[Suggestion] Refund the HA AV weapon since patch changes

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by PrincessFrosty, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Tamas

    I checked my VS char and everything could be dumfired! Both AA and AV versions.
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  2. PrincessFrosty

    Can anyone confirm? Do we know if this is a bug or intentional or what? Testing in a few hours when I get home.
  3. Dralger

    Great news!
  4. Scorpion

    The Dumb Fire is still in the game for the lock ons but it was nerfed. No longer can you do long range straight shots with these as they now have a much greater projectile drop and behaves more like the default rocket launcher. There was also no range or reload time buff or they were simply removed and missile speeds for lock ons appear to be unchanged. The basic launcher "seems" to fire straighter for a further distance like the dumb fire of the pre nerf lock ons but my testing was limited.

    The Decimator is lack luster for its damage ( a little more then 50% of a hvy tank from the rear ) and takes about 2/3 off a MAX. Waste of certs or cash unless you have nothing else to spend certs on and need a little extra umph on killing a MAX...<shrugs>.
  5. Flarestar

    I'm actually entirely fine with that. The straight line firing was an artifact of the launcher not having trajectory modifications due to lock on maneuvering anyway. That's more in the nature of a bug fix than a nerf.
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  6. Tamas

    Yes, I can confirm. Both - from hip fire and when aiming can be still dumb fired!
  7. MNO

    Shoots Vehicles better than it did before.


    Have a nice day.
  8. DDaly

    **** sake! the world is a ***** reaping our money!!
  9. Przemogce

  10. Alexii

    Heh , you are welcome. I think in the early days of lineage it was used extensively. Has a nice ring to it. Scrub. Any case. Ill take you on the offer of the map. If i am indeed missing a point id like to see it. The way i see it :

    Assumption was that both AA and AV lockon rockets lose the ability to dumb fire. However AV gets the boost to lockon speed and reload rate. AA lockon and reload rate stays the same. As such AA loses the ability to do ANY damage to vehicles , however retains its old functionality against air. AV rockets get better at sniping vehicles at longer range due to DPS boost attributed to reload / lockon speed. However are less useful when the enemy tank is point blank. Thats it. How did you get that AA rocket gets better at its job is unknown to me.

    Its irrelevant now since dumbfire is kept, however i am still curious what point am i missing.
  11. MNO

    I stopped reading about here. I stop taking anyone remotely serious once they use words like scrub, or mention mental illness. I stopped playing CS years ago you see, heard it all before, and it's still boring and laughable.


    As requested. Enjoy writing walls of texts to never be read.
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  12. OminousZ

    Well, if they didn't patch it...what would be the difference between the default rocket launcher and this one? Shouldn't there be some kind of difference? one fires quickly, dumb fire, and one locks on...
  13. Przemogce

    The difference already was: u gain lock-on-target at cost of much lower damage + u have to pay A LOT (1000) to buy it.
  14. VoidMagic

    I hope this is an exageration... confirm/deny/punt
  15. Nubs

    Didnt the lock on AV launchers get a lock on range increase? I think that makes up for not having dumbfire, the lock on range was silly small before. Haven't loge din to try and it doesnt say it in the patch, but they said it would be in the patch that lock range would icnrease, dumb fire would go. That makes the av lock on weapon actually fit its tool-tip, i was kinda suprised I could fire it dumbfire at all?

    It also stops it being a flat upgrade to the default launcher and makes it a sidegrade.. so.. shouldnt people be happy about that.. i saw enough people moaning and whining aobut it as an example of the game being pay 2 win.
  16. Dralger

    Nerfing the dumb fire to be less accurate at range with AA launcher is a totally acceptable compromise compared to removing that function entirely.
  17. VoidMagic

    totally agreed. however if the missle litterally falls at my feet, I won't be amused, I'll chalk that up to SOE trolling us.
  18. MexelVanMexelen

    Fixed that for you :)

    I can only reiterate what I said last week when this change was announced. Unless my 1400SC for the 2 lockon launchers is refunded, I will buy no more Station Cash. This is a blatant rip-off.
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  19. Zsaryna A

    I suggest you try and dumbfire a Rapier missile
    guess what, it does something like this
  20. OminousZ

    I do agree but the damage was almost unnoticeable. But I hope the damage has increased slightly since having to lock-on now...

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