Regarding Airhammer Range Nerf

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  1. BadAsElite

    He likes it because of the same reason why people support ManU, because they know no better xD
  2. BadAsElite

    Least you can do is show him your 30 kills though. :)
  3. TheBlindFreak

    I've used it. And had it auraxi'd before the nerf. The complaints are pretty justified. A damage reduction against libs would have been just fine since that is literally the only reason it got nerfed in the first place.
    The range nerf was an overnerf.
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  4. Key Pusher

    It's a shotgun. Quit whining.
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  5. LanceHavenbay

    A shotgun that large would kill 6 guys lined up, will full battle rattle. /derp
  6. Champagon

    There is no such thing as stalling in PS2. Deal with the nerf

    Vanu deals with nerfs ON THE FREAKING REGULAR


    Deal with it
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  7. TheBlindFreak

    You're post would be justified if the VS actually receives nerfs on a regular basis. Which they don't.
  8. Champagon

    • Lancer
    • Lasher
    • Magrider
    • Saron
    • Saron again
    • Magrider again cause why not
    • Most of our sniper rifles
    • ZOE
    • ZOE again
    • Magrider

  9. TheBlindFreak

    Lancer, as far as I remember, just nerfed the velocity of uncharged shots to make the charged shots worthwhile. The RL still functions spectacularly.

    Lasher, I don't really recall going up against it when it was released since it's been a while, but it is in a pretty poor state now. I'll give you that.

    The Magrider used to be like ******* spiderman. That deserved the nerf. It's currently in a pretty good spot due to versatility. Some people just don't want to admit it. The only thing I think the Magrider could use is a little velocity and less drop on it's main cannon. But since we're on the topic, I'll spit out the VS's own "no bullet drop doesn't matter" argument. The drop is negligible and any decent player can just over come it will a little practice.

    The Saron is in a good place now. Before, it worked really well against infantry and armor. I don't see how you could complain about that. Especially considering you guys have exclusive access to the PPA.

    Sniper rifles are all carbon copies across factions just like shotguns. The only difference is the VS semi auto snipers and scout rifles. They trade a little velocity for no bullet drop.

    ZOE needed it. It was a flawed concept from the start. The only thing you can fault is the fact that it hasn't been replaced altogether. It was OP as ****, and the only way it isn't OP is when it's garbage.

    See, you're problem here is that, with the exception of the Lasher, none of those items were nice and balanced and then unjustly nerfed.
  10. LanceHavenbay

    Oh, btw. Damage buff within 50meters is basically like making the Reaver try to roleplay as infantry. Don't mind how big it is... or that it flys - require it to stick it's nose on the target. (Note that 50meters isn't much time for the average pilot to maneuver, either.)

    Just so you know, THIS is 50 meters: (Even at this range, it is still 2-3 shots to kill. Sounds legit.)
    My GD-7F kills faster than an aircraft mounted shotgun... at it's MAXIMUM effective range. Not to mention, I'm not nearly as easy to kill as infantry than a GIANT aircraft that dies to a single dumbfire. Hell, my Engi can take 2-3!

    Did I mention how ******* ridiculously stupid close you have to get to shoot infantry who are next to anything?(not all pellets hit) REALLY ******* CLOSE. And lets hope you are dead center - if not, keep shooting. Expect to use up a good 5 rounds for a single target.

  11. axiom537

    • Phoenix
    • Jackhammer
    • Vanguard
    • Enforcer
    • Scat Max
    • Air Hammer
    • Jackhammer Again (along with all shotguns)
    • Vanguard Again cause why not
    • Enforcer Again
    It is on the regular for everyone
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  12. Champagon

    ha! no doubt
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