Regarding Airhammer Range Nerf

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  1. Codex561

    Not from what I have seen. They just dive and shoot 3 rounds.
  2. SirJollyRoger

    The devs don't read their own freaking forums, you almost have to post on reddit. I love how they nerf the AH but do nothing about the banshee or PPA that = a I win button against infantry. Guess they had to many TR or VS qq so they bent over.
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  3. EGuardian1

    I have to dispute the above. I am an Air Hammer Fanboy and the sheer raw alpha damage at close range meant I could instagib a Max as long as I actually hit him (4-5 shots usually but it fires fast). It's not exactly easy to get that close and make minute adjustments, but it was totally doable,

    The AH isn't as good at killing infantry AT RANGE (which means you can't hover above an Amp Station and nail targets without 2-3 shots if you want to avoid lots of small arms fire like a Banshee or a PPA can, but it can melt infantry at close range, which also highly increases the risk.

    It's a very risk vs reward weapon, Can it instagib a Max? Yeah, but only within range that the MAX can reliably shoot back or his Heavy buddy can dumb fire you (or an LA can conceivably C4 you! Yes I've done this. :\)
  4. DevDevBooday

    Mind you 2 rounds might not sound like much but since you only start with 3 thats huge.
    Its almost doubling your clip.

    As for dogfights its going to WASTE ESFs (which is what SOE said its used for)
    If you dont think its worth it, then dont use it. But for others who dont try to snipe with it, its a buff.
  5. EGuardian1

    ME ME ME ME ME!!!!

    I'm going to have to apologize in advance to anyone I gank with this thing. It's kinda ridiculous but while I can't pound ground armour as hard, I know I'm going to get hate tells from Mozzies and Scythes i swoop down and fill with 20mm buckshot.
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  6. DevDevBooday

    You realise most of the devs play NC. They actually balance VS and TR weapons AROUND NC ones.
    Dont even pretend to think you guys are being neglected.

    Banshee and PPA are good against anti-infantry and ONLY that.

    AH is fairly good against infantry AND ESFs, that versatility is why its getting changed and not banshee or PPA.
    The problem with those two weapons is if you use them you are complete bait to any other aircraft.

    With current AH i can blast away at infantry, then a lib can come along and I eat that too, then have ESFs for desert.
    Yeah its getting nerfed in the range aspect and Tank resistance but getting buffed in damage and clip size.

    Its not all bad.
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  7. jiggu

    They do read our forums, just not the devs that have a say in balancing it seems.
  8. SeanFree

    I'm not saying its an equal, I'm saying it's possible. The airhammer used to be versatile because it's mediocre at AI farming. Can you kill infantry with it? Yep. Is it comparable to banshee or PPA on pure farmability? Not in the slightest.
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  9. Epic High Five

    It's not as good at range, but the PPA and Banshee are exactly as good up close as the Airhammer, meaning the Airhammer is totally pointless either way.

    I don't know if it's a server difference thing but on Mattherson if you so much as SLOW DOWN <100m from your target you're dodging 4-5 dumbfires. The Airhammer was only a viable choice because you could magdump at 70m or so and get a kill, probably. Now you can't even do that.

    As it is, it's a super expensive Mustang downgrade
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  10. DevDevBooday

    See for you, your AH is getting a clip size increase AND extra damage, making your ganking ability even better.

    Who the hell tries to use the AH at long range anyway?
  11. DevDevBooday

    So that sounds pretty balanced to me.
    GG SOE.
  12. EGuardian1

    I can't deny it, this was a buff for pilots like me that get within ramming distance. It does make the AH more specialized though which means the 'average' pilot isn't going to use it as much since it's less 'versatile'.

    I'm still going to hit tanks with it, it still does SOME damage. Just not going to be AS effective.
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  13. SeanFree

    Gankability-rotary has it beat in every way so this is w/e. They've nerfed the versatility and it's still mediocre at you see what I'm getting at? It would be ok if it was crap at everything else, but it STILL can't farm infantry as well. What is the point of an AI nosegun if it's **** at AI?
  14. EGuardian1

    Because I can't two-shot infantry with the Rotary anymore.

    While it's the worst of the ES AI ESF weapons, it's still the best if you're going to run afterburners.
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  15. DevDevBooday

    You have a very rare optimism seldom found in forumside.
  16. Liquidrider

    The AH in its current state is quite terrible. Granted this is only in VR Training. I would take the Banshee over the air hammer mainly because of the range issue now.

    Granted I've only tested it on VR Training. Can't make an ultimate decision until I use it in real battle.
  17. z1967

    I gave you a like because of the amazing MS paint drawing. But yeah, shotguns on vehicles in general are a pretty bad idea.
  18. Tar

  19. BadAsElite

    Nope its sucks balls in dogfights. As a Auraxium AH player, with my outfit leader who also has the AH on Auraxium it is a hell of a lot worse.
    We had a few dogfight battles outside the WG. From him using it as his main weapon hes now using the Mustang. Again it's not viable at all, sadly as a AA weapon. GG SoE thanks for the unnecessary nerf.
  20. minhalexus

    Infantry farming feels a lot better now.
    Not that it's the most effective, it's actually fun now.