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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Tenebrae Aeterna, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. Tenebrae Aeterna

    We all know by now that the recon drone has been considered for implementation into the Infiltrator class, but we know very little about it. Some hope that it'll bring a plethora of scouting opportunities while others seek a weaponized assault drone, and others just want something they can use as a battering ram against Infantry for the laughs. This thread isn't about any sort of speculation of suggestions on those specific mechanics, no...what I want to propose is a simplistic vanity option that could be made available in the cash shop. I personally believe that this single option will provide a degree of psychological warfare in the form of a "horn."

    Behold my fellow Infiltrators, quite possibly the most important suggestion I've ever come up with. The recon drone needs this feature, as an optional horn that can be purchased for station cash of course. Just imagine a synchronized formation of recon drones all playing this simultaneously. The enemy would be far too busy laughing to defend themselves, far too busy gazing upon the absurdity and trying to end the classical music rooted into the very depths of their think meat via these invasive horns. They would fire with wanton hatred or be laughing hysterically as our faction hosed them down...and we would triumph, oh yes...

    It must be done! Support me in giving the recon drone "Flight of the Valkyries" as a horn option! Thank you for your time, support, and genuine interest in this vital thread geared towards the bettering of our class as a whole.

    I love you all, goodnight.

    - Tenebrae
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  2. Scudmungus

    And they will know fear.

    >.> It can have a horn, decals, lumifibre trimmings - the whol schaboala.

    Just gimme ma Stalker Cloak!

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  3. Tenebrae Aeterna

    They might as well deck it out like anything else, it gives them the ability to obtain more money through lucrative shop items. XD
  4. Scudmungus

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  5. Tenebrae Aeterna

    Oh, I assure you...despite the partial sarcasm, it wasn't anything but a formal demand! ;)
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  6. Spoprockel

    We won't be able to hear it, because they'll add a nasty version of the probe droid sound to it to "balance" its stealth capabilities...

    Remember the noise these fellows produced?
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  7. Scudmungus

    If everyone has their eyes to the skies, it'll make shooting them in the heads with ma Commy all the more easier!

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  8. Tenebrae Aeterna

    I hate you. ;_;
  9. Spoprockel

    Oh, don't worry too much about enemies hearing and shooting your drones down.

    They won't be able hit them, as they'll be blinded by the bright pulsating faction colored light beams they will emit.
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  10. MrMurdok

    Weaponize it, SOE. I want a pair of itsy bitsy, loveable, adorable missiles hanging under each wing.
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  11. Tenebrae Aeterna

    How about those bombs that whistle, it'll go great with the horn! Just simplistic drop bombs that whistle...oh god please SOE, please make my life complete.
  12. Spoprockel

    I like that idea.

    But instead of damage, they shall explode in a nova of buzzing, luminescent goo that sticks to EVERYTHING in a 10m radius and impairs their vision if it gets onto their helmets.

    The goo shall remain in place for a short period of time, allowing crouching infiltrators to create goo angels on even ground.
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  13. MrMurdok

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