RECAP: Friday Night Ops - Episode 17

Discussion in 'Friday Night Ops' started by Luperza, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. mlane16

  2. zib1911

    Imperial Reach will be there supporting the TR, and all the TR outfits as well. Red, Purple, and blue on Esimir, were all about it.

    Our website is Imperial any TR out fit that wants to coordinate is welcome to jump on our TS and do so.
  3. Nathaniak

    When this is done, would someone mind posting the point in the recording at which the content stuff is on, for those who don't want to/can't watch the whole thing? Thanks ina dvance
  4. Luperza Community Manager

    Yep! I change each post into a recap and swap out the vod EVERY time. :) <3
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  5. Nathaniak

    Thanks. So you'll tell us the point at which the content stuff starts, so we don't have to watch until it begins? Thanks for the clarification.
  6. Luperza Community Manager

    Ah, I don't do that. lol. It will be at the beginning.
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  7. Nathaniak

    Good to know. It's great that you interact with the community like this - thanks.
  8. WNxPlatinum

    More good times tonight VA.. Warrior Nation will be in for some Smear, And Cookies.. And Beer, if you dont have beer your doing it wrong...
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  9. Luperza Community Manager

    Glad that they are allowing us devs to be a part of this! Makes for a lot of fun. :)
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  10. Deth

    How can anyone not be impressed with the dev team and Planetside 2 in general? You guys are awesome! Love watching the FNO vids. And I think it is great that the devs respond to the community and make changes we suggest . It is an added bonus that you are so darn cute ;) Hopefully you will be playing a bit this week too. Keep up the great work. Deth
  11. Thardus

    Had fun tonight. Since the FNO wouldn't come to Mattherson, we brought Mattherson to the FNO. :cool:
  12. Bonham

    Hope everyone enjoyed the GOTR goodness.
  13. netsky4life

    Some good fights on Esamir tonight was pritty hectic but had a blast, hope to see more off this in the future.
  14. HawkBlade062

    I was in the battle (till my wifi went crazy) abd i saw some pretty amazing things i havent seen yet in PS2. Was a great battle by all three sides. TR really showed there hand to in Waterson even if it was other servers outfits. Hope to see more things like this even if i isnt a FNO event. Liked the stream aswell (watched it after my wifi lagged me out of PS2).
  15. Izo


    NCSO had great fun tonight, this was our biggest achievement of the evening.

    We also learned the VS that crossing the frozen river towards Jaegers crossing into our squads with annihilators hurts... a lot.
    Thanks to the VS and TR for bringing it, great fights, was really back and fourth and the end result was playing Planetside 2 the way it's supposed to be played.
    Also a big thank you to FNO for featuring this event, I'm sure that we'll have many more of these on Waterson in the future.
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  16. HawkBlade062

    Looks like we did good even having some outfits or squads moving to retake Amerish and the few people trying to keep the TR from doin the same in Indar. Seems all empires got about equal territory in Esamir. Wasnt there for the end of the battle was in the stream at the end.
  17. iosefe

    In the end of the night, NC ends up capping Amerish and Esamir.

    Fantastic games, everyone!
  18. Sarmane

    Thanks for playing everyone, was really fun, loved the NC (DVS I believe) response to Freyr Amp being under attack. I had the pleasure of scouting you chaps from the Weighstation crushing the TR armour on your way. Was hilarious.

    Also THANK YOU FNO again for streaming this and also the previews of SMG and new spawn bases. Really enjoyed it.
  19. Luperza Community Manager

    Had a great time! The post is updated and has the recap now. :) Enjoy!!
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  20. Sarmane

    Just wanted to also say but I couldnt edit it in, SUCK IT TREBECK!

    For the reference.