Refund my ISO-4 !

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by InexoraVC, Sep 16, 2021.

  1. InexoraVC

    Symbiote is totally reworked (e.g. nerfed to the ground). Refund ISO-4 spent for Symbiote!
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  2. ZDarkShadowsZ

    I maxed Sidewinder for the fact I wouldn't show up on thermal optics. Now they removed it I have zero use for that implant.
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  3. MonnyMoony

    It's happened with loads of implants over the years.

    I maxed out Aerial Combatant specifically to get the instant refill of ambusher jet fuel on a kill - then a few weeks later they removed it.
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  4. LordAnnihilator

    Unfortunately, there will be no refunds. They rarely give refunds except for content outright removed. And as MonnyMoony said, there's historical precedence for you not getting ISO-4 back.
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  5. Scroffel5

    You must not have read the fine print. "ISO-4 is non-refundable. All products are subject to change."

    Real talk though, everything can change. You can get something regarded as the best this or the most versatile that just for it to be changed for the sake of balance. Theres no point in coming here to ask for it, when everything you do is a risk simply because it can be change, probably will be changed, and the currency you invested into it was your time or even your actual money.
  6. InexoraVC

    Unfortunately yes. I've spent the most expensive resource of my life (the time) to get enough ISO-4 for rank 5 implants...
    Stopped my member subscription.
    No pain no gain, RPG!
  7. Botji

    In the past they have refunded certs when things changed 'too much'.

    Implants being 100% reworked(and 100% useless like Symbiote) should imo be refunded. If its just smaller tweaks its fine but if everything changes or the rank 5 bonus which costs a lot to upgrade to is changed to something different then it should be refunded. Some of these changes are like buying a shotgun and then its changed into a sniper rifle that only does 10 damage per shot and actually heals them for 20 if you headshot them with it, no one would use it.

    Though I dont really care too much since I didnt use Symbiote aside from one loadout and it was fine with rank 1 so I didnt lose anything. My VS character might have it upgraded though but I dont think its on any loadout either.

    Its just the nice thing to do, refund for something if its completely changed and especially if you just grind it into nothing.
  8. Drgnx

    when you consider the cost of implants versus how much you get for breaking down the duplicates ... i wouldn't count on a refund
  9. Botji

    This made me laugh because it made me think of the whole 'crafting implants' deal where you pay out of your nose for even common implants and the exceptional ones cost 45k to craft but if you get duplicates of them you only get 500 iso for it!

    Its such a dumb cost that it might as well not be possible to craft them at all but I guess its their way of dancing around the problem of "The only way to get them is by playing the chance game" even though the price makes them functionally unavailable.
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  10. Exileant

    :( Yet again, this is the product of so many calling for nerfs when there was no need. My heart bleeds for you all. It is not hopeless by any means. I would suggest you make a ticket about this issue though and get a definite answer. If they remove an item they are good about giving a refund for most things, or replacing it with something else. ;) They have done a lot for me over the years, I am sure they will do something for you. Of coarse... I am also lot NICER to them then the people here. See? o_O That is something people fail to keep in mind. Making fun of the techs not nice, but it is also never a good idea, especially since you you will need them to fix your account when things go wrong.