RECAP: Friday Night Ops - Episode 17

Discussion in 'Friday Night Ops' started by Luperza, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Luperza Community Manager

    This week on Friday Night Ops:
    • Content Session: Showcasing upcoming patch information on an internal build.
    • Event Spotlight: Esamir Empire Skirmish on Waterson
    The following outfits have contacted me stating they would be present:


    Rapid Deployment

    Red Power
    • Dev Q&A: Send all your questions to Twitter at #PS2FNO. You have until Thursday night to get your questions in for the Q&A segment!

    Don't forget to use our hashtag #ps2fno and follow us on Twitter @Planetside2, @PurrfectStorm and @Jimmywhis
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  2. KiddParK

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  3. DaMann22

    Yeah [SENT], [X0O], and [DAWN] are going for you DVS! Come at me bro!
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  4. iosefe

    This will definitely be a fun Friday. Just a reminder That the Battle starts at 6 PM EST, not 8
  5. mistikl

    This is incorrect. The battle starts at 8pm EST.
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  6. Inviso

    Yes, time was pushed to 8PM EST to better suit the majority of players across the board.
  7. Tantalous

    This should be really exciting.
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  8. altonyc

    Wait...isn't 4PM PST equivalent to 7PM EST? Or are we saying it's really 5PM PST?
  9. Izo

    NCSO will be there, doing our thing.
    Here's to pop locking Esamir on the 18th for all factions, with a lot of good fights to be had! *Raises cup of freedom beer*
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  10. Inviso

    We will be kicking off on the VA side at 5PM PST, 8PM EST.

    Any NC/TR Leaders looking to coordinate for larger battles, feel free to contact me in game.
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  11. ({x})Kyoji

    Oh snap. Time for the VA to kick into action again and show everyone how awesome we are - like Raptor Jesus awesome. DVS has about 200ish members they can pull for an event as does the Vanu Alliance (maybe 250 in total) so should be a fair fight.
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  12. netsky4life

    Edge-Gamers Organization will give you guys a hard time representing TR, DVS knows us good enough and often runs from us and vanu oh well we have our fun fights i guess :). But NC is no threath we know your guys tactic :)
  13. ({x})Kyoji

    Waterson Server: Where the action is at!
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  14. Akrasjel

  15. santuckcasper

    give matherson something....... please.......
  16. Luperza Community Manager

    We showcase events and outfits on all the servers - EU, AS, and all US servers. =P If your outfit hasn't already, they should get their name in the backlog. I have a ton of other outfits waiting. It's a first come first serve deal. =] <3
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  17. Gav7x

    I really like this show, they always get larger battles, but is kinda sad that the only way for there to be big battles in waterson is via event, most of the time is ghost capping boring :( we need more people on the servers
  18. Wobberjockey

    see you on the frozen wastes of esamir folks
  19. Luperza Community Manager

    Indeed! =D
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  20. KiddParK

    It should be a good time for all parties involved. Bring a sweater...