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    Red October – один из старейших и известнейших в мировом комьюнити русскоязычных аутфитов, сражающийся на стороне Terran Republic в Planetside. Был создан 24 февраля 2006 года ветеранами игры, в преддверии выхода локализации в России и СНГ.

    Red October является идеологическим адептом Республики Землян и сражается только на стороне законной власти.

    За свою многолетнюю историю аутфит зарекомендовал себя как мощную, сплоченную организацию, способную противостоять превосходящим силам противника и побеждать их. Особый упор в специализации аутфита сделан на ликвидацию вражеских отрядов быстрого реагирования, спецоперациях в тылу и на линии фронта. Эффективность, отлаженность и сплоченность действий - визитная карточка Красного Октября.

    Прием в аутфит открыт новичкам (так как мы уверены, что в каждом бойце есть потенциал, который может раскрыться, воюя плечом к плечу с заслуженными ветеранами), но так же и опытным бойцам (так как нет предела индивидуальному и командному совершенству).

    Red October - one of the oldest and most notorious russian-speaking outfit, fighting for Terran Republic in Planetside. It was founded at 24 February 2006 by Planetside veterans in anticipation of game localization for the Russian Federation.

    It is a loyal Terran Republic outfit fighting for restoring rightful law.

    Throughout the years we have proven ourselves as a strong and amicable company capable of withstanding superior enemy forces. We specialize in circumvention and disposal of hostile assault groups, covert operations and front-line warfare. Efficiency, coordination and precision are our main features.

    Both veteran and novice players are welcome. We believe that every soldier's potential can be implemented while fighting side-by-side with more experienced comrades.

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    Today some of your outfit members spent quite a lot of time blocking Amerish WG spawn exits with turrets. Is this normal behavior of your members?
  5. MaxCrax

    Currently we are actively recruiting new people and I guess some of them doesn't know yet what means to be a member of respectable outfit. We will make sure to enlighten them.
    Thanks for your report.
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    Sorry about that. As fellow Max said, we are recruiting right now and certain people yet need to accomodate. We will look into this, thanks for letting us know though.
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    cool outfit name, one of my fav movies too :D
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    Если надоело играть одному.Присоединяйтсь,вместе веселее.
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    I see 2 threads which one are you keeping.

    Bump for a good bunch of guys
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    Red October Alpha Team
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    === The Day Republic Took Indar ===

    It was a gray day all around
    The blood was spilling to the ground,
    The metal burned and soldiers died.
    Whe hit them hard, we fought, we tried...

    The frontline moving back and forth:
    Saurva, Hvar; to south and north...
    Our will and effort were subpar
    The day before we took Indar.

    The orders came from High Command
    To hold the line until last stand,
    To fight for justice till last breath,
    And to be loyal until death.

    We brought the might to our ranks:
    Mosquitos, Galaxies, and tanks.
    Republic soldiers - here we are!
    We went to liberate Indar.

    We killed as generals require
    With wall of steel, with rain of fire.
    We left a trail of burning hell
    They will remember that day well.

    We've pushed the purple plague away
    Continued onwards, no delay:
    Allatum, Rashnu, Crown, and Hvar -
    Republic marches through Indar!

    Pathetic traitors barred our way
    They cannot fight, but only pray.
    We crushed 'em hard, there's no debate,
    Our forces rushed to last warpgate.

    And here's the time to pay our debt
    We'll start the fight that they'll regret,
    The battle hot like giant star,
    The final battle for Indar!

    The thunder song of cannon fire
    Was something stunning to admire.
    And tracers filling all the sky
    Were pure beauty for the eye.

    Through smoke and dust our rivals fled
    And triumph cry began to spread.
    We knew the victory was our
    The Day

    From RO member MaxCrax
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    Dobre! I like.
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    You didnt like that last C4 :p
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    Nice videos there)