Recursion Real Time Stat Tracker - Beta is now open to the public

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Exploding Fist, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. LibertyRevolution

    Is this program whitelisted??
    If so please post a link to the MODs post giving it the official OK.

    Some guys personal twitter account is not good enough for me.
    I need an official whitlisting from SOE Mod as provided for TS/Mumble.

    This is the mods post on overlays:
    "As a clarification, since some players have asked, Mumble, Teamspeak, Fraps, and of course Steam, which all use overlays, are expressly allowed. Having an overlay to display information to the user not related to Planetside 2 itself is fine."

    Recursion stat tracker overlay displays information to the user related to planetside2..
    So unless it is whitelisted, it is in violation.

    I would like to run this, but not until you get it whitelisted by an official mod here on the forums.
  2. BITES

    Lol .... hilarious. I've been running it since release with a LOT invested (thousands), no issue, no ban.

    Its a great program that the devs also think is great, "I want official sanctions" hilarious.
  3. LibertyRevolution

    It is in violation of the overlay rules posted by the mods on the forums.
    Why is it so much to ask that they get it whitelisted?

    This overlay shows you information related to planetside2, which is a violation and bannable according to this thread:

    I should report you for running an overlay that is in violation of the current whitelisting rules.
    Then I should report this thread for soliciting a program that provides an overlay relating to planetside2.
    Then maybe they can get a mod in here to post officially that this is allowed...

    I want it whitelisted...

    Sorry if I don't trust higby's personal twitter, he has said things there that have been exactly true you know..
    Where did I put that quote from higby's about the MCG going to have a higher ROF than lynx..
  4. BITES

    It doesn't show any more information than is already available to any user playing Planetside in window mode with a browser open....... Other than sound cues for events after the fact, it simply relays your killboard... all accessable by any user at any time.

    Its highly doubtful they will blanket white-list a user (not company) developed application, its probably a bit of a big risk for them. But even if they do .. based on your logic so far I doubt it would be enough, without some wax sealed letter from the ruling body, signed in triplicate and overseen by a judge :)....

    Again .. legions of people using this and not a single issue logged, wait for your white-list the rest of us are just enjoying it instead, again I doubt you're the kind of user this is aimed towards. I bet your are the MOST FUN EVER GUY at a party ;)
  5. Tasp

    I'm curious as to why you'd remove such a large chunk of your screen just to track stats.... But I guess I'm just that bad that I need the whole screen.
  6. Zazen

    Recursion is 100% safe, Higby himself uses it and loves it. It changes no game files, it just parrots what SOE's own API for PS2 reports, but in a far more entertaining fashion, of course...:p .
  7. AnuErebus

    The overlay you see in most recorded video and streams isn't actually shown in game since that one is designed to be placed on top of a streamer's window. The actual in game overlay is much less intrusive and there are multiple streaming overlays which are much smaller.
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  8. Larek

    I don't know why, but every shooter gets better with an "Unreal Tournament" announcer. This piece of software is just awesome.
  9. Exploding Fist

    Goat sound? I'm not sure I've heard this before. We based that vocal off of buzz sawing someone in Quake 3.
  10. Crackulous

    Good work. While I'm not interested in installing it, I support you and your team.
  11. Krit3rium

  12. Exploding Fist

    So they had a sunderer...

  13. Maer

    It does add a little bit of something to the gameplay, lol.

    I have been using this for something like 3 weeks and i really like it it brings more fun in the game even if i hear the "you're being farmed" a bit to often to my mind
    I'd like to know if someone has a tip to earn the achievment "killing a drop pod" (i don't remember the name sry) because i'm having a hard time doing it...
    Also a suggestion: now that missions are in development, you should create achievments related to this or to squad/platoons/outfit related achievements...
    Anyway, keep it up you're doing great!
  15. JoeSMokes

    Tried it this weekend, and I absolutely love it. I never paid attention to my streaks really, but this sort of gives you mini objectives to think about while you play. Plus, once I heard "Rage Quit" after blowing a scythe out of the sky with a couple AP rounds, I knew I could never stop using this thing again.
  16. S7rudL

    Haha, yea,.. you should wait a few secs after getting killed and logging off. :D
  17. Vanguard 2

    What gun are you using the video? It seems pretty effective.
  18. Iridar51

    I assume you're talking about this video?
    If so, it's the Eridani SMG, but if you need to ask that question, I assure you, it's not going to be as effective for you ;)
  19. Bullborn

    Been using the Recursion Tracker for a few weeks now and just wanted to say thank you for your work.

    It's always satisfying to hear those killstreak or multi-kill callouts.

    So, thanks!
  20. Klypto

    Well if it helps Recursion was made with light assistance from the devs, officially used on the Planetside 2 livestream, and linked to from the Planetside 2 website.

    There will not be a mod post to state the obvious.