Recent Patch vs LA?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by HeadshotVictim, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. HeadshotVictim

    I looked for a thread that is similar to this one, but couldn't find any at short.

    I have the impression that LA got a pretty hard nerf with the latest patch.
    There are no numbers to show, but if you look at the map, you will notice that a lot of windows (which are doors to LA like me) are now blocked.
    Making it impossible to pass though. It is kinda nice because noone is able to shoot inside the Control Point rooms with a tank.
    But I practiced some time to get through windows at speed with my JumpJets (which isn't too easy at all). Now my entrances are blocked and I have to use the AI-mined entrances, which are eaily defendable with 2 AI Mines and a turret. It was THE advantage LA had: mobility. And this is going to be reduced now. (Where we that much OP with this ability?)
    Not only tower shaped bases like X-road watchtower got these but a whole lot of other bases have now tiny windows. So using a jetpack to get the advantage of people cowering inside is now gone to a very big part.

    I don't quite understand why they did this... I mean it is fine to stop tanks from laying siege to these rooms, but stopping the approach of LA in the same moment isn't fair. (Or is it just me?)

    2) The next point I'd like to adress is this strange damage taken from jumping on sunderers. Before the patch I could jump on a roof run a short distance on this roof, jump, jetpack and land on the Sunderer to place C4 on it.
    Now I jump on the Sunderer and die.
    Where is the sense in that?
    I shouldn't be able to C4 Sunderers? I should not be able to get the advantage of jumping ON TOP of the Sunderer to throw C4 on it? I mean, it got cannons on top of it, they could shoot me down there with ease, but when they don't do it, they should get punished for it.
    At the moment I get punished for trying to use my class ability. (It is like engineers diing for giving ppl ammo...)


    PS: Dear SOE-Team please fix the Extended-Mags-Bug on the Sweeper, where I spawn with only 8 Shots in the magazine and have to reload... it is really frustrating when droppodding!
  2. Hecket

    It was far to easy to assault a tower/base, in my opinion it still is.
    The change to the windows was done so ESF's [rocketpods] liberator [105/150] & and partially tanks could no longer hold down a capture point to prevent capture.

    Stationary vehicles do damage to players that run into them, this is a clipping and texture issue wich should be addressed within the current roadmap period.

    A good LA can still annoy a tower untill his ammo runs out, you just have less escape routes. AP mines are easily detectable, you just have to learn to look and learn the common placements.
  3. HeadshotVictim

    my problem is that a lot big outfits don't use LA anyway... by minimizing escape routes and stuff it is even more unlikely to see them in big assaults... which is kinda sad.
  4. Veri

    I have noticed there are now metal panels on windows yet I am still able to crawl through.
    I don't know, I have found LA to be very effective still because most people do not look up.
  5. Absoluth

    The benefits of the blocked windows overcome the nerfs. If mines are now an issue for you, scout for them. They're pretty easy to spot. Either that or throw a grenade to clear the room. I myself play LA a lot, and die tons to mines, yet i don't see them as a problem. In fact, they're great for game balance. I rather get blown up by a mine than get shot on the back by an LA that thrives on bullying the unsuspecting players, most often being engs & infils.
  6. FlyGuy16

    I think the new patch is a buff even. The thing with the windows may be a bit sad but the "barricades" they added to the watchtowers and such are pretty good to flank enemys. Let's say someone who isn't LA is after you and you jump down there and just fly behind that barricade or even fly up on the other side to kill the guy who may be looking suprised,
  7. Rhinzual

    Keep in mind that with proper angling, tanks and ESFs can still shoot through the windows.
  8. Iridar51

    I think forcefields on windows to stop tank shells and rockets, but not bullets and LAs' bodies would be better.
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