Redeploying in Combat!

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  1. PasitheeVS


    this is only a small problem, but sucks again and again.

    When people are in a inconvenient situation and certain to die,
    let's say I spotted an enemy spy with my radar on my Magrider,
    they just have to press redeploy and run around the next corner or in circles around rocks/trees etc.

    This only to perevent having a death more decreasing their K/D, but stealing me some save certs and a kill.

    You can only avoid this by hitting your enemy with small amount of splash damage every 10s at least, instead of taking some time (like 15 secs.) for one nicely aimed deadly hit.

    This is one more thing destroying this game.

    I have to say that I also use this when I'm certain to die.

    Another thing is that I have seen is LAs flying to a tank (me) to C4 it and redeploy when they have been seen.
    Maybe they also pressed redeploy when they started their attack.


    Block the redeploy key for 5 seconds after being damaged by an enemy with 10 seconds of time to redeploy.
    This way they need (at least! In stress situations even more than) 15 seconds to redeploy in combat, but still 10 seconds to redeploy in regular situations.

    Additionaly, friendly damage should not stop the redeploy timer (to lower TK'ing in rage etc.).
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  2. Corporate Thug

    I used it a lot last night, mostly when my faction (Emerald TR) was attacking some base and all my team mates would die, I would redeploy as hostiles would start swarming/chasing me and there were too many to deal with. I just do it to annoy others when they use excessive force. It might seem bad but I rarely redeploy for any other situation, even running out of ammo. If I can't make it back to resupply then I will just use my pistol until I die most times. I don't care about the deaths, but more that I don't try to feed people who just want to zerg smaller forces, especially if they're just defensive farming with the redeploy mechanic.
  3. Ixidron

    Sure... that's what's destroying the game, exaggerate much?

    Seriously, how many times does that happen to you? because so far that never happened to me, I don't see that as an issue.

    Instead of blocking redeploy why not award a kill to anybody who damaged you/your vehicle before the redeploy? and if you are so concerned about K/D ratio (which is a pretty stupid stat) the guy who redeploys gets a dead.
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  4. Fellgnome

    Takes 10 seconds of taking no damage, not a big deal IMO.
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  5. uhlan

    I am constantly amazed at what bothers some folks.

    If you can't kill the guy fast enough, it's on you... go for the next target.

    Denied a kill and ONE cert!?

  6. MrJengles

    While it's certainly not game breaking, it is a very childish thing to do and keeping it this way encourages bad behavior. People disappearing mid-combat to avoid a death (not actually redeploying to get to another fight) just shouldn't be a thing.

    Firing your gun cancels the redeploy, so why doesn't reviving a teammate, using abilities or running behind cover? If you were genuinely out of combat you would not be doing any of these things.

    I mentioned this in the bailing thread, all player input should cancel redeploy and this would be solved.
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  7. Spoof

    Redeployment is tactical, smart play and above all... fun.

    Try it when your tank is nuked by a zerg, dodging and restarting your timer as you take splash from the enemy vehicles encircling you like injuns around pioneer wagons... or charging toward the enemy, making them think you've got a couple bricks of lurv... High five when you escape, or mock your team mate who's still smoldering in the wreckage.

    Redeployment is a game in itself. It should have its own directive!
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  8. MrJengles

    Death has no more consequences than redeploying. There is literally nothing to be gained apart from avoiding a +1 to your death stats.

    As for fun, what about seeing it from the other player's perspective? It's a shooter, I think it's a pretty standard expectation that players in combat shouldn't disappear. I mean, SOE already fixed the exploit where you could log out mid-combat so the player who shot you still gets a kill.

    I maintain that a player outside of any combat would not be reviving players, dodging bullets or running away.
  9. Frostiken

    Needs to go back to PS1 style where you can only despawn at a spawn tube or AMS.
  10. BlueSkies

    If you can't kill someone inside 10 seconds with this game's TTK, they deserve to get away.
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  11. Mitheledh

    Meh, I've never had any problem with people redeploying during a fight. If they did, no big deal. Whether I kill them or they redeploy, an obstacle has been removed.
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  12. MrJengles

    They might get stuck in terrain. Plus, outfits would use /suicide to redeploy so they don't have to run back. They may as well just press the redeploy button.

    The constraint on starting a redeploy should be based on combat.

    Shouldn't it be if players can't stay alive / beat an opponent in a shooter then they should deal with a death? What difference does it make if you lose a fight in 11 seconds?

    And since you can run away you only need to dodge for the 1 to 2 seconds it takes to reach cover, then keep running away and you get a "get out of jail free" card.

    Not to mention if your opponent has to kill someone else on their way to you, or they're far away, in a tank that has to accelerate and you just hid behind a tree for 10 seconds etc.

    That sort of behavior doesn't improve the game in any way.
  13. JudgeNu

    I use it all the time because spawning at an NC sunderer is 6/10 certain death.
    So if I manage to survive the initial spawning ill have to run away for cover anyway as the sunderer has just exploded upon my arrival.
    Therefore I will redeploy if possible.
    I do not care about KDR, nor do I care about YOUR certs.
  14. William Petersen

    Meh. Redeploy just needs to be reworked on the whole. Last night I was part of a defense of a Tech Plant. After we'd cleaned out the enemy and secured the base, the logical next step is to press back on the enemy and take the region from whence they came. Did that happen? Nope! All but like 4 people redeployed to god-knows-where.

    As irritating as it is to have all but won a battle and then suddenly 24 people redeployside their way to the base for a last second (sometimes literally) save, I swear, the dispersion of my own forces after a defense without bothering to counter attack is even more infuriating.
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  15. CNR4806

    If you can't even DAMAGE the guy for 10 seconds straight, then I think the problem is with you.
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  16. DrPapaPenguin

    If you can't kill someone within 10 seconds you do not deserve the kill.
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  17. PasitheeVS

    Well, but do I deserve the kill within 9,5 Seconds? Who says that 10 seconds is the time for you to kill an enemy to deserve it?

    It depends on the specific situation how long it usually takes to kill someone. Infantry vs. Infantry goes fast. Vehicles vs. small Infanrty, running in circles, flying around or being invisble takes much longer.

    Redeploying should be nerfed. That's it.

    Maybe also payed with 20-50 Nanites per respawn.
    Building new bodies for your mind again and again takes a lot resources.
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  18. William Petersen

  19. Iridar51

    1. You don't deserve the kill.
    2. Gamebreaking? So you get cheated on ONE of a hundred kills you didn't deserve either, and you call that a gamebreaking issue in a game riddled with bugs, poor performance, overabundance of stupid hats?
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  20. Copasetic

    Only thing I find annoying about it is you have no idea if the guy redeployed or not. Like if I spot a cloaker on a hill and I run over there to flush him out with the flashlight how am I to know he redeployed already?

    But in the grand scheme of things it's really not a big deal.
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