Reduxlistic Buffs for Light Assault

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  1. Corezer

    These ideas aren't designed to be implemented all at once, but rather to be a collection of individual thoughts for the consideration of others.

    First off,

    The ground sliding for drifters needs to be an always on movement benefit for both jets.

    drifters will still move faster for the simple fact they are going in a straight line and always on than feathering and up/down movement of standard JJs do for horizontal movement. (your increased speed would start dropping back to normal while the jets are off, or if you held them on you would end up above your end point and possibly not have the endurance to even make it) I feel it is OK for JJs to get the benefit for the simple fact that it would be weaker due to the mechanics of the pack as I have explained, plus drifters are gaining verticality.


    Test Drifter upward thrusts need to be bound to the ability key (default "F")

    This is due to the fuel usage and momentum lost. Currently if you can tap it fast enough to actually go anywhere vertically, most people would presume you beat it about 4 times a day.


    Lower revive speed or put a limit.

    currently LA flanking effects are minimized by the timing and coordination needed with friendly forces to take advantage of the opportunity before a single medic takes 4-5 seconds to pick them back up.


    Lower the amount of ways you can pod in, and the frequency of it.

    There are too many ways to gain the main advantage of LA through the use of drop pods, with the other, better classes. Hell, often times I can get to the top of a tech plant faster and more safely by just coming in from above with a heavy or engineer. There have been so many C4 nerfs because of this in particular. it isn't because of LA flying in with 2 C4 plus UBGL and spawn camping engineers for 10 seconds while it slowly burns out, it's because a class that takes longer to kill comes in with 2 c4 plus a rocket and insta pops it, or another class lands on top of the sunderer and drops 3 bricks for the win.


    Make the Adrenaline Pump a passive,

    Currently the effects of adrenaline pump are too small to be worth picking, or they would stomp out other suit slot options. Making it a passive is the only way to keep it from being game breakingly OP while not being some relic from back when Sony had ideas for us, that gets passed over by most players with a brain. 4/8/12/16/20% reduction in movement speed modifier when aiming down sights (meaning 70% movement speed so the fast ADS carbines retain some advantage) and increase to sprint speed (so we actually have mobility indoors not just for camping rooftops)


    While JJ or DJ is active, hipfire bloom shrinks to sprint size, rather than remaining at jump size.

    Currently, while using your ability you are both unable to attack effectively and defenseless. This change would allow us a reasonable level of ability to retaliate against attackers while airborne, while not making us flying snipers. There would still be a period of vulnerability during the initial jump, and at any point you need to turn your jets off for feathering or dropping altitude. Cone of fire would shrink from jumping to sprinting at about half the rate it does currently, to make this period of vulnerability more tangible.


    Increase the angle at which a foothold needs to be for you to slide off of it while standing on it.

    This will increase the number of positions we can take to provide crossfires over an area which our team mates could not, increasing the value of a Light Assault in a group. For instance, in a tech plant, one can stick to the lip of the walls above the vehicle terminals, but only if you run into the wall. Making this an LA accessible area would allow one to form a cross fire at the elevator with team members on the point, without being as exposed to flanking as someone simply sitting behind the boxes. Alternatively, flood lights or other footholds could be added to these areas.


    Reduce the slide angle for corpses.

    This would cause you to fall off of the edges of rooftops to the ground, so that you can potentially be revived and not just be a wasted member of the team due to overextension. As it is now, there are some places I cant stop moving into the wall on or I lose my foothold, but when I die there I stay attached with my magnetic boots... nothing is more annoying than seeing your corpse hanging 90% off of the edge of a building, lying across mid air, with a medic below who can't reach you with his tool...


    Raise the camera in first person.

    With the camera as it is currently, most cover works against you because when you think you are behind it, and unable to shoot the enemy, you are really head and shoulders above it. This hurts LA the most because with no tools or abilities to increase our survivability, we are the most dependent on these mechanics. Raising the usefulness of cover is a buff to everyone, but more so to the class which has nothing else. Your gun is still below your view point, I am not proposing being able to shoot from the tip of your forehead ala CoD, simply being able to see over that fence or terminal that your entire skull is on top of would be a huge boon.


    Add a resource benefiting mechanic.

    With the new resource system being attached to the base rather than the player, this presents the perfect opportunity to show the benefit to the team of packing light. Some ideas include a tool that would function much like the med app, that collects resources off of dead opponents, to a passive of the same effect much like gaining resources now, to a reduced cost for respawning/resupplying presuming these features are tied to the resource system.


    Add bullpups.

    The theory here is that LA needs an exclusive weapon type for proper balancing, as neither us nor engineers will receive a weapon properly tailored for them if it must also pass balance checks for the other, since both classes get strong augmenters for their small arms (such as the ability to attack from hard to reach locations or infinite ammo) I personally believe bullpups should go to the engineer replacing carbines for several reasons.
    1. Bullpups are traditionally heavier than carbines. While some people say it "feels" just as light due to the center of mass being closer to the body, a jetpack only sees pounds and ounces.
    2. Bullpups are designed for vehicle drivers. The ability to get a full sized barrel in an SBR sized package isn't that relevant up close, but when dismounting from your vehicle to engage targets, you wont always be right there (in game you would prolly be bailing out just before it goes boom while in the process of trying to drive away, so the enemy will be considerably far and lowered drop off would be very attractive)
    3. You can make them without UBGL, taking the weapon balanced around having 2 shots away from the class with infinite ammo.

    Allow ADS while using jetpacks.

    Much like the idea of shrinking cone of fire, This would further shrink the Cone of fire to a factor of 4 (unmodified sprint size is 5, flying with an advanced laser sight pre-nerf was 3.5). This benefit would, like the hip bonus, only be applicable while the jetpack is on, further differentiating the Drifter Jets as a more combat oriented pack, as you can leave them on without constantly changing your elevation. This would still leave jumping ADS out so that Rocket Primary users can not abuse jump pads and the like, while giving the Light Assault a much needed quality of life improvement.


    Bring back flight+grenade!

    This change was made quite some time ago, but I didn't say anything. If you will notice, throwing a grenade while in mid flight cuts off your jetpacks during the throw animation, helping to ensure you don't land it anywhere near your target and causing damage to you if you are within 20m of the ground, as you wont get jetpack capability back until after you throw the grenade.


    More jetpack fuel,

    This is my number one killer on LA. There never seems to be enough fuel to make it, you always fall into the thick of the enemy. This is especially true in Esamir when trying to get on walls. Or worse, if you fall off said wall you instantly travel down at 100+ mph and it takes half a tank to get back up from a little stumble... I mean it really doesn't save much fuel to gingerly react and catch yourself as opposed to just falling down and flying all the way back up. Every second counts here! I would start at 1.5-2 more seconds.


    Replace Smoke grenades with something useful,

    My suggestion would be a very lightly damaging (to enemies only) smoke. Not enough damage to effectively do anything, but with maybe a tick every half second for one damage (total 2 DPS) it will cause enemy shields to spark provided they have shield, allowing you to have an easier time seeing enemies in the smoke than enemies have seeing you. Additionally the fuse time needs to be lowered to 3 seconds after thrown not 4 seconds after it stops moving.


    Buff flash to be useful,

    As it stands, the problems are that the fuse is long, the grenades bounce too much to be accurate, the inner blast is too small, and the outer blast does nothing as they still have both the ability to see you and complete control over their character. The concept is a classic one that I believe can work, as it does in every other game, these problems just need to be addressed.


    Delete all thoughts, notions, and documents related to dual wield,

    This is a very simple quality of life improvement change that you can make instantly and at a NEGATIVE COST of developer resources! We don't want it. NO.

    D, I won't Dual wield,
    A don't even Ask about it,
    R you should Respect our class,
    E, please don't make Everyone maaaad

    Remember that **** from elementary school? I hate DW so much I have to think of songs to express the level of hatred and vitriol I have for the notion, AND I CAN'T EVEN WATCH ARTHUR ANYMORE CAUSE DW MAKES ME CRAZY!!!


    Thruster Pack,

    This is an idea I have tossed out a good couple of times. Now, with the release of Titanfall, there is a good display of intent already out there. A jump pack that can:
    1. Change your momentum instantly, allowing you to use them in combat to juke fire and play some mind games. Because they are instant use and not over a duration like standard or drifter jets, even with my suggested CoF while using jets changes, you would still have full bloom so it wouldn't be a complete juke in their face and kill them like Titanfall mechanic.
    2. Add some much needed desirability to the Adrenaline Pump cert, by moving you at Drift speed (which is based off of sprint speed iirc).
    With something like this, we would have the more tangible advantage of more mobility in combat, as opposed to the more situational advantage of more mobility options without the ability to actually use any of these options more quickly. Maybe give a double jump height of 1.5 stories so that JJ still has a clear advantage of not needing to platform as much. Instead of a fuel guage it would simply be charges, 1 charge every 2.5-3 seconds at max rank with no ability to store extra charges (no triple jump unless you are jumping off something pretty tall.)
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  2. Corezer

  3. DeadliestMoon

    I'm sorry but you've suggested some not so great ideas. So no.
  4. Thrustin

    I'm sorry but you've suggested some great ideas. So yes.
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  5. Corezer

    Yeah, these are small changes, but little things make a big difference when put to the massive scale that this game offers.

    Go to another topic fantasizing about vehicles getting LA only guns we can remote control, or LA only mobile suits, or ARs for LA, if you want great ideas... greatly unrealistic.
  6. Corezer

    * While JJ or DJ is active, hipfire bloom shrinks to sprint size, rather than remaining at jump size.

    This also provides a boon to DJ users, as they don't have to feather their jets.
  7. Corezer

    * physics and camera changes, 7, 8, and 9.
  8. R3dBeaver

    5, 6, yes.

    oh yes.
  9. Corezer

    added 10 and 11.
  10. Iridar51

    I like your bullpup idea, if that would be a separate engineer-only weapon class instead of carbines, NS-7 notwithstanding, that would make a lot of sense. Then we could see 75% ADS multiplier on ALL carbines, as well as some other LA-only perks.

    But the resource gathering tool? Seriously? When did this FPS turned into minecraft? Please, dear god, don't make us grind resources, especially from dead opponents. Nothing would look more weird than killing someone from nice flanking position, then rushing in to his corpse to collect resources. Just weird. And boring. The game should be more action and less bureaucracy.

    Agree on camera changes, but there's probably a good reason why they made it like it is now, and it's probably gonna be hard to bypass.

    Jump Jetting cone of fire stabilization makes a lot of sense - after all, we soar through the air, not fall uncontrollably, so we can achieve at least some degree of accuracy, if only in the general direction of the enemy.

    Adrenaline pump reworked into a passive is a no-brainer, this idea has been brought up so many times that I sincerely hope SOE will implement it as cert line like the one medics get with their "passive systems: triage". It also should be improved to increase all kinds of speed, not only sprint.

    Agreed with the drop pod changes, but that thing is really weird, every time devs try to make it better they completely break it instead, so I'd be very cautious with that one.

    Medics definitely need to be nerfed, as they are now, they promote very boring gameplay for competitive outfits, at least in my experience (that's how [RMIS] Red Mist did things when I played with them): couple of MAXes, couple of engineers, three or four medics, the rest are heavies. Do a gal drop on a point, cap it, and then defend it until brains dry. No matter how many of the squad members die, medics just revive them all again and again.
    It takes longer to revive a player to full health than to heal him, this is just stupid. I, personally, don't believe that this gameplay is fun for any of the participating sides, but it is the quickest and the most efficient way "to win" - to cap a base. This kind of brain-dead gameplay shouldn't be possible.
  11. Corezer

    Well I haven't thought of a specific implementation, just an idea. I would personally prefer a resource mechanic that is passive much like the collection of resources now. 300XP earned is 10 resources or something... I dunno I'm not making ideas I'm just writing them lol.

    As for the camera, bare minimum acceptable would be upper chest. I find once you add the hollow spots to a silhouette from the arms they become as good as I'm the open. Of course the more the better, but right now the camera, based on pictures, is somewhere in your scrotum...
  12. Corezer

    Twelve, ADS while using our ability.
  13. Tenebrae Aeterna

    Honestly, I don't know why they removed the ADS while jumping to begin with...let alone for the Light Assault. Here's an idea, what if Adrenaline Pump was converted into a certification line for the Light Assault like our Advanced Hacking? Basically, you would have four tiers to invest in that increased your movement speed...and then the final tier would allow you to ADS while using the Jetpack.

    All of these has to do with mobility, so there's bound to be an easy method of explanation for the hybridization of the two. It would become a Passive Systems certification line and give the Light Assault back their ADS while simultaneously providing a passive speed boost without taking anything away from your current customization options, since you don't yet have a Passive Systems certification line.

    I want to do something similar with hacking by adding a personal shield diffuser to the final tier, allowing us to actually Infiltrate. Ultimately, if I can formulate an in depth rant on all my ideas...I'd like to present a situation where we work together in black ops oriented situations...the both of our classes delving beyond enemy lines to cause absolute havoc. You all take the high road, we'll take the low road...and we'll murder our way to the middle.
  14. Springjack

    Light Assault is coming up on the Roadmap. That is when you may see some balances or some such.
  15. Rivotril

    I have one:

    While in ground, if doble tap jumpkey you active a hight speed jump impulse of 5-10m height (short but fast) and then it goes at regular speed (if you keep flying). It would consume the same as the regular fly in that 5-10m.
  16. Corezer

    Added 13 and 14, mid flight grenade throws and more jet fuel.
  17. Corezer

    Added 15, 16, 17 and 18. Replacement for smoke, buff to flash grenade, addressing DW, and Thruster Pack.
  18. Corezer

    Made some changes to smoke, added some details to existing ideas.
  19. Rovertoo

    But I want Dual Wielding!
  20. Iridar51

    You'd have to be more specific than that.

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