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  1. RabidIBM

    I've brought this up in replies to other threads, but might as well give it its own post.

    If you look at how the performances of individuals in game are rewarded with points, assists count. If I deal 90% of the damage to an enemy vehicle, then someone else delivers the kill shot, I still get 90% of the experience I would have gotten by killing it myself. If I kill the vehicle myself without assistance, any potential assist points go unclaimed, and I don't get that much more than I would have out of the 90% assist. The point is, more total individual score is awarded when players work together. The same should apply to outfits.

    Now, obviously numbers would need balance, but I suggest coming up with ways to recognize multiple outfits participating in a base capture. Keep the current recognition of who contributed the most score, but also add:

    -An assist recognition and resource to any outfit who contributed points to the capture of at least a certain proportion of the capturing outfit (number is debatable, I don't want it to become the focus)
    -A participation recognition for outfits who had a high enough proportion of their online members present for the capture (to give small outfits a chance, 12 players might not be a high proportion of a 96+ vs 96+ fight, but if they had 13 people online at the time, they were in the fight as an outfit)
    -Recognition of the highest scoring player's outfit (I'm not one of these top guns, but gotta give em credit)
    -One more to follow after some other explanation

    Another problem with the current system is that it only rewards offense, I would give credit to defenders. Make a system that recognizes when a fight was a real fight (not a two player ghost cap getting repelled) and allow defending outfits to claim the base without having actually lost it. It was attacked, there was a battle, they won the battle, they should get credit. Make all the above points apply to defenses too.

    Finally, there is an issue where a lot of bases are dropped without opposition. If a full platoon or more is on an undefended base, players often won't bother showing up to defend, no point if you can't win. This makes for boring stretches, so 1 final point to give outfits incentives to resist even when losing. Add a "defended by" ghost claim on the base, which activates when the base is recaptured. This way, even if you will only be bringing 30% to a fight, it is still worth while to show up, and try to push back, poke the control point(s), kill some sundies, delay that clock and make a fight out of it.

    The benefits of these proposals are that they would motivate defenses, and eliminate the motivation for outfits to steal bases from each other. I know they took the value out of some things like ammo crates because they were being used for base stealing, but that amounts to a band aid on a broken bone. I believe my suggestions would do a better job. Now, obviously if there are this many more ways to claim outfit resource, quantities will need to be balanced. I say that because I know someone was going to bring it up to dismiss the idea without addressing it, I've been posting on forums long enough.

    Let me know what you think, and thanks in advance.
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  2. A-Dawg

    I like the defensive idea.

    Maybe instead of awarding the "ownership" of a base to the defending outfit we offer some portion of the resource to that defending outfit.

    Basically the defending outfit doesn't take credit away from the original capture outfit, but rather gets some one-time resource credit since they protected the base. The amount of resource can be a portion of the capture bonus or the entire capture bonus.

    But yes, mechanics would need to be in place to prevent ghost capping and abuse of that system.

    or do this:

    1-12 enemies = 10% of the resources you would have got during a capture
    12-24= 25%
    24-48= 50%
    48-96= 75%
    96+= 100% (maybe add bonuses for defense duration or multiple resets of the fight?)

    See what im saying?
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  3. RabidIBM

    Hey, thanks for the reply. That's an interesting idea for sure, basing the reward on number of enemies present definitely fits with what I was going for. I wasn't meaning that defending outfits could steal ownership, only add to it. As things stand now, I've been in outfit platoons who don't defend bases owned by other outfits, in hopes of retaking the base after it falls to claim it for their own outfit. I don't like the attitude, but the current build encourages it. If outfits could add ownership by defending, the incentive to behave like that would be removed.
  4. Blam320

    I honestly think the resources-per-minute should be temporary, and awarded to the top three outfits that participate in a capture or defense. For example, the top outfit gets resources-per-minute for 60 minutes, second place for 45 minutes, and third place for 30 minutes.
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