[Suggestion] Redeploy Queue System/Throttling

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  1. Ronin Oni

    Term Definition: When I say "Redeploy" I don't mean the keybinding 'Redeploy' that kills you without adding a death tick to allow you to respawn. I mean specifically deploying to a base/AMS in another region, no matter whether you clicked "redeploy" died from enemy fire, crashed your ESF, or just threw a nade at your feet.

    Proposition: Add a queue system to every region for people spawning in (redeploying) from another region. This queue/deploy throttle would only let 1 player in every 10-30 seconds (I'd say 20 off hand, actual time up for debate) When you go to deploy into a region, it tells you your queue position # and how long it will take you to get there.

    Whether or not you allow All-Access members to skip to the front of the queue is another debateable hot-topic. Personally I don't care (and no, I'm not a member) but I could just imagine the backlash it would have so might recommend against it.

    Deploying back along the lattice towards warpgate avoids this queue system. This only applies to deploying across to another lane, and MAYBE to deploying further down a lane. (deploying forward down a lane needing to go into redeploy throttle is debateable/up for discussion).

    The goal and purpose of this is to prevent mass redeploys. Want to move your platoon to a fight? The quickest way should be pulling a Gal and having everyone spawn into that and doing a gal drop. Or maybe getting your SL's there and drop beacons which I'm not as big a fan of but has been the first method of "redeploy" since beta and I doubt it'd go anywhere (I like beacons. but maybe they need a longer CD on placement or something, and that CD is attached to the squad, not the SL, so you can't swap SL's to get around it.)
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  2. AlterEgo

    Instead of that...
    Make riding a Gal more useful, rewarding, and fun, instead of being used as gunships. Redeploying is fine, because:
    1. ANYONE can redeploy to a certain base.
    2. Both sides can acquire equal numbers at relatively the same time.
    3. Redeploying is not the reason why SkyWhales are not used. No, it's because of this:
    Why pull a SkyWhale to drop people to the battlefield, while I can just Engie-up and rain hell on an awesome infantry fight? It's mentality that ruins the Galaxy, not a game mechanic that is absolutely fine.
  3. Kumaro

    BAh just add an overheat to spawn rooms.
    If more than 20 people try to re deploy to one tiny spawn room. Activate some warning thing in the room and all nano receiver or something goes into cool down. Effectively refusing anyone except people already in that zone to spawn in that spawn room for the next i don't know minute??

    And that bunch that tried to "re deploy" are stuck in map with a re deploy cooldown....voila! <.<
  4. axiom537

    Not a bad idea. better then the current redeploy debacle. I do not see any reason why a member should get preference, while on the same continent and I am a member.
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  5. iller

    The biggest problem I find with Galaxies and Valks, is that you're only allowed to redeploy-->into a Squad driven one rather than simply one that a Squad member is just sitting in or is driven by a platoon member. I can't count all the times I've been in a 4-squad platoon that has 3 Galaxies pulled yet no one from MY SQUAD was flying any of them. ...In either case, it still doesn't tackle the main issue of what Oni's bringing up, which is solo Zerg coattail riders or pubbers just piling onto Redeployside to further "reinforce" what was already close to an even fight.... instantly turning it into a dead-end effort. Which they can repeat adnaseum because it costs no resources to get there instantly. These players STILL WOULDN'T TRY TO USE GALAXIES until some system was put in place to limit how effective redeployside is
  6. Ronin Oni

    Yeah, I feel it would just cause more dissent if they made it a member perk more than anything, so best to stay away from that.

    Also, generally it wouldn't be much of an issue. The main thing is that a whole platoon trying to do it (48 people) the last person wouldn't get there for 8 minutes (and that's with only a 10 second per throttle) Ergo, it would make a lot more sense for organized forces to use other mediums for transportation, since they would incur zero throttle delay.

    I also think that deploying across lattice lanes should cost Nanites (personal resource) as well as drain energy from the destination base (future update to Resource Phase 2 or 3).

    With a nanite cost and a potential wait, I could easily see people choosing other forms of transport. If it would take you 2 minutes of waiting before you spawned, I think more people would be apt to just grab a Valk or ESF and fly there. Or maybe just spawn a flash and turbo on over. You'll get there faster and spend fewer nanites. (also power drain would be from a back line base instead of base under assault)
  7. Vango

  8. HadesR

    Or just make spawning player driven .. And not at the whim of some random system ...

    Add tickets to all spawn rooms / gals / sundies ..

    Allow the tickets to be resupplied some how .. Either by an ANT in the case of bases or Resupplying at friendly ammo towers in the case of sundies ...

    Then it doesn't matter about redeployside because you can cut down and stem the tide of reinforcements by attrition and blocking supply routes ..

    All those Generals can now take a base by extra tactics and strategy rather than begging the system to help them .

    Only downside I foresee is mass spawning as Medics to bypass needing to respawn by Zombification Necro Zergs.
    But that could be fixed by capping revives ( of the player not the Medic )
  9. AlterEgo

    Here's the thing. I may sound like a completely selfish moron, but to be honest:

    I LOVE stalemates. The feeling of "plasma" flying over my head and missing NC soldiers firing their electromagnetic projectiles at hundreds of my comrades and I is how war feels. "Redeployside" is the BEST, MOST CONVENIENT way for me to reach a fight in which the TR or NC slightly outnumber my allies. Just because a game mechanic is more convenient than something that isn't too convenient, doesn't mean ONE of them should be made worse. I'd rather have improved transportation than worsened teleportation.