[BUG] Reflex sight on low-zoom semi sniper gets overlay in ADS

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Von_Lipwig, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. Von_Lipwig

    Or at least, I HOPE this is a bug. Basically, what happens is that when you equip the KSR-35 (and probably faction equivalents) with a low-zoom scope (it happened for me on all the scopes I have: 1x, 2x and 3.4x) you will still get an overlay as if you had a high-powered sniper scope. This means ADS takes slightly longer and you lose your peripheral vision. Also, the red dot and the overlay crosshairs are not always alligned. (as seen in the second picture)

    Here are a video and some pictures to show the issue:



    If this is NOT a bug, then in combination with the gimped cloak it becomes exceptionally clear that the developers really DO hate the infiltrator class with a passion. :rolleyes:
  2. nkenny

    I have the same thing.

  3. Von_Lipwig

    Good to know I'm not the only one :) It may not be super high priority, but it's really quite annoying.
  4. TheCF

    Well, it did bring one good thing... Now you're able to see where you're aiming when cloaked!
    Though, if this is the price, then I'd rather be aiming blindly thank you. The overlay is horrible. And I had just started to love my 4x KSR-35 :c
  5. Von_Lipwig

    Same here with my 1x KSR... It's really annoying. I still get my kills, mind you... but I do feel as though the lack of peripheral and the slower ADS time are hurting my ability to do better.
  6. TheDudeMachine

    I'm not getting this bug...
  7. #yoloswag420

    It actually looks sort of cool tbh
  8. Benevon

    This is clearly a bug. If it wasn't a bug, it'd be a clear design choice of a half ******** monkey.

    Gotta love all the silly bugs after a major patch. :p
  9. TheCF

    The thing that bugs me the most is that the 4x scope I use doesn't align with the overlay. The scope's horizontal line is about 1 or 2 mm higher up that the overlay's...
    And trust me, it's really bothering.
  10. Von_Lipwig

    That's odd. :/ Maybe it's just for the TR rifles then?

    Yeah, I couldn't imagine it was intended either, but stranger things have happened, and this IS SOE we're talking about. ;)
  11. Vasheron

    I trialed the KSR-35 today and probably would have bought it if not for this bug.
  12. GSZenith

    don't have that bug on my TR with any of the scope, got them all btw.
  13. MrIDoK

    When did you buy it? And what graphical settings are you using?

    Just hoping to find an answer for this bug. :p
  14. GSZenith

    1month ago or so, everything on low.


    okej..just bought it on my NC...i got a better bug, with 4x trueshot it bugs up and when you zoom in you zoom in without the scope or the sight ^^ he just moves the gun out of screen and...well it is not ideal for hitting.
  15. MrIDoK

    Great, another bug... o_O
    I'll try some low settings to see if that affects something. stay tuned people.
  16. Mustarde

    This is well known bug, has been reported since the new patch. I have bumped it on the bugs thread a few times, hopefully SOE can fix it in an upcoming hotfix (it seems like a relatively simple fix but what do I know). It affects all the scopes on the KSR-35. I still bought it and use it - I find that the 4x scope makes this bug almost unnoticable - due to the reticle size and shape. But its god-awful on the reflex scopes.