REDEMONSWARM Late night friendly outfit for everyone

Discussion in 'Cobalt (EU)' started by RADIATEDWOLF, Jul 7, 2020.


    Hello, fellow tr's.
    During my night sessions on the planetside, I have noticed that people are very not organized on the Terran republic side especially late at night.
    So I have decided to create an outfit, especially for that idea late-night fights ( if you log in 17:00 - 04:00 GMT +0 and have no one to play with then I hope this place is for you ).
    Due to the nature of the outfit, the voice communication via in-game voice chat, discord, or any other software is NOT required to join. Neither you battle rank nor experience in-game. At night it's hard to find trusty gunner, a medic that will help or a buddy that will help you with good word that is not in Russian ( no offense to our zerging brothers )
    It is required to be respectful to others, and feel free to communicate in a way that suits you but don't be a stranger in the outfit also English language is mandatory.
    If the outfit will work out I have in plans for regular training sessions like fly school GTA San Andreas style, sunderer placement, defense, and offense tactics.
    So thanks for your time reading this if you are interested please find REDEMONSWARM outfit
    for any questions go ahead and ask that's why I created this topic. Good luck out there