Reduce Hornet Capacity.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Klypto, Nov 26, 2014.

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  1. Klypto

    26-30 with max ammo should be fine.

    Need more ammo? Take 1 minute to fly to the nearby airpad and **** off.

    Thank you.
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  2. Flashtirade

    ESFs shouldn't be able to spam all secondaries, not just Hornets. Still support this though.
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  3. nightbird

    If it was TR posting this I would sympathize, but TTK against the Vanguard rear (in main cannon range) is 9 seconds with the shield assuming perfect timing, versus just 3 seconds with the Prowler and Magrider. Lockdown prowler being much more likely to take a double volley...
  4. zombielores

    Reducing ammo capacity doesn't affect TTK.
    The shield doesn't survive 2 shots from the hornet but the effects still last the full 6 seconds no matter what so often times your getting tricked by the visual effects.
    Why would it matter who is posting this, do you have some sort of blind hatred towards NC?

    Edit, I meant the shield doesn't survive 2 shots from the back.
  5. Ransurian

    Hornets deal too much damage. In my opinion, at least. ESFs ought to exist primarily to battle for -- and establish -- air superiority, which is an important element in any major battle with a relatively even population of friendly and opposing forces. That's not to say they shouldn't pose a threat to ground vehicles, but hornets are just vicious.
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  6. MrJengles


    All aircraft should have to be mindful of their ammunition as it's an easy balancing factor that barely, if at all, impacts killing power against individual targets. It just reduces the mass farming capabilities.

    We've seen this applied to the Dalton, various nose guns and the Tomcats. Hornets have a huge ammo pool, and I'd argue that even the rocket pods have too many shots.
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  7. BiggggBRIM

    If only there was some kind of AA weapon that tanks could equip that would be quite effective in fending off hovering ESF's that are firing anti-armor missles from 400 yards away...
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  8. Inex

    They can just barely outdamage a MBT crew's repair.
  9. Jeslis

    This guy must be talking about the main cannon right? Surely he's not dumb enough to be talking about the ranger or walker outdpsing a hornet using ESF?
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  10. BengalTiger

    The sheld works for 5 seconds or 3000 HP of damage.

    If you don't believe then C4 a shielded tank. Not only will the shield stop working instantly, the tank will be seriously damaged.
  11. WTSherman

    That's outdated. It used to be 5/6/7/8 (rank 1/2/3/4) seconds and 3,000 HP. Now, it is 6 seconds at all ranks and 2,000 HP at all ranks (25% duration nerf, 33% HP nerf).

    The only thing ranking up does now is reduce the cooldown.
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  12. zombielores

    No the shield is 6 seconds at 2000 HP.
    As for the shield visual, it's mainly a bug that occurs from what I'm guessing is the visual and the ability not synced up properly as I've been playing the last 2 months like this both in and against vanguards.

    Edit, Ninja'd by WTSherman.
  13. BiggggBRIM

    Please quote me where I said ANYTHING AT ALL about the Walker out-damaging the Hornet. I won't hold my breath because I said no such thing. The OP is throwing a tantrum because he has to stop, get out and repair his tank when he gets attacked with Hornets. He knows he's not in any real danger of getting killed and said so himself.

    He can out repair and/or outmaneuver every single Hornet, so having a smaller ammo pool would mean he spends less time repairing. Proposing a nerf to the Hornets simply for his convenience is just plain silly.
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  14. Cyropaedia

    ESFs are flying coffins, yada yada. You can deter most air attacks with a single round of AA or a lock-on. There should be a give-and-take. Nerf offensive capabilities, expand defensive capabilities. Built-in flares. Better innate flak armor. Ground vehicle radar. Thank you very much.
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  15. Jeslis

    Ok - Requoting exactly the same thing I quoted.. Where you talk about an AA weapon that tanks could equip.. and in my post I call out both AA guns (the walker and the ranger).. so I'm really confused why you asked me to quote you again.
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  16. BiggggBRIM

    I said it was useful in fending off ESF's, stop being so dense. You don't have to outdps an ESF to get them to stop attacking you as they're quite squishy. Pepper them with the Walker and they will leave you alone. Its not that complicated.
  17. \m/SLAYER\m/

    and pilot can just kill them with main gun
  18. The_Blazing

    Frankly a nerf like that seems to be entirely pointless to me. You are not going to "fix" skilled ESF pilots blowing up your tank by dancing around it or by hitting you from the rear because your own anti-air or fighter jet squadrons are asleep.

    The thing is, this game isn't balanced around ammo capacity. If there were weapons that were designed around being massively powerful but forcing the user to return to resupply continuously, this could make sense. But Hornets aren't really that kind of weapon, Hornets actually deal less overall damage than lolpods. So no.
  19. Klypto

    I don't care about skilled ESF pilots. That ammo is more than enough for them

    The unskilled ones that fly like they are drunk and need wire guided just to know where the target is pisses me off. We have these duels that just go on and on and on and on. Just had one yesterday. ******* run out of ammo already! Go away!
  20. Titan6

    Being able to out repair the damage isn't much. Seeing as the hornets can just kill you now that you're out in the open, or just wait for you to get back in the tank.

    It isn't good game play whatsoever to rely on this as an argument.
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