Regarding Airhammer Range Nerf

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  1. DevDevBooday

    They are buffing it against ESFs.
    Its because it 'sucked' that they are buffing it whilst nerfing it against Libs because it was too good.

    This isnt a AH nerf, its AH balancing, changing multiple values up and down to tweak its overall uses.

    A nerf would be reducing its range and reducing damage against tanks FULLSTOP.
    Which is what you are all focussing on.
    COMPLETELY ignoring the buffs it is getting and how that will also change gameplay.

    Instead of having 3 short range medium damage shots.
    You will have 5 shorter range high damage shots.

    Sure thats a nerf by looking at it from an NC pessimism point of view,
    But to anyone else, that seems to be balancing.
  2. IamnotAmazing

    sinist is #1 for kills on waterson, and notorious for always farming
  3. EGuardian1

    So, about an hour on the new Air Hammer. My verdict? I like it. I like it a lot. I can't do reliable damage against Libs and Gals anymore, but it still damages and the "THWACK THWACK of the AH still makes them panic a bit. Killing infantry is easier with the bigger magazine but still not great because it's kinda like using a pump action (whoda thunk it?) and if you miss, it hurts.

    I did completely wreck 2-3 mozzies though. Just... you drop in and one magazine later, you're wondering where the hate tell is.

    Unlike the other weapons where you can stay a bit away in a dogfight, the only viable way I found using it was literally getting so close I could slap them. This has led to my new idea - AH to flaming, then rendezook and finish with the Flare Gun.
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  4. Liquidrider

    What is the weapon of choice against infantry for NC ESF now?

    After playing it on live, and testing it VR training, I can say with absolute certainty this weapon is now worthless against infantry.... which is fine for some. But it is leagues below par of its counter parts the Banshee and the Light PPA

    The AH is now an A2A which we already have a weapon for (the Vortex) as stated here

    I agree 100% that it needed to be balanced, but they nerfed it to much. I feel it needed further testing.
  5. DevDevBooday

    Apart from range it was BUFFED against infantry (damage buff and clip buff)
    now gibbing maxes is easier than ever.
  6. Epic High Five

    Yeah yeah, extra damage extra rounds seem like they'll make up for the gigantically nerfed damage but let's not forget one key fact:


    It's not pessimism to feel screwed because we're the only ones expected to get into kissing distance to get a few kills. It's not like the KPH on the PPA/Banshee suffer for being so effective at long ranges. They're as good as the AH close in and infinitely better at literally every other range, and you tell me it's BALANCED now?

    In fact, it had FAR, FAR fewer kills per hour than the other two, to the tune of 36 v 34 v 24. Guess which one got the nerf!

    Now to get the same poor performance we've got to get even closer, lol, no thanks
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  7. Badname707

    Nah, it's the double nerf that was unwarranted. Perhaps the AH was OP against libs, I don't know, but outside of that it was a pretty well balanced weapon. I would have been fine with giving libs and tanks more resistance, but to also cut the range by 66% is just complete overkill. The weapon was already pretty ineffective at range, but now it's literally useless. 50m is way too close for an aircraft to linger by a target, even with a shotgun.
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  8. Badname707

    That's the thing, it didn't need to be buffed against ESF's. Worse, it really isn't a buff there at all. The one capacity it got improved in (besides clip size, which was a little overdue) is its ambush ability. Once you get into a head to head fight, good pilots know how to keep their distance. MAYBE the AH was OP against libs, at least compared to the other noseguns, but other than that, it was a really fun and well-balanced weapon to use. Now it's even lulzier than before.
  9. FigM

    It was too good against Libs and Gals, it wasn't too good against armor, and it certainly wasn't too good against infantry (it's the weakest anti-infantry gun compared to other faction specific ones)

    It's usefulness in ESF dogfighting has significantly reduced because the average dogfighting distance is 100-150~ m. At that range, the AH does much weaker damage than pre-nerf version, even if you take extra 2 rounds into account.

    The ideal range of 50 m is highly situational, and the great weakness of medium and long range would make this weapon too undesirable as primary gun. Certainly the pilots on high end would never choose it, because they need to be prepared for wide range of situations and because they want to fight other high skill players. A duel between rotary and AH on high end will always end with rotary being winner.

    This weapon will mostly be used by lower skill pilots that don't mind loss of versatility and don't stand a chance against expert players anyway no matter what weapon they use.

    The potential skill cap of AH has been lowered. It's competitive gameplay potential has been reduced. Overall air game quality has reduced due to reduction in versatility
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  10. DevDevBooday

    To get BETTER performance you need to get in closer.
    You seem awfully concerned about a weapon you musnt use cuz its so bad.

    unless you do use it alot because it doesnt suck.

    If you want them to change it again, get yourselves killed alot with it and change the stats to make it seem bad.
    For the people that use this shotgun AS as shotgun, then it has no real downside and happy hunting.

    You seem to have an issue with the concept of the gun itself (it being a shotty) rather than the balance change.
    Which cant be helped.
  11. DevDevBooday

    Nerfing what it already was not good at isnt that bad.

    The min damage range of a Prowler was 250 metres yet it couldnt hit anything beyond about 50 metres so when they drastically reduced its range, it didnt mean as much because it was already so far outside its effective range anyway.

    ITS A SHOTGUN and you are all annoyed you need to be CLOSE? by close I mean 50 metres (the effective range of most rifles)

    Its a buff for a shotgun being a shotgun and a nerf for people who liked sniping with it. If you want to engage a target over 50 metres away with an AH, then you already have problems.

    Yeah it sucks but you guys act like its the end of the world.
    Mark my words it will still be used a lot and people will still love it.

    If you feel cheated, join the right faction, TR where we dont have a perverted fetish with shotguns.

    Chainguns > shotguns
    TR > NC.

    Shotguns is part of who you guys are, i feel sorry for you if you dont like them.
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  12. DevDevBooday

    Dogfighting at 100-150 metres? are we playing the same game?
    Most of my dogfights are usually within 30 metres.

    Fighting eachother at 100-150 metres is not dogfighting by definition, thats lock on rocket range.

    Dogfighting is close quarters, you know, when a shotgun might actually be useful.

    Im worried alot of the afterburner AA elites may switch to AH because of its improved effectiveness in CQC and the fact they are dogfighting kings. that coupled with the fact that its better against infantry than the Vortek may make it a very useful addition to people that run with afterburners. Just thrust in and gibb away.
  13. SeanFree

    TR have some thick rose colored glasses for other factions toys....
  14. DevDevBooday

    Are you joking?

    Everything that is not TR is terrible

    plus our glasses ARE rose coloured, because its red.

    I dont think the change is either a buff nor a nerf.
    Its a balance and purely out of my own personal preference, Id rather it be stronger at its intended role rather than stretching it out so it sucks against everything.

    So Ill go back to my airhammer.
  15. SeanFree

    Have fun getting dumbfired.
  16. Epic High Five

    I used it exclusively on my racer/AB loadout previously because it was versatile enough that I could just load it out and not worry. Vortek better against air? Yeah. Rockets better against ground? Yeah. Airhammer takes up one slot and is "good enough" against both? Yeah? There's the ticket. I loved the Airhammer because it was a little easier to use and I could move in once a base gets camped for some easy kills. The second that SOE announced (using the same language as they used before the dramatic C85 nerf) that the AH was receiving a nerf I removed it from all my loadouts and started using the default Mustang or Vortek instead, because I knew it'd be a pile of crap.

    Know what? Didn't miss a beat. Mustang is better or as good in every single way and only needs like 30 certs for some zoom and you're good.

    The Airhammer is straight up awful at AI. Beyond terrible, because look at the competition it has. It gives up more to be 2nd best at AA among NC noseguns than the Vortek gives up to be #1! If you want to kill infantry in a Reaver you use breakers or you sit at a safe distance with a Mustang. Getting in that close means you're toast after your first pass when they pull a crapload of AA to swat you.

    I loved the AH and used it all the time, but I'm not a masochist. It's dead now, and in my testing tonight I couldn't find a single thing it could do that the Mustang couldn't do or do much, much, much better. I hope everybody likes squads of 12+ Tomcat Reavers prowling the skies because all the people I fly with enjoyed the AB/AH reaver because it didn't involve any of that stupid *** helicopter simulator crap, and it's not like we're going to give in and spend 60 hours doing something we hate just to get good enough to not instantly die.
  17. DevDevBooday

    Because in PS2 we should be able to kill the enemy with no threat to ourselves.

    Getting shot at sucks but hey, it happens.
  18. DevDevBooday

    And your personal opinion is valid obviously.
    It doesnt suit you anymore.

    Doesnt mean it sucks.
  19. Epic High Five

    My personal opinion is merely what drove me to do the tests in the first place. My conclusions that I couldn't find a single thing it did better than a 30 cert default came from using both

    Can it kill people? Sure, but so can the C85
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  20. SeanFree

    I'm not saying it should be LOLOLOL WTFBARBECUE everything, I'm supporting what IGROWEARYOFTHISWORLD said. They took an average at best weapon, "buffed" it, and made it come out worse for wear. I would be singing a different tune if the damage drop off didn't get stomped into the ground, but alas, it has.
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