RECAP: Friday Night Ops - Episode 2

Discussion in 'Friday Night Ops' started by Luperza, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. The BadgeR

    You're right - this is not the place so I'll leave on this note: We were not camping your warpgate farming kills - that's silly. Here, a quote from our operational orders: TO SECURE A PERIMETER AROUND THE NC WARPGATE AND DENY THE ENEMY OF THEIR RESOURCES
  2. BWC - UFN

    No. It wasn't. The operation was to deny you resources, which we did, not to lock you in your Warpgate.

    And, during our operations against the NC you lost the majority of your territory everywhere because you were caught up with us at your warpgate.


    And you lost that big blob of blue in VS territory pretty quick.

    So even though it was never an assigned objective, it still happened to a noticeable degree.

    Our operation was a success.
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  3. zgunner

    I lol'd.
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  4. Whalenator

    EVILPIG and I actually degraded to SPAMMING Luperza in an attempt to keep her informed. He invited her to TS3, we SPAMMED her... Guh. It took her five minutes to look at her inbox long enough to realize that AsianDriver won. She needs to have a SOE Employee on standby receiving messages for her, kthx.
  5. ZoranTheBear

    You're right to not argue about it. But I'm confused on your reasoning on that statement. How do you tell people they meant something completely different, when they are the ones that made the original thing?. "You made this painting to showcase the beauty of this woman? Naw painter, you meant it to be about pancakes!"

    But I do agree with you, we had a pretty tough time keeping the NC inside the warpgate. The NC put up an AWESOME offense. And did a very strong push against us. Even though it was just a few squads of people holding against a massive force. I'd say the TR did an awesome job regardless of some ground loss.
  6. TrueDanny

    Our obj. was to deny your resource. We denied 1.5 hours of resources with a number of 150 players vs your entire nc faction + people pouring in from the stream to fight us. I believe we were successful.

    Expected operation time: 1 hour
    Elapsed operation time: 1.5hours

    Big thank you to Luperza for covering the Death Race. Luperza was busy recovering from her crash and that caused the communication break down. Either way, we hope to provide some fun events for all to enjoy. If things don't go perfectly smooth, pause before you whine and think about what you are paying for.

    Think some more..
  8. TUFCommander

    We shall Destroy you all :) gunner your a trader lol NC pic :( lolzor :)
  9. TUFCommander

    Luperza thankyou for hosting all these Awesome shows I look forward to revealing our Plans to you all however (must wait till an appearance time is set) you will ALL love it regardless of faction. :)
  10. Lowkey

    I agree for a little bit there was communication issues. Part of it was that the Devil Dogs rolled new TR characters due to the last minute warpgate switch. This made it hard for her to identify the outfit leaders and officers (there were A LOT of people talking). Another part is that Luperza is using the ingame VOIP when most outfits are on teamspeak 3 due to quality issues. She recognized this and I noticed later she was in VoIP chat with Azure Twilight from the start. FNO is constantly improving. We'll all get this down soon enough!
  11. Kracken

    LOLOLOL, "whoever said we could'nt drive well." Still laughing!!!
  12. TartarusMkII

    Ah, yes I understand. I doubt she was looking much at the forums, and more so the few times she could actually see the in-game chat.

    If such issues happen again, I suggest trying to reach her through the stream's chat, because both Luperza can see that at all times, as well as her Chat Moderator.
  13. Eskimonian

    Actually the goal was not to keep you in your warpgate it was to cut off resources which we did and it wasn't just the black widows. the main ground force was validus gamers.
  14. Braveliltoaster

    3:54:50 was my epic fail on the scythe
  15. Luperza Community Manager

    I'd love for Asian Driver to come onto the next show for even a minute or two on Episode 3. If someone could get Asian Driver to contact me via PM, that would be great. :)
  16. Fionny

    Here's how Digital Legions Outfit night went:

  17. Luperza Community Manager

    Cool video Fionny! The song was not really something I wanted to listen to, but the footage was rad. :) Thanks for sharing!
  18. BennyBurner

    Here's my perspective from the death race. Absolutely crazy, one of the best experiences I've had in PS2 :D
  19. Birdman

    A Suggestion: Considering you are streaming for quite some time, I wouldn't mind seeing a segment where you play alongside the outfits and talk in their squad. To keep FNO informative, you give a quick summary of how a squad works, the responsibilities of a squad leader, etc. (things to teach new players), and maybe remind the viewers what's going on in the squad, but mostly, you'd be playing in-game and speaking as a player in a squad. It gives FNO a more natural feel, only takes a segment, and showcases teamwork at its highest extent.
  20. Palidan01

    well when i logged on it was a different story tr had NC warpgate almost surrounded but that quickly changed when i got my boys the GameRForge outfit all on and in warpgate, we totally decimated the TR forces at our warpgate, you guys got pushed back almost to your warpgate before the servers locked us out. Both my platoons were there at 8pm until lockout, we recorded too so theres no denying what happened after me and my boys made our push ^^ but happens when you got 2 platoons pushing back o_O all in all i wasnt there for this BIG TR push but i know when we got on THE STORY drastically changed.... and congrats to the VS for taking full advantage of that you guys pushed back hard also but in the end the map was NC conrtrolled.

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