RECAP: Friday Night Ops - Episode 46

Discussion in 'Friday Night Ops' started by Luperza, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. XinniX

    I wonder why they didnt follow a real briggs outfit and just got some US one to come over. Apart from that. As expected dam fiine Morning/afternoon shoot out.
  2. Luperza Community Manager

    Yeah for sure! Tell the outfit to submit a form for an outfit spotlight. :) We'll resume those after PS2WDS. :)

    Tonight was focused on Taylor. Her outfit wanted to roll on Briggs to help them out in the PS2WDS pre-season, so that's why. :)
  3. Luperza Community Manager

    Yeah for sure! Tell the outfit to submit a form for an outfit spotlight. :) We'll resume those after PS2WDS. :)
  4. ST4LK3R

    We almost had Tumas and no one took out the horizontal generator. The tactics they used was interesting. Redeployed so many times. Reagent Rock, Allatum, Howling Pass, Tumas Tech and Xelas. It's almost like they were running away. :eek:

    Can we get a real Briggs outfit on FNO next time? We have many good TR/NC outfits like AG7, BOTM, JUGA and even 7OXS would be a lot fun to watch. And for VS, GAB or TCFB.

    Where's meh Golden Fins! hehe!
  5. frankhammer

    While these guys were hell laggy, they provided us with a good mornings entertainment.

    Thanks for turning up.
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  6. Luperza Community Manager

    Recap is up! I'll add times for stuff on Monday when I get back in the office or if I find time this weekend. ;)

    <3 Thanks everyone for watching! Was a fun night.
  7. Rougey

    I for one enjoyed watching the foreign imports getting spanked by a motley, disorganised, barely awake and probably hungover force of TR.

    It was heartening to see such a grand response from our people before noon on a Saturday morning coming out and cutting down the tall poppies who came over to "improve the quality of play" as one of them politely put it prior to being stomped.

    Bravo Briggs, I salute you.

    PS. Also if Freeo don't pick up after half time I'm going spew.
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  8. RipperTR

    tayradactylBR's Death screen looked like a JUGA outfit spotlight anyway. :)
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  9. PsycoCroc

    Please bring more American outfits to the Australian server, server we will hunt them down as well.

    Love AG7
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  10. AxisO7

    Tell me about it. 6 of her top top 8 'killed by' were JUGA or somebody in our squad. Not bad for having a top of 14 people in our squads this morning. She probably thought we were a damn zergfit with hundreds of people online :p
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  11. HooWoo

    heh, it is quite easy to stream snipe though isn't it XD
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  12. Greyfrog

    Am I famous now? :)
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  13. AxisO7

    Not as famous as Frankhammer :cool:

    Another trophy for our wall.

    JUGA - the best damn stream snipers on Briggs

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  14. HooWoo

    I would've done the same had I'd been there for the stream ;)
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  15. Rougey

    My favourite part was "they're MAX crashing!"

    I was pretty WTF mate over that, there where only four MAXs, but I guess to the average Muppet four JUGA MAXs is the goddamn apocalypse.
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  16. Greyfrog

    Pfft I don't remember my mum ever saying "Ripper is cool". I was just repping all the shinies stuff Taylor puts in the Depot.

    We should get her to do a "Rippers ****** Sundie/Galaxy" episode of FNO, it could also feature Deceased ridiculously kitted out flash.

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