Redneck Hillbillies of Auraxis [RHoA]

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  1. BengalTiger


    The following is a recruitment infomercial for the Redneck Hillbillies of Auraxis [RHoA].


    Mission Statement

    The [RHoA] are here to spread Freedom, bacon, gas guzzling tanks, driving 6 wheel oversize SUVs, owning big @$$ guns that have big @$$ recoil, using cargo planes to ram stuff, employing l33t tactics walking through doorways, looking p!mp while climbing stairs as well as blowing hackers up with mines, killing zergs with 3 tanks, and recently splashing planes with AT mines while listening to Johnny Cash, and most importantly:

    Having fun.


    The RHoA is an intercontinental outfit that studies war and enjoys maneuver warfare.

    We put effort into learning tactics and using them in game, so a background of working in a team and/or being a military enthousiast is more than welcome.

    We also like shooting stuff and watching explosions, as well as outmaneuvering our enemy (contrary to our name, we're not a simple people).


    The Rednecks have various training programs for our members- basic (for everyone), division (based on what a member would like to focus on) and tactical/strategic (for volunteers, who would want to play the RTS part of PlanetSide 2).

    For those new to the concept- we're willing to spend hours with new members until they can keep up with the team, first going through basics, then through specialized training with the division they choose, and finally, the strategic training for whoever's interested.

    [RHoA] vs Real Life

    Whoever's online is online, who isn't isn't. No schedule here, we just team up as the members currently logged in. Sure we run events to get everyone together, but the only consequence of not coming is missing out on some fun.

    Our training programs are divided into 1 hour segments, so people with a busy life can take 1 hour per week if that's all they're willing to spend with us. We're not in a hurry anywhere, PS 2 is a hobby.

    We will also only remove members if they're inactive for over 1 month, and did not post in an appropriate thread on our forums that they're out only temporarily.


    The RHoA is composed of divisions, as we figured it's better to do one thing really good, rather than doing lots of things more/less OK.
    The structure is not rigid though, so we're perfectly fine with an infantryman learning to fly and taking his/her Reaver or Liberator out into the fraking fray once in a while.

    Our divisions are:
    Infantry (Light/Heavy Assault and Medic centric),
    Cavalry (ground combat vehicles- both tanks and light armor),
    Engineers (Engineer class, MAX units, Sundies of all loadouts),
    Air Force (guess what these guys do),
    and a subdivision of Infantry- the Shadows (sneaky, inglorious b@$+@rd5 who do sneaky, inglorious stuff).


    All new members need to be old enough to behave themselves like civilized people and keep up with communicating, planning, thinking and executing. We have members from their teens to their 40's, and we come online to relax and blow up the enemies.

    All new members need to listen to voice chat at the very least, having and using a microphone is strongly recommended (and required to lead even a fire team of infantry).

    It's also nice to be willing to learn new things, focus on teamwork first (obviously we have nothing against being a team of John Rambos and Chuck Norrises, as long as it's a team).

    All ladies/gents who wish to join agree to go against overwhelming odds, and to most likely stay away from the friendly zerg unless it's in really deep trouble and desperately needs help.
    All ladies/gents who wish to join also agree to cause overwhelming damage to the enemies regardless of how outnumbered we are, and they agree to redeploy quickly if we go from maneuver warfare to attrition warfare (it ain't fun to be spawn camped so we refuse to do it).

    How to join?

    Respond to this thread, or
    Create account on and say "Hi!", or
    Join us when we're running an open squad or platoon (the [RHoA] tag is always visible on the list).

    Then we'll let you in.

    Thanks for reading,
    The leader of this whole mess.
  2. Ribero

    Bump, cool Outfit.
  3. Dalt Wisney

    I am a Redneck for some months now and I love it! Bengals and Scaevals trainings are adopted from real life military trainings and it's worthwhile attending them, even for the more experienced players. If you ever happen to see a column of our tanks rushing in and spreading to a combat formation within one second you will know what I mean. That's power derived from strict team play. But as Bengal stated - we never miss out the fun aspect of it. So come on and join us - it's great.
  4. AlphaBrat

    I'm long term member or a veteran of Rednecks. I'm leading my own division in the RHoA, the Airfoce. Flying in cobalt is hard, we do admint that, our server is famous of our best pilots and heavy air trafic. If you see like 3-4 reavers, libs sticking together flying in "V" style, know this, Redneck Hillbillies of Auraxis Airforce has arrived! We do promote strict gameplay and fuctionality in field, but also not missing good chance to have a great time, we all are friends in battle.

    - aBrat.
  5. JackD

    Bump because those guys are great, but be aware that there is no bacon. Thats just a lie to lure new guys in :D
  6. Rachitynowy

    I really enjoy seeing you on battlefield so please help yourself with this free bump, sir :D
  7. Slash Hammer

    The Redneck Hillbillies of Auraxis [RHoA] welcome all NC players from Ceres on Cobalt, your new home.
    The RHoA are in a hibernation mode at the moment but please feel free to apply for outfit membership.
    And to get rid of some rumours - There is bacon!
  8. BengalTiger

    But the cake is in fact a lie.
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  9. RIctavius

    Can you guys everytime you go into combat, scream the rebel yell in chat - it'd piss off overkillgaming >:3
  10. BengalTiger

    Our rebel yell?


    And yes, it's been seen in /y once in a while. Enemies can't hear voice chat AFAIK, so we must type...
  11. Ribero

    Gonna be back soon, Bengal?
  12. BengalTiger

    W/N a couple weeks I suppose.

    Time to spread some Freedom and Bacon.
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  13. Slash Hammer

  14. Slash Hammer

  15. BengalTiger

    ATTN: All Rednecks, Former, Current and Future, as well as all our Allies and Enemies:

    I'm back in business.

    This FRI, in the evening, there will be an open squad or platoon (depending on how many people log in). We'll be known as "XXX FTW", where XXX is the name of the continent that we're currently occupying.
  16. Slash Hammer

    Just came back from a holiday trip to England and read this good news. Fine to have you back, BT!
  17. BengalTiger

  18. a4555in

    Glad to see you are back in business BT..hope I'll manage to be online when you are.
  19. Ribero

    Looking forward to joining some more squads - As soon as the game is stable again.
  20. Slash Hammer

    What about a RHoA party on Friday? BT, if you are on, pls suggest a time (I am totally bored of playing Farm Simulator 2013 :rolleyes: instead of some good old PS2).