Reclassify the prowler as mobile artillery?

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  1. deggy

    This is the part where the OP complains about the Prowler's armor (which is the same as a Magrider) its DPS (Which is better than a Magrider) its speed (which is better than a Magrider) and its shell velocity (which is better than a Magrider).
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  2. axiom537

    The only real difference between mobile artillery and a tank is that mobile artillery has limited armor and only protects against small arms fire and shrapnel. So unless you want to remove the armor from the prowler, then it is by every definition a tank.
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  3. Sock

    Agreed, don't know why NASA keeps rejecting my space-bikini prototype.

    Jk, nominating this for worst post of 2014.
  4. Hotbread

    By the non-bias TR post of the year committee.
  5. Chipay

    Reclassify the Magrider as floating Catapult
  6. treeHamster

    Forgot to say the size of the tank (which is smaller than a Magrider).

    More like mortar especially with it's shell arc due to the low velocity of the ammo. MUCH more like a mortar.
  7. Axehilt

    The good news is you only have to learn how to aim to realize the Prowler is the best tank.

    Unlike Magrider drivers, who are stuck with their tank's limited capabilities forever.

    Granted I don't feel the other tanks are horrible, but my Prowler SPM is over double the two other MBTs and while it's at its best taking advantage of the ridiculously powerful special ability, it also does extremely well up close taking advantage of the best maingun in the game (which is also the least punishing maingun for missed shots against a magrider.)
    1. 762 SPM, Prowler
    2. 343 Vanguard
    3. 319 Magrider
    For context my TR's overall SPM is ~666.
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  8. Gundem

  9. Ash87

    Your analogy doesn't carry, because the TrebucheT revolutionized siege warfare for the longest time, because it had unbelievable accuracy AND could hurl larger payloads at the enemy. Constructing one was a specialists job and required extensive experience, otherwise you could just make an especially splitery bomb made out of flying wooden beams the size of a treetrunk, and death. The only thing that Displaced the trebuchet, was the rise of gunpowder, something that made combat of that entire era of medieval combat history obsolete.

    Saying something is: "A trebuchet that floats" is like saying "This is basically the best thing for what it needs to do... And it floats"
  10. treeHamster


    The TR should be able to put a blind fold on, press and hold the LMB, and do just as well as the other factions. At least if you listen to the TR, that's their religious belief.
  11. treeHamster

    First, thanks for correcting my spelling. I missed that until this morning.

    Second, I realized "mortar" would be a better word for it but it was too late.
  12. Flapatax


    I don't even...

    Are you serious?
  13. Hotbread

    Infantry farming gives great score. BUt the fact that a prowler will lose any tank2tank engagement makes me wonder the reasoning behind it.
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  14. Axehilt

    Nope. Prowler kills:
    • Vehicle kills: 423 (81%)
    • Infantry kills: 97
    So you're wrong because you think infantry farming gives great score (it doesn't; vehicle farming is vastly better) and you're wrong because you think most of my kills are infantry, which they aren't.
  15. Hotbread

    Where are you getting your numbers? Unless those are all flashes I don't understand that ratio. Every time I see a prowler it's deployed and firing at a spawn room
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  16. Ganelon

    Those are his personal stats.
  17. deggy

    Every time I see a Prowler like that it's from behind.

    I then see a nice little flash of yellow light and "+500XP Prowler Kill" "+100XP Tank Superiority Bonus" at the bottom of my screen.
  18. Axehilt

    They're my own stats. Hence the "nope" link going to my char's stats to prove both the 762 SPM and the focus on vehicles. Also, 50 of the 97 kills happened in a single 7-min life where I tried HE Prowler on a whim. So in terms of overall playtime by far the lion's share has been with AP gun against vehicles (it's basically unattainable to reach 762 SPM without vehicles being your primary target.)
  19. LT_Latency

    I think the prowler is really good against infantry.
    It sucks VS vanguards. I run like crazy from a 1vs1 with them
    Seems equal against a VS tank. We can shoot faster but they are harder to hit.
  20. SenEvason

    What would be accomplished if you reclassified it as artillery?