[Suggestion] Recommended Changes to the NC08 Mag-Scatter to make it more user friendly.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BattleMage, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. BattleMage

    The mag-scatter is currently a slow firing 2 shot kill weapon. Being a shotgun, its only effective at extremely close range. The problem is that at close range it can be especially difficult to hit your target when they are moving/jumping/crouching to avoid getting hit. Only players who are very experienced with slow firing, heavy hitting shotguns (claw, bruiser, etc) would be able to make these shots with any consistency.

    In the current build the Mag-scatter is more comparable to the slow firing shotguns than the fast firing ones. I believe changing this would make the mag-scatter a lot more user friendly.

    Recommended changes:
    Fire Rate: 210 RPM
    Damage: 80/12m 50/24m
    Ammo: 5/30

    With these changes the mag-scatter becomes a 3 shot kill weapon with higher rate of fire and is a lot more forgiving for inaccurate players. These changes would make the mag-scatter more comparable to a semi auto shotgun than a pump shotgun.

    PS: The ADS recoil animation for the mag-scatter is a little overkill to the point that is unusable while ADS.

    Thank for your time and patience in considering my suggestion.
  2. Supporter

    A proper shotgun holding animation would be good too, because the character holds it like a pistol. It was annoying in Mass Effect 3 (with sub machine guns) and it is annoying here too. Devs fix it please. By the way i agree with a little bit of buff especially rate of fire.