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  1. JojoTheSlayer

    The saying has nothing to do with scientific advances, but rather that human issues in general terms are circular. People today have many of the same issues people several hundred years ago had and those might have had good solutions for the problems as well, but whatever... Not really interested in arguing the term with a kid on a game forum. If you dont get it, you dont get it.
  2. Santiak

    Jojo is pointing out a role that did a lot more for its respective game at launch than its PS2 counterpart, it didn't take a decade for the role to become so nuanced.

    On a sidenote, his quote is not incorrect. The point of the quote is to learn by either what worked or didn't work, so you can either repeat or avoid repeating it in the future.
    Using your own example, a closer read on the historical data shows that the belief that the earth was flat has never been widespread - in actual fact the notion that it is a sphere was widely accepted as far back as 300 b.c., the misconception that most people up untill recent history believed the earth was flat has largely been attributed to a popularisation by Washington Irving.
    Looking at history in respect to that misconception, we learned that:
    - The earth was never widely considered to be flat.
    - Never take information, even when it's considered common knowledge, for granted.

    Whether or not you consider Jojo's point of view to be true or not is a matter of preference. The historical data regarding what history was like, however, is not subject to preference - it doesn't change regardless of how you feel about it.
    Likewise, whether or not you think the Infiltrator is fine as is, is a matter of preference. Yet, the fact that the Infiltrator class was much more widely enjoyed and nuanced at launch in PS1 for the people who played it, does not change - and seeing as PS2 launch is technically already history, neither does the fact that a lot less people find any use for the Infiltrator outside of sniping willy-nilly.
  3. Daimond

    To say the Game was nothing special, just tells every one you never played the game and know nothing, and a little brain dead. Yes I am a Vet, and what annoys me is people that want the game to be like every other game out there that offeres nothing special cuase they are all the same. PS1 was and still is different and a head of its time, it is an MMO / FPS / RGP/RTS, the battles in that game felt bigger. You talk about going forward in another post, but talk to any one that accualy played PS1 and they will tell you PS1 went forward in game development and was far ahead of anygame since, then they made PS2 and took massive steaps backwards in game development. taking things from tons of other games, making it not something special, and leaving by hind all that was good about PS1. No one but people like you want a BF3, or COD and other tpye of games that are forgetable, and borring. there is a reason there are somany of thoughs games on the market, and each one not realy any different then another, and people keep jumping from 1 to the next new one.
    All vets such as my self want a sucsessor that improves PS1 not sume copy and past crap that every other game is just on larger scale. Its funny as hell every time I see a derv, post an idea they are working on, and make it sound like a new one, when they just finaly taking what PS1 already has. EG just to name a few, benifits of Bases, brought in while ago are the same as they had in PS1. New flash updates called Wraith, Guess what PS1. Improved Map and respawn, guess what PS1. brand new base type Interlink facility ( includes a giant radar dish ), PS1.
    There are so manything to PS1 to bring over that made it great, they just taking there sweet *** time doing it. as they wanted to make thigs game just like all others, but not different. Copy and pasting is easyer then creating something new, they just forgot about a game that they already had.

    Planestide 1 was release May 2003, so ok I was a few month short of calling it 10 years ok, Big Deal. That game was in beta 3x longer then then PS2, I know I was in it from the get go, and played it all the way through its years till it was empty. The game was released far more refined then this game, only a few Vehicals were released after such as, Flail, Skyguard, Interceptor, totaling 38 vehicals, around 30 were released with the game, there are 28 unique weapons, about 23 were release with the game. many many things were released with the game. Its funny to hear people talk about PS1 saying there was not much to the game on release, when the game was a hell of alot further along then this game is by leaps and bounds. The games mechanics on the other hand were polished and tweeked for the next 7 years, till they decided to stop doing much of anything, as they were now moving onto PS2, taking nothing with them and what they learned of these times.

    Me and a ton of people plan on going back to PS1 when it goes F2P, like they say it will.There are lest 300+ people that have stated they have quit this game and went to play other games that are not so boaring after a short time as this is. The reason SOE has decided to out of all there games PS1 is the only one that has not gone F2P yet, as they are afrad if they do people will leave PS2 for that one, and posably have tons of more people on these forums demanding they take a second look at PS1 and stuff from it. Tons of people I talked to before Xmas, are getting tirded of this game, and board, and its only a few months old, and most like me see a glimmer of hope but dont hold much hope at this point as there is not much feedback from dears. Sure Roadmap is a start in letting us know what they want us to know they working on, but its what they not telling us, that they maybe working on so people can contribute. Such as they cloaks, people were up/down on yes/no they making them or not, now we learn they are, just going to take some time, although they are what was seen in beta and still not done?

    PS next time you best take up some light reading and look in to something before spweing your mouth off about soemthing you know nothing about clearly.

    Well ill stop at this point as I could go on for ever on these subjects.
  4. Santiak

    Sorry for cutting your post short, but just wanted to add something to that section specifically.
    I can't recall if its been either officially stated, or if it was merely various people suspecting it to be the case. Regardless, it may be that SOE "dumbed down" the game to get all of the more main-stream gamers to latch on, and then slowly but surely reintroduce more of the uncommon mechanics from PS1. All the while hoping that the "Hardcore playerbase" (or vets), would stay on the train and take one for the team, so to speak, while SOE nurses the newcomers back to PS1 "standards", and then beyond.

    If you like the game, and have your heart in it - yet find it somewhat lacking, hang in there and you'll get a game that will be as groundbreaking and engaging as PS1 was - and more than that afterwards.
    This time around just with a much more consistent playerbase (hopefully).

    On a side-note, I'd just like to clarify that I'm not speaking from an entirely subjective point of view, as I do actually find PS2 worthwhile and engaging, despite the issues I have with it that makes me consider it lacking in some parts. :)
  5. Kamran Mackey

    Yeah. I really agree with Santiak here. If you just be patient, PS2 will be better and bigger than PS1 ever was. And it's always expanding. :)
  6. Daimond

    Well dont remember saying I quit PS2 but was getting close to the wall of it though ( But new tunnels might bring back that feel of accualy being able to defend a base now ), have not played since just before Xmas though, and was waiting for todays patch before giving it a test run. do have to say sofar liking some of the changes, specialy to the Amp station spawn room, looks amazing and love the new AI duel gatlling turrets that can be accessed from second floor, know where im sitting in a defence :)

    But I am getting fedup like all others ( well really since beta ) of no info/feedback on if they think things need change or ajustments, EG infiltrators, which is my main class to play. What we get is a road map, that does not list alot of the problems that people accualy been asking for for months, but other crap that does not need revamping first or such things to wast time on like Empire spacific runs? like come ont these dumb things more important then infils, and other such stuff. They could of added a roadmap with no release dates to them so people can see there ideas, and coment on them to hope get pushed up. EG 2 new cloaks being worked on not date but some time, and they the same ones they been working on since early beta lol.

    PS problem is They did dumb-down the game too far and as higby stated many times was by design. They just been slowly seeing that taking small game battle mechanics and setting it to this scale does not work, as they learned early on in PS1 beta. Few things that I dont want to see come from PS1 is, BFR's ( said they never will but cash hungry may change that ) Caves, a few more just not going to go through them :) and still on the wall about OS's though, really depens on how they implemented, but not sure if it will work for this style they going for.
  7. Deringer

    A big thanks again to Maggie and Jimmy for wearing their ReachCast t-shirts on this week's episode! We love you guys!

    Did you like the t-shirts that Maggie and Jimmy were wearing? Do you want one like it? Good news everybody! We have teespring t-shirt campaigns up right now for all three colors! The best part is that a portion of every shirt sold goes to supporting the ReachCast show. Sadly, websites and hosting aren't free.

    So, if you want one, just click on the shirt below and it will take you to the page to place an order. Thanks for your support!!!

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  8. Luperza Community Manager

    No problem! Thanks for the awesome PlanetSide 2 podcast. :)
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  9. Maer

    Yeah, I guess those TARF guys are alright.
  10. Weatherford


    I like your Enjin site. Ours is very similar. Our event times are on our events page. We have operation event M / W / F / Sa 8PM EST. I hope to see more of you as we generally triple cap on Saturdays.

    I hope we can have massive coordinated battles!

    With the new update, I made my custom Vanu color pink. So, you already lose. :]
  11. Jaloro

    22:40 made me lol, given you guys got pulled in on a Sunday.

    Good show though :)
  12. Noxx(ia)

    Looks like the TR will be getting their shirts! Thanks guys and gratz, I guess? :p. Let's go VS and NC. represent :)
  13. Rockit

    So Maggie, what is this I hear of you leaving PS2 dev team?
  14. Luperza Community Manager

    Not really, but kind of. :p I'm still working on PlanetSide 2, but I am no longer a Designer. I am now your Community Representative!!! *cupcakes for everyone*

    Get used to seeing my name on the forums and other social media more often. ;)
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  15. DukeFlash

    I can respect SoE for keeping you on as CR when, apparently, they are reducing production staff.
    (hopefully you can still give some under the table input ;))
    or over the table, if it comes with a cupcake
  16. Gavyne

    Oh geez no, don't tell me SOE is really reducing staff already. Planetside 2 needs help at the moment. Does that mean no more Friday Night Ops? I hope not, I really enjoy the show and feel this is unique in the gaming industry.
  17. Luperza Community Manager

    Do not fret, my Auraxian! Friday Night Ops is here to stay. :)
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  18. riker

    the thing is, the mag rider is very very good its highly manuverable and its the most stable cannon platform besides a defense turret but its main drawback is its survivability rate, idk what it is but ill bet its low, magriders can kill and evade easily but they still die more often than the other tanks (at least form what i have observed on connory) our tank is good but its armor is thin and unlike the TR and NC we always have to face forwards or go veeerrrrryyyy sllllloooooowwwwllllyyyyy backwards and the TR and NC have a smaller sillouette than the magrider, but overall the tanks are far more balanced now................sort of
  19. Luperza Community Manager

    Hey peeps! Let's try to keep this thread for Friday Night Ops discussion primarily. :)

    If you have comments about Magriders and what not, be sure to post those to their appropriate forums and threads. <3
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  20. Kize

    Suppose this is still a little off topic but it was never denied they are reducing staff for this game already. Since reducing staff means less time invested I wonder if that means less staff on FNO as well as fewer fixes for the already ridiculous amount of bugs and hackers.

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