RECAP: Friday Night Ops - Episode 21

Discussion in 'Friday Night Ops' started by Luperza, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Luperza Community Manager

    This week on Friday Night Ops:
    • Sneak Peeks: Interview with a few members of our Costumer Service department at Sony Online Entertainment. They're here to answer any questions you might have regarding Customer Service, so get to it! Tweet your questions by February 19th, 2013th at 3PM PST. Don't forget to use our hashtag #PS2FNO!
    Start sending your tweets for next week's Sneak Peeks interview with Chris Paden the Quality Assurance Lead at Sony Online Entertainment. He's here to answer any questions you might have about Quality Assurance, so get to it! Tweet your questions by February 26th, 2013 at 11AM PST. Don't forget to use our hashtag #PS2FNO!

    When: 02/22/2013 5PM - 7PM PST
    Server: Waterson
    Don't forget to use our hashtag #ps2fno and follow us on Twitter @Planetside2, @PurrfectStorm and @Jimmywhis

    If you want to know what Friday Night Ops is or how you can be a part of it, go to here!
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  2. Nomad1

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  3. Obscura

    Sentinels baby
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  4. altonyc

    Nice to see a VS Waterson outfit getting the spotlight! Look forward to fighting alongside you guys on Friday.
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  5. Gav7x

    Another episode in Waterson ?
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  6. ({x})Kyoji

    Sent is good people. If you are looking for an outfit they would be one of your best bets (other than us of course ;))
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  7. Luperza Community Manager

    Get your questions in for Sharon our Director of Customer Service! Time is almost up. Be sure to send your question in Tweet form using our hashtag #PS2FNO! :)
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  8. CaNsA

  9. Luperza Community Manager

    I think their website is neat. It reminds me a lot of the About.Me sites people use now a days. :)
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  10. Eclipson

    Oh yes, its on Waterson. Can't wait to get some VS butt :D
  11. Diddlleedee

    Is a date set yet on when we can reset our Certs?
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  12. Obscura

    Someones jealous their nonexistent outfit isn't being spotlighted
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  13. Bnat

  14. Obscura

    Haha I always knew you TR weirdos were looking at my butt..
  15. KiddParK

    Not just Sentinels, but all of the VA are coming out for the party that night. Should be a good fight for all parties involved and everyone's looking forward to it, wherever it is (hint: begins with the letter I i would guess).


    Hope everyone has a good time, and in lieu of that... pizza...
    like GOOD pizza and not that cardboard stuff you sometimes get when you like buy a store bought one
    and it's all nasty and burnt on the bottom and not cooked on the top.


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  16. Luperza Community Manager

    Updated the post to provide information on the next Sneak Peeks for Episode 22! Please start getting your questions in for our Quality Assurance team. :) Also, feel free to let me know if you still love these interview-ish type of videos or not. The CS one is a little different in format, but I think you will all love it! Thanks again, everyone!
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  17. Gav7x

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  18. DeltaGun

    Show me one dude on the planet that doesn't like Sentinels. SHOW ME ONE DUDE!

    Go Sentinels!
  19. the pestimist

  20. raw

    Matt "Soulman" Broome.

    I want him to narrate the lore, if it ever happens!
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