Recon Device versus Motion Spotter, Review/Comparison, TL;DR within.

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  1. Wrel Developer

    TL;DR for those interested.
    • You can crouch walk, stand, or sit to avoid being detected by either device.
    • Cloaked targets follow the same rules.
    • Vehicles are completely unaffected by either device.
    • Darts and Motion Spotters can be destroyed.
    • No reasonable limit on dart placement, limited to 1 motion spotter active at a time.
    • Motion Spotters last much longer than Recon Darts.
    • Motion Spotters relay constant information, as well as enemy facing direction.
    • Recon Darts gather information in "pulses," doesn't show enemy facing direction.
    • Both devices have the same area of effect at max rank.
    • Scanning is done in an infinite (?) cylinder, instead of a sphere.
    • Though multiple recon darts means a wider potential information net.
    • Motion Spotters last roughly 5x longer than Recon Darts at max rank.
    • Motion Spotters do not appear on minimap unless an enemy walks within 30 meters of it (or if the device is spotted.)
    • Recon Darts show their pulsing rings to enemies and allies alike, from any distance.
    • Motion Spotters do not show their ring of influence.
    • Recon Device is better suited for quick information, especially useful for offense.
    • Motion Spotters are better suited for defense, given the vulnerability and lack of traveling projectile.

    A couple more things I left out of the review by mistake.
    • You can drop a Motion Spotter, then switch to a Recon Dart loadout, and your Motion Spotter will still be active. Example use: Drop Motion Spotter in the spawn room, use Recon Darts when you leave the spawn room.
    • Motion Spotters have a bit of collision, allowing you stand on them. It's very small, but it's useful to get to platforms you are just baaaarely out of reach of. I had some footage of this, but completely forgot to add it to the review. Dang shame.

    Let me know if I left anything out!
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  2. Benevon

    Is it definitely confirmed that sliding down the Buttery Hills of Auraxis will reveal you?
  3. m44v

    I haven't played much after the infiltrator update, but afaik Motion Spotters don't detect cloaked targets, and recon darts detect players that are crouch walking, did that change when they went live?
  4. kaolla

    the crouch walking ( only forward) was a bug don't know if fixed, i hope so
  5. Benevon

    EVERYTHING detects cloaked infiltrators while walking/sprinting (and scout radar will detect us even while standing still). And since the Inf update, crouch walking will not show up on recon darts/motion detector. There was a short lived bug that caused crouch walking forward to show up, but not side stepping or backwards. That was fixed fairly quickly.
  6. m44v

    Well, motion sensors didn't during the time I used them in PTS, and I never saw a post saying "oh look, they changed it", hence I'm asking. it's disappointing, as if motion sensors weren't good enough.
  7. equinub

    Motion sensor 4th level is such a rip off 500 cert costs.

    Doesn't increase range and extra sensor will go wasted in majority of infiltrator runs.

    Please soe make the 4th level motion sensor range 40-45 metres.
  8. Benevon

    As if they actually announce most of the changes they make to us infs lol.

    I wasn't aware the motion detector didn't spot cloaked, but moving, infiltrators on PTS. But it sure does now! :D Also, CuteBeaver has a video somewhere on these boards testing the crouch walking for both devices in case anybody was interested.