RECAP: Friday Night Ops - Episode 4

Discussion in 'Friday Night Ops' started by Luperza, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. Luperza Community Manager

    With our PlanetSide 2 community powers, we raise almost $300 for The United Front's (TUF) Child's Play Charity.

    I had a great time hanging out with the TUF crew. I believe their charity is still going, so if you have the money to help them out, you should definitely donate to the cause.

    Episode 4 RECAP

    Hope you all enjoy! See you next Friday. :)

    <3 x 9001!
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  2. Kingera

    You are one of the most prettiest women I have ever seen that works in the gaming industry; we really appreciate you spotlighting different outfits and getting involve with the community.

    Great video and looking forward to seeing that grudge match between Higby and T-ray!
  3. Shehadi

    If i never hear hey Luperza again it will be too soon, but thanks for coming I had a good time while the fight was still in full swing. Good luck in the future Capernicus, I will shed a masculine tear for our fallen foes!
  4. 101Nix

    Thanks Luperza,it was fun having you play with us we all apreciate you taking the time to hang out with us.:)
  5. Wakarana1

    Thanks for playing with us Luperza! It was really fun having you on! maybe we'll see you again soon! Maybe in our faction ;)
  6. TUFCommander

    Thanks for supporting our cause Luperza! TUF really appreciates it! :)
  7. RedCat


    I noticed sometimes you start and stop recording (in-game recorder > page up), I don't know if this is intentional but I imagine this causes a pretty big performance drop? If this is accidental... well change your button :p you recorded like an hour of gameplay at the end and some before that:rolleyes:
  8. Armored Gorilla

    Lol right after you Left, The 666th came and Liberated the Crown. Sorry, we didn't wanna steal the show.
  9. danovski

    2:12:40 how is that possible? i die when i fall from half that distance !
  10. danovski

    wtf ? 1:54:27 you fall from 800 meters and you die, why do you say that dident sopose to hapend?
    you don't have a parachute in this game :confused:
  11. Xenophontes

    galaxy dropping doesnt kill you...its always fun dropping a whole squad on a point
  12. GhostRiderLSOV

    If you drop on a flat surface or don't bounce anywhere in general, you don't take damage from a galaxy drop, no matter the altitude.
    If you hit an angle though, like it seemed to be the case here, even if it's a small one, the first "landing" is considered "no damage", the next bounce/landing damages you.

    You can try that too by galaxy dropping on a tree's branches, you hit the branch and you're fine and then you touch the ground because of momentum and die. :p
  13. Highwalker

    @2:01:30 C4 needs to be way stronger... and cheaper. And I'm glad I can be 'troubling' to the TR!
  14. TUFCommander

    The only reason 666th was able to liberate the crown was because soon as luperza left we commited mass suicide & abanded the crown we got tired of holding it :)
  15. Armored Gorilla

  16. Hospin

    Noticed that too, wasn't sure if it was in response to so many people falling off landing pads to their imminent death. I know a few Galaxies that looked to be landed dead center on the pad, only to fall to my death after exiting. Now that this 'bug' happens, I tend to survive 90% of the time :p Though I wish the solution would be a little different - like actually keeping people from falling off?
  17. Cethin

    It is not a bug and not because people fell off of landing pads, it is there so you can fly over a base and drop the people in your gal down to the base below you. If you took damage you would have to land at the base and there would be no gal drops. This may change when force drop is implemented (I think that is with drop pods) but I really hope it doesn't because it would limit the gal and make it useless after just starting the game until you can afford the force drop or AMS.
  18. Luperza Community Manager

    It's because I dropped out of a Galaxy. Galaxies allow you to hot drop without taking damage. :) (Although it is still buggy and sometimes kills you... Lol)
  19. Shehadi

    yeah after most of us pulled out as well, we were hoping you'd show up and you never disappointing, I would have liked to see the outcome of your galaxies dropping into a meat grinder, putting that famous devil dogs tactics to the test against a hard target..I'm not being sarcastic either, I dont care if we were wiped out it would have been interesting! but alas i saw the galaxies arriving as a flew away in a mosquito alone and without backup -_-;
  20. MrBloodworth

    See what the G-AMS has done to one of the most Iconic things in a game with the name Planetside?


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