RECAP: Friday Night Ops - Episode 4

Discussion in 'Friday Night Ops' started by Luperza, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. TUFCommander

    Luperza thankyou again for supporting our charity event :)
  2. Tittus

    Great fun that night everyone. Thanks TUF for putting the event together. Would love to do it again when we got some decent command and control in the game. Wasn't easy coordinating all the different outfits. Murkwater you did great.

  3. TUFCommander

    Thankyou Tittus glad everyone enjoyed the event. Looking forward to working with you all again when better command systems are inplace :)
  4. Murkwater

    It was a fun event and well organized to boot! There were many times where I left the channel to touch base with each outfit involved and figured out what was going on, or request something specific. We had over 100 people in attendance, don't remember the actual headcount but we had more than enough to keep the leaders busy. The TUF guys got a bit carried away because Luperza may as well have been a famous movie star as far as some of the guys are concerned, for that I am ashamed and sorry.

    FINALLY 666 you showed up after the event was over and all but two squads had left, you did nothing spectacular or even out of character, everyone would appreciate it if you quit pretending you avoided The Crown because you could have cacaptured it or even swayed the balance. We even sent people away to entice you to come fight and you showed your true colors by denying people donating to charity a good show.
  5. Luperza Community Manager


    Come on everyone. We're here to have fun. :) No need to get aggressive.

    If you want to fight, meet on the battlefield. ;)
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  6. Tittus

    This Luperza gal has class. I like her. SOE keep her.

    Murkwater/TUFCom our pleasure.

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  7. TUFCommander

    @ Luperza i /Agree :)
  8. Shehadi

    yeah to all you people being aggressive, I'll be nice now, but as soon as you walk out in the parking lot (and by that i mean planetside2 world) Ill be waitin for you!!-jk
  9. DevilzRightHand

    No hate or trolling just facts:

    FACT 1: Awesome that you get money 4 kids that rly need it, You are the ONLY TR scum that i "some what" take my hat off to.

    FACT 2: YOUR OUTFIT REALLY ... and i mean REALLY suck hard. Hold the crown? lol... you lost almost EVERYTHING on the hole damn map thx to your "try" to keep NC (that i don't like) and Vanu (that i fight 4) off.

    FACT 3: You get yelled at by your own platoon that you STILL stay in the base wile the war was raging and people needed help.
    Ever heard about TEAMWORK? lol... Maybe you guys should come over to Vanu side to see how real outfits work and what tactics rly do on the battlefield

    But no teamwork what so ever what i saw, Keep working on that "lol" outfit of yours and maybe some day you will be able to kill some vanu soldiers x)

    Tho one thing that is fun is that you invited Luperza to see how bad you were and what un tactical and low teamwork status your faction have, No wonder that we beat your *** all the time.

    VANU 4 LIFE.
  10. TUFCommander

    Glad you support the charity part however i will say it again we didnt even put tactics into this it was a relax time to raise money for a good cause their is a major difference in our normal performance & this event also half the platoon was randoms who were crying about losing the map (this is for all of you) we dont care it is a game. We play as a team to have fun however we like to do stupid things for fun once in awhile & this event was 1 of those times (if the TR lose everything because of one OUTFIT doing their own thing) that infact makes the TR look like they cant do anything without TUF that actually makes us look better not worse. If you truly believe we are as bad as you think you are welcome to run with us & we will show you that you are seriously mistaken. If your to scared to test us. Then by all means keep complaining. Thanks TUF & Friends
  11. Shehadi

    Hey calm down, it was just a spectical, i respect your opinion but most days i log on and we have 16 percent pop, so we did something that was fun instead of spending all day back capping. Its all good man one day of doing something weird on a beta never hurt anyone. But lets not talk about this so much on this thread, good luck and see you on the battlefield! :]

    Edit: BTW Vanu are the enemy of my enemy, right now, and whilei respect my enemies i will be avoiding battle with the vs until the NC boom is quelled, so get out there and kick some butt!!!
  12. Murkwater

    You are entitled to your opinion, again, our entire job was to hold the crown, and when there was any threat we cleared coms and pointed out a target, I switched channels in team speak so I wouldn't spam luperza's comms and gave intel to the other outfits involved. This was a relaxed event, because honestly the NC/VS couldn't make headway after 4 hours of having us cut off from the warp gate, we were all sitting in the same channel in teamspeak etc, which isn't normally done. If you must know we are broken down into platoons of 11 people (this accounts for the gal pilot/sundie driver from air/armor division) and each class is set within the squads, so NORMALLY we are more organized.
  13. Shehadi

    lets not talk about this here :/
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  14. TUFCommander

    I agree with shehadi lets keep this thread constructive :) i also agree with murk if you think we are a zergfit come join us & get a first hand view before judging everyone has their own opinions & we understand the not everyone likes how we operate that is fine (i will calm down & stop raging now) just please dont assume you know how we work until you actually work with us. Thankyou
  15. DistructMewau

  16. Luperza Community Manager

    I believe that is one of the red dot reflex scopes. :)
  17. Old4ntiriadArmour

    hello Luperza,

    do u think her magesty will come play with us on euro1 ?

    we need cover fire ! over-all we need to keep people alive so we retreat when we need it.

    i think i'm VS... i dunno what i am exactly.

    edit: whatever, i not get "Black'ed"... !!!!
  18. blackdiamond

  19. TUFCommander

    Lol black if your purple ur vanu :)
  20. DistructMewau

    Aww u guys removed it from the game..Shame i love it >:/

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