Redeployside: this must stop NOW.

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  1. Bearlover

    Redeploy and zerg is the usual " tactic "...

    " Base far away at 3.5 km is almost capped by the enemy, we redeploy at 45 seconds, everyone max rush, engineers and medics and wait in the spawn room till i give the order " is the usual order no matter what empire.

    A game that introduces some challenge to players that involves SOME thinking should be a step in the right direction.


    - The type of players that we have now are lazy ( since they don't want to spawn a galaxy or ESF to fly towards an objective that takes SECONDS to get to.)
    - Can't look at the map for a few seconds to find out where most of the fight is.
    - Complaining about empire specific weapons , because got killed by one.
    - Complaining about C4 fairies, because they want to sit with their tank and blast away without driving away to avoid the light assault
    - Basically, players want their hand held the entire game, no matter the situation.
    - 75% of the player base are Rambos
    - too many to list

    At least let SOE test this out on a new continent first, a much smaller one to begin with. Where redeploy does not exist or is very limited. Where new/old players can choose to go to this continent and be warned that it is much more difficult or may need another tutorial for it. Otherwise, they can stay in the old continents and teleport to any fight they want.
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  2. Crator

    It's been said several times already, even a few posts above yours... The difference between allowing defenders redeploy across the map to a base is that it eliminates logistics. The attacking empire would have a chance to circumvent the enemy from reaching the base by taking out vehicles as they try to drive in a save the location.

    I made a suggestion in an earlier post that should please both parties in this discussion. I didn't have as detailed of a plan as I do below however:

    *These rules only apply to players who are trying to redeploy across the map. Spawn points are still available the same way they are today otherwise.
    • Do not allow redeploy to any owned front line base that currently has capture point(s) flipped by the enemy.
    • The location you can choose to redeploy to would be a base directly connected to the front line base that is being hacked. This would still work the same way as today where you can only have up to 50% population in the hex. Once that pop % is met the spawn point won't be available except for the players who are close enough to it for it to be a spawn point normally.
    Having the above could actually make it worse for the attacking empire allowing more then 50% population of defenders to trickle in to the directly connected base. So let's add one more rule in that allow the attacking empire to do the same:

    • Give the same redeploy mechanic to the attacking empire allowing them to also redeploy to the directly connected owned base from the one they are attacking, up to 50% population in the hex....
    This should allow both the attacking and defending empires to ramp up a fight instead of overwhelm it too quickly... What do you think?
  3. PresidentFreeman

    Well it definitely makes sense in theory, the only concern I have would be the enemy having ample time to get perfectly entrenched with AV turrets and snipers, e.t.c.

    I would be curious to see how this would play out in-game.
  4. Crator

    But why is that a concern? It should garner a pretty nice battle and give the defenders a challenge to try and take back and then resecure their base... This would only happen if the owning empire didn't have any or enough forces already at the location to prevent it from happening.... I also think adding the combat engineering equipment that PS1 had would help with slowing down attacking forces.... Not certain, but it might be necessary to increase capture timers at locations if something like this were to enter the game...

    I just realized I have to add one more rule to this:

    • If the defending empire player is in the hex directly connected to the base that is being hacked, the spawn option will be unavailable at the base being attacked for them. This prevents the defending empire player from redeploying across the map to the directly connected hex base then redeploying again directly in to the base that is being hacked.
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  5. OldMaster80

    Personally I dont mind how they want to solve it. I'm not a game designer and I do not waste my time suggesting devs how to make things. I reported what I think is the biggest planetside issue at the moment: it's a bad game mechanism and it's also likely to be bugged.
    There is a lot of room for improvements but how they plan to do it... well that's SOE's problem.
  6. PresidentFreeman

    That's true, and I would still prefer an AV turret gauntlet over a spawn camp.

    Something like this is technically already possible in-game; when a tech/amp/biolab loses its SCU and two factions own bases directly adjacent to it.

    Though you wouldn't get the same result as your suggestion if you just put SCUs in every base, because the defenders would still have more than enough time to zerg spawn it before the SCU overloaded.
  7. TwwIX

    Increase the redeploy timer and add an SCU to every base. This won't just fix Reployside, it will highly reduce the spawn camping that continues to plague this game. Their useless XP fix didn't do a ******* thing to reduce the frequency of that ****. More drastic changes are clearly necessary. But no. We can't have that since that isn't compatible with their current target audience. The ADHD crowd and instant gratification seekers.
  8. Gallant

    Hated the decision when it was introduced, all of us that were agains it were "listened to" but ignored in favor of the Call of D00dz. Now redeployside is here to say and nothing will change.
  9. OldMaster80

    Joined again after 1 week on a business trip and it's same old story. Everything fine until the alerts starts, then you just can't attack anything because suddenly defenders pop out of nowhere. One moment they are 12-24, one minute later they are 48+ and you don't see a Galaxy, a Valkyrie, a Sunderer or a freaking spawn beacon. This is just disgusting.

    But hey, this month we're gonna get OHK wieldable knives!

    [IMG] [IMG]
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  10. William Petersen

    Yeah, it's not like we have Flashes and ESFs to cross the battlefield quickly...
  11. Whiteagle

    You ever tried to cross Amerish in a Flash buddy?
  12. johnway

    The whole redploy button is a double edged sword. I like the fact that i can use it to quickly hop into a big fight with ease without having to perform a long trek to get there. I want to start up the game and get started in the killing and when did simply convenience become such a terrible thing?

    Well, with the constant free redeploy to dangerous hotspots it becomes immensely irratating to see best laid plans collapse because everyone just redeploys with more numbers then the attackers/defenders and wipes the floor before moving on.

    I suppose the best thing is to get some sort of compromise that makes redeploy useful yet not too game breaking. i did have a couple of ideas that have probably been covered:

    1. Set redeploy sites to be only the main bases like tech plants, amp stations etc. regardless of pop levels. so it gets you part of the way and still need to rely on travel to get to the front lines.

    2.have scus per base that shut down additional redeploy attacks. Only spawn beacons and old fashion methods become viable. Set redeploys to Overheat if too many people spawn at that site. I'm not saying population balance, i mean an actual number like 2 or 3 squads max. So if randoms deploy to that site, it affects the power of the site as well so it become more priority that at least one squad member with a spawn beacon gets to the base to allow drop pod assaults. Who knows? maybe we could have lattice where more energy from unbroken links powering up the site and such (i suspect that planetside had a similar idea). So the outskirts would be limited whilst closer to the warp gate the redeploy cap is higher. So if a faction is backed into the warp gate, they can redploy enmasse and coordinate a breakout and once enough turf is taken the power dwindles with so much turf to power up which can only be topped up with.....

    3. ......dedicated spawn generator tower/miniture warpgate bases. Capture the base, get the ability to redeploy in that sector and any other sectors you own. make these bases HIGH priority. Make capturing them a substantial prize to defend and attack like +50% exp for attacking the base and 20% to defend it and a stagger amount of exp for actually taking it (6000exp maybe). make the bases massive sprawling multilayered complexes that have to be taken piece by piece. To help attackers, make the bases littered full of SCUs that reduces the number of reinforcements that can redeploy into the area and enemies who can capture them intact can have some limited redeploy function to the area over a small period of time to force the breach. Even if all SCUs are captured, unless the base itself is captured, the defenders can still deploy but only in limited numbers. Hopefully there should be a layer of strategy to things. Destroy the SCU Base and the whole sector will be up for grabs for attackers. Alternatively, lay siege to the area, capture the surrounding stuff and move past it but risk being over stretched and threat of spawn attacks from different angles.

    I suspect the last one is similar to what the amp stations are like now. so they would make a perfect site but make the sites much more bigger with a second layer of walls with smaller bases within. The problem with the last one is that it will require the bases to be mapped across the continents, make the map larger and spread out so as to make each base really important and feel the affect of losing the sites as you're forced to fly stuff in.

    Of course, thats assuming it all works. Chances are, if no one is there to contest it, the whole idea falls flat on its face anyway and you're back to the extreme option of removing deploy altogether.
  13. \m/SLAYER\m/

    make queue for facilities with:
  14. William Petersen

    Right tool for the right job, buddy. Pull an ESF and be at the front line in moments.
  15. OldMaster80

    In ESF you can get to the middle of continent in less than 1 minute.
  16. Gorganov

    This needs to happen. It makes sense to me to have majority of the fighting occur in between bases. Especially when it comes to the larger fights ... more room to maneuver makes the fights progress more naturally.
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  17. Whiteagle

    Yeah, because ESF are such cheap, readily availability transports...
  18. Onetoo

    Ok, I'll be honest. I didn't read this whole thread; it's huge. I do however have a simple idea that may help to fix this issue, but it's probably been said before in some form:

    Don't allow players to 'Re-Deploy' to a contested base. (i.e. Defenders can't use 're-deploy' to spawn at a base if even a single point has been flipped in the last 2.5 minutes.)

    This is only a small change, but the impact would be dramatic. Entire platoons wouldn't be able to instantly warp across a map and swarm a dying base - They would have to spawn at a near-by base, and push forward with tanks/transports. Solo players wouldn't be hurt by this change, because they could still spawn close enough to a battle to quickly get in on the action.

    This would lead to more battles between bases (which I like), make transports viable again, and give tanks a somewhat bigger role in taking bases.

    Edit: Read further into the thread and found out that someone had basically the same idea. My bad.
  19. William Petersen

    250 resource is nothing. I can stay in MAX for pretty much my whole play time and they cost almost double an ESF. Also, ESF are quite readily available from your WG. I'm glad you agree with these points already, I just thought I would illuminate them for those who might not share our enlightened understanding.
  20. Cookie5000

    I say redeploy should only be used for get to the Warpgate, Continent Warpgate, Getting to places which REALLY need reinforcements. Other than that it breaks the life in the game, you don't see anybody traveling or convoys of sundies passing through, or a fleet of galaxies going through the skies.