire, and can at least hurt vehicles, albeit very slowly. Ranger's AA potential basically rests on the chance of fooling a pilot into thinking that *actual* flak is hitting them. Basilisk can engage air targets pretty well, and is your best option against armour. Imo the downsides of the ranger completely outweigh its very minor benefits.
  8. libbmaster

    Remember folks, with AMS moved to passive and the introduction of squad spawning, using your battle bus as an Infantry Fighting Vehicle (loaded with a full squad that you deploy when in combat) is a very real possibility.
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  9. Kunavi

    Dual Basilisks, still buffing them. Blockade, Rival and... What was it? Shield Diffuser I think...? Any option in that slot will do in fact. No interesting stories. Went there, C4. Went the other way, C4. Hid it behind that rock, C4. Parked it close, C4. Parked it 300M away, C4. And then C4. And some C4 to go with that. They even put C4 on their C4 because they liked C4. Those are my Sunderer stories, whether I guarded it, other people guarded it with me, tried to keep it to full Health or just abandoned it because C4 any way. If they ever sell a "Soon" Lumi-Fiber sign to stick on my Sunderer I'm buying it. Apart from all that there have been some instances where it felt like it had a point. Like some failed C4 attempts or other vehicles getting way too confident, too reckless.
  10. Axehilt

    Yeah Dual Basilisk is pretty much the best loadout for Battle Sundies. I think you can switch out one weapon for another role, but if you don't have at least one Basilisk you're just woefully outgunned by so many things (dual furies doesn't really improve your anti-infantry capabilities that much, but without having at least one basilisk you make yourself much more vulnerable to air and armor.)
  11. pintle

    I think it takes something like 6 bricks of C4 to kill a max blockade sundy. Maybe doinitwrong?