Refund me the ZOE certs NOW!

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    LOL wait.. why did you cert in ZOE to rank 5? The speed advantage it gave is from level one. I'm a ZOE user and it didn't make sense to cert it up to level 5. Although I may cert it now for the little damage boost it gives IF I find that i'm not one shot constantly. I am guessing I will be though.
  2. Ashnal

    It still fulfills the role you bought it for, and there have been no fundamental changes to the ability. Therefore, no refund required.
  3. Kevorkian

    All of Mattherson is bad then, by your accounts. I went afk to grab a drink, thought I was in a safe spot, came back and found myself dead. After I logged off, I checked my killboard to see who/what killed me. Someone chose to C4 me... standing still... clearly afk. What a champ.
  4. Tasogie

    Wait, you expected them to wait for you to come back?, or did you want a formal letter of request to please shoot you?..... should have logged off if u didn't want your kd to be effected.
  5. Kevorkian

    I was highlighting a rare instance where I actually got killed in a ZOE.
  6. Tasogie

    I died on a hourly basis as a zoe max, they were nothing special in any way.
  7. Mambakiller

    Rly, cant u ,like, play moer and get more certs again?
  8. Ivalician

    "A broken item that I knew was broken was made available to me, and I immediately invested heavily into it, drove the **** out of it like I stole it, then when the fun finally comes to an end, demand a refund."

    Do I agree with the sentiment that SoE has hired some of the most incompetent guys in the history of gaming to balance their game, and that they should all be fired and new guys brought in, perhaps from a better balanced, more reputable game? At the very least, as consultants? That they should adequately play test kit before release to make sure the items they release are actually within bounds? That charging $10 for a hat is ******* ridiculous? Absolutely.

    Do I agree that you should get special treatment over others? Do I agree that just because something has gone live, should never be ever touched again, even if it is completely broken, like some of the people in this forum believe? Absolutely not.
  9. OmegaSupreme

    if you guys notice, all the guys that are saying that we CRY are TR and NC , VS guys support this and understand the frustration.
  10. Iota

    @ The OP: I'm glad you're upset and I hope you never get a refund so you continue to stay upset. :D

    If you clown stomp the average player then what kind of stomp do you perform on better players? I mostly player infiltrator on TR so a MAX let alone ZOE is a nightmare for me. I can kill the average MAX pretty easily because they're usually scrubs and getting around to their back to unload a few clips isn't hard. But there's just no real strategy when it comes to killing a ZOE max. Unless it's a terribly bad player using it, ZOE is still obviously overpowered. I'm not trying to argue either, I'm just curious. I'm assuming you're a decent player, so, have you ever been so outmatched by someone while in your ZOE that you would die to them given different situations?
  11. Kevorkian

    There have been several players that have flat rocked me, even in my max. Every single one of these players played HA. Its really the only class equipped to take on any Max.
  12. Wulfen109

    The ironic tears taste so good. Despite all that, ZOE mode is finally on par (if not still better) with other max abilities.
  13. Swordlord

    I play all three factions. I still think you're crying.
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  14. Sunderer

  15. SnatchMaster

    oh no... ZOE still far outclasses them, no matter what the nerf might have done to it, its still the one ability that does it all right now.
  16. OmegaSupreme

    yeah we need more nerfing to the zoe .