Recommended suit slot for CQC LA?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Rektriangle, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. Rektriangle

    I use the GD-7F and flash grenades. So because of that I'm trying to figure out if I should use ammo belt, grenade bandolier, nanoweave, or advanced shield capacitor. Help?
  2. MrWolf3

    If your not in a budget nanoweave if so Shield capacitor
  3. LibertyRevolution

    I am against ammo belt, ammo is everywhere, just use the enemies.

    Grenade bandoleer? You should have this at some point for spamming frags C4 combos on groups from above.

    Nanoweave will let you take 1-2 more bullets in CQC, if you have a run through hallways pwning face playstyle, this will help.

    Advanced shield capacitor is for a hit and run playstyle, if you make one kill then retreat, this works well on light assault.
    So If you drop in on a guy, wreck him, them fly away and let your shields come back, this is the suit slot for you.
    You are back in the action in 6secs instead of 10secs.
  4. Iridar51

    Nanoweave is pretty much the only useful suit slot for LA.

    Grenade bandoleer can be good if you need carry more special grenades, but then you'd be sort of switching to support role, letting other players take care of business, while you hang back and coordinate with your team, throwing grenades wherever you're told. This is mostly a dead end, because smoke is better taken care of with underbarrel smoke launchers, and flash grenade is underwhelming.

    Grenade bandoleer with frags is powerful on LA, but only in huge fights/on small bases, when infantry clumps up in chokepoints, you can flank and bombard them from safe-ish distance.
  5. Rektriangle

    Alright thanks for your answers, everybody. I'll be working on leveling up my Nanoweave to level 5 now.
  6. Petti The Yeti

    My opinion, grenade bandolier is the best suit slot for any class except HA, and that's only because HAs shield stacks with nanoweave. In my experience with the game, if you are in the open in a firefight, the difference between 1-2 extra bullets is such a slim margin, that you will probably die anyways, because your opponents bullets are undoubtedly in the air when they die. In CQC, the latency time of you ducking around a corner in your screen compared to the opponents screen is long enough to have them hit you a few extra times anyways. So unless you duck for cover as soon as you start getting shot, you will probably die.

    I havent used shield capacitor yet, but the difference between 6 and 10 seconds doesn't seem like much when you can jet to unexpected places and hide out just as long either way. Sure, I've had a few experiences where hiding for 4 seconds less would have prevented them from finding and killing me, but overall I haven't had issues with it.

    Ammo belt can be useful if you use your mobility to sneak into an unoccupied base to start capping it, only because, versus the Inf, you can't hack terminals to resupply after a couple of run-ins with opponents. But in open combat, Engi are around with ammo all over the place.

    So, for me, the ability to carry extra frags far outclasses anything else. Use the jets to access an area that isn't prone to fire, find a room that opponents are crammed into, toss a couple of frags into a window or door from a distance, and you get a lot of kills. Even using flashbangs is good if you get into a LA squad and coordinate well. Two flashes, and 6-12 LAs rushing into the building from the roof, through windows, doors, even landing on the ledge outside of the tiny windows and shooting inside can completely wipe a stronghold. Even smokes can be useful if you do the same tactic during a daylight battle, since most people tend to switch to a regular sight in the day, and nv scope at night.
  7. RocketPoweredCrow

    I run with the ammunition belt (Level 3) because I tend to run out of ammo a lot without it. The extra ammo can be pretty useful when you try to lone wolf or flank enemies in open areas with the medium range carbines. It also offers you a bit more time you can use to engage enemies.
    But for playing an aggressive CQC Light Assault I recommend getting nanoweave armor. The extra survivability it offers can save your rear in a lot of situations.
  8. palto1826

    So to start off im going to say that this suggestion does not trump any other suit slots but im just throwing this out there to try this out but after unlocking the adrenaline pump suit slot ive had a lot of fun with i think it underated? no. almost every other choice is better but for the measly amount of certs to unlock it i run it as my default suit slot just because i like how it feels (im not trying to be a hipster here...really....:cool: )
  9. MiniSentrygun

    Adrenaline pump or Nanoweave.
  10. Rektriangle

    After reading this I think I'm just going to wait until I get my GD-7F and see how I feel from there. It's definitely going to be either the ammo belt, nanoweave, or grenade bandolier. Thanks for your answer, and thanks to everybody else who answered.
  11. RebelRanger

    I run shield capacitor and really enjoy it. It's cheaper to cert into than nanoweave and I get a lot of use out of it. Ammo belt is a decent choice too. Haven't messed with nanoweave much. Honestly just play around and see what you think you need.
  12. Iridar51

    "ASC is cheaper to cert into" is such a flawed argument. Adrenaline pump is also cheap, doesn't change the fact it's useless.
    Running without a suit slot at all is even "more cheaper".

    Nobody's forcing you into certing into nano all the way. It's perfectly fine to play with Nano 4, which costs only 211 certs, if I'm not mistaken. Nano 5 is for those ultimately dedicated to one class, or those tired of life BR100s, swimming in certs.