[Suggestion] Redeploy/Deploy should be reworked or even completely removed

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  1. karlooo

    I tried to use the ANT as support in the base fights. It's pretty interesting sometimes, acts like some sort of APC instead of a resource transport.

    The problem was I was part of a squad and I wanted to be with them, which was impossible. I did not participate in a single battle cause of the redeploy/deploy.
    Once they where here, then the leader decided to teleport over there, then he changed his mind another teleport across the map. I could not be with them for 30 minutes lol.
    It's not even funny, it's pathetic. What do the devs do the whole day in office? All I do is turn on the game, play for an hour and notice huge problems instantly, why is nothing being done?
    Stop with the implants, a little kid can come up with that.

    Why can't vehicles be used to transport infantry? It will just make the game more interesting instead of pressing 'u'.
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  2. Trillsiker

  3. Demigan

    The problem is that you need players to be able to join a fun battle within a short time, without dibilitating them.

    One of my idea's would be to give players a limited amount of redeploys that recharge slowly. You can get around when you want, but if you want to teleport all the time like many squad/platoon leaders do you can't do that.

    Then the PMB system gets an overhaul. It gets access to teleportation devices. These devices allow players to teleport to another friendly pad anywhere on the continent even if they have a vehicle. This makes PMB's important transport hubs, and having one in stragetic locations that are both easily accessible but still defensible will be the challenge.

    This also offers stragetic value. The enemy has you pinned and you can't breach through the bridge or gap or whatever? Get someone as an infiltrator behind enemy lines, steal a vehicle terminal, grab an ANT and build a small stealthy base somewhere, then teleport as many players and vehicles there are possible to open up a new avenue of attack.

    To encourage players to actually build these, the players using your teleport will give you similar XP ticks like transport XP (if you reward players for simply teleporting they would just get a platoon to teleport back and forth for a while). This transport XP lasts for a long time. Enough of these XP ticks could also earn you directives and skins.
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  4. Savadrin

    You're blaming the devs for player decisions to hopscotch all over the map? Did you try finding a new squad or adapting to the way that particular squad leader is playing? Or saying something to the SL?

    You've got like 10 minutes playing this game right? I've seen you complaining about many things here that have long been game standard and are easily dealt with.

    My advice would be to see how people overcome the challenges that this game presents before you start whining for core game elements to be changed.
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  5. karlooo

    Oh wow that's a cool structure and idea. Teleport ppl inside vehicles lol.

    So you mean it's going to be something like a Sunderer garage, you enter it and it will teleport you to the other location?
    It will play like a Routing Spire, except it teleports only on contact and you need to create an entrance and an exit.
    (Like the Engineer teleporter from Team Fortress 2)

    But still even though that's a great idea I believe this game needs a rework, instead of additions.
  6. OldMaster80

    I completely agree.

    Sure players must be able to join fights quickly, but this went too far. Some players believe they should be able to pop up at any fight they want at any time. It's ********.

    Redeploy completely destroyed the tactical dimension of Planetside 2. There is not point in deciding any type of strategy, as masses of players simply teleport back and forth until they find a battle where they can get the highest KDR.
    No strategy, no depth, nothing, it's just a big team deathmatch with teleporting people.
  7. Campagne

    In my opinion this is an awful idea.

    It would become zerg-only. Can't reach a base to defend it if a player can't get through all the enemy vehicles. This also creates long periods of boring downtime where just nothing happens.

    Furthermore, a certain faction suffers more in the vehicle department than the other two and stands to lose more by relying on vehicles exclusively.
  8. Savadrin

    I'm glad you're looking out for TR here, even though you're a rebel. Warms my heart, it does ;)
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  9. karlooo

    Yep, redesign of the map would be needed the most.
  10. Demigan

    I was thinking more a pad where you can access a terminal (infantry) or open up the vehicle menu and click a button there. If you do you are taken to the mapscreen where you can select any other friendly teleportpad and teleport there. This means the builder isnt forced to walk all the way to another area and set up the other end of the teleporter.
    Although allowing the builder to buy a second pad to set up as a flanking pad, preferably with a maximum range so you cant just dump it everywhere, would be nice.
    These pads wont be available for normal respawns. So elysium tubes and such are still necessary.
  11. elkikko92

    I like the idea to remove sunderer redeploy.
    Tanks should be cover the trasport sunderers
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  12. adamts01

    Absolutely. Because playing infantry redeployside is the most efficient and effective way to take and defend territory. That's exactly how the best units win alerts. That meta is the result of the developers' decisions.

    This game needs two things terribly

    1) Do something to disincentivse doubleteaming a faction with no pop/territory. Good big fights are few and far between, no matter if you're in the side being doubleteamed or if you're the one doing the doubleteaming.

    2) Keep a constant fight along each lane. Demigan brings up the good point that players need to be able to get to fun fights. But that's only because fights disappear as quickly as they start. If populations along a lane were more stable, then good fights would last hours. This would take some serious reworking of the lattice system though. I'm a big fan of the Hybrid Hex, or something similar.
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  13. iller

    I think it's actually "Instant Action" that's causing the largest problems or maybe even BUGGED on my Server. Anytime I hit it by mistake, it sends me to a zerg fight against the Faction with LESS territory than the other one (which 9 out of 10 times is the TR which explains in part why the NC and TR are always fighting eachother here and ignoring the Spandex)

    As for the wider redploy Meta, I think it's almost in a good place right now. I just think that you shouldn't be able to redeploy into a Sunderer (OR a Router) from more than 300 meters away from it. Instead, Elysian spawn tubes should be the main method that players are migrating in from 2 or 3 hexes away. And the reinforcements Modules should be required for any distance beyond that if they're too dumb or lazy to use Galaxies or Valks

    Too many Pubbers have "learned Helplessness" now when it comes to mobility, reading battle lines, or building ANYTHING. And the times this game is always the best, is when you're building MOMENTUM outside of and independent of the Lattice system. And that just can't happen often enough these days when the biggest Zerg fight or the next unnecessary ghost cap is 1 click away
  14. TR5L4Y3R

    if sunderes are only there for transport then they would be worthless ... any galaxy can transport better than sunderrers ..
    also this idea just encourages more zerging and shifts the game torwards vehiclecombat were infantry still lacks in ways to defend itself against ..
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