RECAP: Friday Night Ops - Episode 2

Discussion in 'Friday Night Ops' started by Luperza, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. Luperza Community Manager

    Wow...What a great show tonight! Still working the kinks out, but this week's episode was jam packed with tons of action.

    Congratulations to AsianDriver for winning the 666th Devil Dogs' PlanetSide 2 Death Race. Sorry I crashed right at the end there. BETA is BETA. I'm sure it was epic! :) A big thanks to ULTRA, the Black Widow Company and the Validus Gamers for their "Stonewall Operation" community op! Was a great show for those watching. Much love for @Pokketsays bravely coming onto the show to learn more about PlanetSide 2. She had so much fun, she wants to come back for another show and kick butt once she masters the ways of FPS. I enjoyed being the camera woman for Azure Twilight and meeting their various members. That slideshow they put together was pretty nifty too.

    Again, thank you so much to everyone who came to watch! You're the ones that make this show possible.

    Recap can be found here:

    Feel free to tell me what you liked and didn't like! I want to make this show enjoyable for all of you. More things to come in the future! See you next Friday. ;)

    <3 x 9001,
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  2. TriumphOfMan

    A more defined schedule would be nice. Somethings I'm not interested in tuning into such as Pokketsays, but other stuff like watching (and listening to) the featured outfits I would very much appreciate knowing exactly when those are slated to begin.
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  3. Delta102

    I especially liked Operation Stonewall part, but I may be biased! :cool:
  4. TartarusMkII

    What I liked:
    • Time with Azure Twilight was stunning; it was amazing to hear and see them work.
    • It was fun to attempt to be with Luperza and Pokket in-game.
    • Speaking to the people in chat was also quite nice.
    • Black Widows were fun to fight against.
    What I did not like as much:
    • Audio levels were very finicky.
    • 666th did not give Luperza enough information for her to properly keep up with the event. (The crash if forgivable).
    • Black Widows practically gave Luperza 0 information, which was quite dumb IMO.
    • Have moderator check in with Luperza to correct Audio Levels on the program.
    • Request that outfit liasons give more detail!
    • If you notice friendlies are following you around while streaming (like with pokket), consider adding them to squad!
    That was great and I loved it! Thanks again!
  5. Remani

    My original comments were meant for a different topic. I swapped the posts :)


    The video quality was well above what I had originally expected. It was at times hard to follow the flow of the battle as the focus of the stream kind of veered off in empty space from time to time. I will say, however, that the audio could have been better and the pacing of the segment was weird. I understand that the temporary stand down left time for Q&A and suggestions, but it seemed to drag on and left myself and a few others disinterested in the dialogue - although, the Q&A was useful, it just needs to occur at a different point in the broadcast.
  6. TriumphOfMan

    I think this thread is for feedback on the show, not the outfit.
  7. PeterLawford

    I'm not sure that the whole spectator mode thing is where it's at. It was cool for the race, but then during the op thing, what I really wanted was to hear what was going on in voice comms, or vent or whatever. What would be nice would be like a Counter-Strike style watching other people's first person view, so we could see the perspective of various players involved. Or, since that's probably not possible, I think I'd prefer if Luperza joined in, so we could watch her part in the op.
  8. TartarusMkII

    Are these comments for an outift, or for the stream, mate?

    She was on mic with the Azure Twilight Outfit, but not the Black Widows. You should have stayed longer.

    That's a lot of <3.
  9. Taro

    I agree on the comms bit. Having been on during the VG/BWC bit of that, I can tell you hearing the orders makes it far more interesting to watch. Shame that didn't come together for this.
  10. Luperza Community Manager

    We'll be getting more support for observer mode in the future that will help with a lot of this. I joined in in the past and people said they preferred the observer mode camera. lol. =P
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  11. Eskimonian

    Yea and right after we did it to the NC we Hit the VS the same way. overall it was a good OP. I was in one of the lightning (Skyguards) and it was a lot better hearing the orders.
  12. TartarusMkII

    I feel like people said "oh a dev? ya, what ever." It was a huge different for Azure Twilight to get her on teamspeak as well as welcome her, introduce, etc. the 666th nor VG/BWC did anything near that X_x
  13. ZoranTheBear

    I wanted to know what was happening myself. When we were blocking the NC all I could think was "Where in the hell is Luperza? Why isn't she in our vent or squad?"
    Really irked me to be honest. I wanted to showcase as much as I could to her, she sadly missed a lot of the good battles on her stream too. If we ever have anything like this again, I'll probably make it a personal action to get her the footage and stuff she needs.
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  14. fartqueen

    I really enjoyed watching my usually balanced server get completely obliterated by new people joining TR to get in livestream, usually have a nice split of population but last night, TR got up to 45%, NC 38% and Vanu was at 17%, which I can imagine people couldn't get into the server because it was locked.

    Usually Vanu does quite good on this server being outnumbered, but in the end zerg tactics won. So maybe for future events don't pick the most populated factions on a server, because last night there were many upset Vanu players saying that if the game continues this trend where there is no benefit for underpop factions on server, people just won't play. It's not entertaining being pushed to warpgate and not being able to do anything just because you don't have the numbers to coordinate. Is it that difficult to set a cap of 33% for each faction on a server?
  15. Degrifter

    Zerg tactics? I saw nothing of the sort. It was simply 3 or more outfits working in tandem to cause denial of resources.
  16. TartarusMkII

    I fought as NC against the Black Widows. They failed their operation very early on. =T
  17. Degrifter

    you sure about that? cause your Warpgate was cut off. which was our goal.
  18. The BadgeR

    Also, from an attackers standpoint within the operation, the Vanu put up a better fight than the NC - they did have the advantage of seeing it happen already - and forced us out in under 1 hour. I don't see how any Vanu could be discouraged by that. Also, when our op was pounding the NC - Vanu expanded nicely and made it to the NC wargate as well.

    @TartarusMkII Failed? I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion. We cutoff and denied resources for extended periods of time - THAT was our goal. You, the NC, averaged under 50 tick of total resources for nearly the entire operation - and most of that time you had 0 tick of Araxium.
  19. sgtalex86

    watching the vanu use pretty words like "actual" was scary.... but tr has CALLSIGNS what do u say bout that HA!
  20. TartarusMkII

    You guys fought really well, yea, but Op Stonewall was meant to keep us inside the WG, which you were not able to do.

    Not really any reason to argue about this here, though.

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