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  1. sudnik

    If you think the red-dot for the gauss rifle is bad, check the 1x and 2x reflex sights for the SAS-R bolt-action. They are at least 50% larger than any other sight.
  2. Prudentia

    Ah there is the superiority of the VS, 25% percent smaller 1x reddot sight, i already wondered why our equipment was so normal, but the advantage on 2 scopes that are maybe used by 1/3 of the vanu pop clearly make up for it, yay Technology=Might
  3. SpcFarlen

    This issue of scope positioning has been in the game since Beta, i did a post a long time ago on it (deleted now because it was during beta). The issue, as many have stated, isnt that the scope itself has a larger reddot but the fact that it gets seated back on the weapon after switching/resuplying/deploying so the model as a whole gets larger. The VS weapons to my knowledge do not have this issue, which is why their scopes have a slightly smaller dot compared to TR or VS.

    Its not a game breaking issue, but its an issue that does effect some peoples ability to aim at longer distances because the dot is now larger than the target they are shooting.

    PS. this is not a conspiracy theory against the VS stating them as "OP", stop those silly posts.
  4. m44v

    Vanu superior technology at work. NC red dots must be hand made.
  5. vastaitku

    I agree.
  6. Tobax

    Very nice video from Reddit showing why this happens:

  7. Flying Mug

    I totally support Sony buffing the NC/TR in this matter.

    Heck, give them 50 pixel wide dots if they want the biggest. :p
  8. Obscura

  9. Hoki

    In the thread about stealing 1 thing from the enemy faction I picked the VS 1x reflex.
  10. DjUnicorn

    Yes I have already comented in this thread that in fact a few of the NC weapon models cause the huge horrible reflex scope. With some luck the Devs will take this into consideration and fix the issue.
  11. EvilKoala

    +1 to the slider idea or just fixing the sights to be the smaller option. The TRAC-5S also has the moving 2x reflex optic, making the dot size huge.
  12. Belacossa

  13. DjUnicorn

    Awesome. Well I might just leave the final evidence on why this has been brought up and how it affects the gameplay. Along with my apology to the NC for saying that they were talking nonsense when they were correct.


    NC Warden 1x Reflex sight displaying as all NC 1x Reflex sights should display.


    Comparisson between Warden (left) and virtually all NC LMGs (right).


    Comparisson between Warden (left) and virtually all NC SMGs and Shotguns (right).


    TR AMR-66 1x Reflex sight displaying as all TR 1x Reflex sights should display.


    Comparisson between AMR-66 (left) and virtually all TR LMGs, SMGs and Shotguns (right).


    The VS 1x Reflex Scopes are virtually identical on all weaponry providing a highly accurate sight compared to the other 2 faction Reflex Scopes.


    Example of VS 1x Reflex Sight on target.


    Example of the NC SMG and SHOTGUN 1x Reflex Sight on same target.

    As you can see it really has a big impact in gameplay, the red dot almost covers the enemy.

    I am glad it is getting fixed, can't wait to have that sight working as it should.
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  14. kadney

    Please fix this with GU11. I want that frameless VS holo sight for my TR guns aswell. Only aliens have holographic scopes in 2845 ? Serious? :(
  15. Konfuzfanten

    I want a 1x/2x crosshair, but apparently they went out of fashion in the early 2840ies.
  16. FnkyTwn

    NC dots are made with drops of real Freedom Blood ®.
  17. Kunavi

    I like the VS sights the most, though the spike things on 2x I think, can be a bit distracting. Those claiming the VS dot is hard to see in certain environments should now understand what the rest of us are talking about, when bringing up VS camo, dark areas and environmental distractions. Plus 2 pixels CAN make a difference depending on the situation, have you heard about IRNV scopes and why people favour those?

    And while we're at it, the VS weapons have the lowest sounds even with no Suppressors on, so since average Joes don't check their Map the VS have a slight edge here too.

    All these may be L2P issues one might argue; Tell that to the casual players though, and they'd be right to scoff at that. That's why they want to remain casual(Which should not instantly make them fodder).

    Nice find OP, at the very least. Kudos for noticing.
  18. RHINO_Mk.II

    9 month necro?
  19. ZeroErrorz

    bhump ?

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