RECAP: Friday Night Ops - Episode 16

Discussion in 'Friday Night Ops' started by Luperza, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Luperza Community Manager

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  2. Luperza Community Manager

    Update! We'll be outfit spotlighting, MadCast from Waterson. :)

    See you all Friday!
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  3. Alexander Angelos

    What this about exactly? Some new OUTFIT features ?
  4. Jobotoo

    This is awesome! What an honor! I can't wait!
  5. PoisonTaco

    This should be fun.
  6. MCKhaos

    Great to hear that our Outfit is getting featured. Wish I could attend.
  7. Luperza Community Manager

    Don't forget to tweet your developer questions to #PS2FNO. Compiling them tomorrow for Friday's show. :)
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  8. OneOneSix

    Sweet! I hope to be there playing alongside my fellow MadCast Outfit members. And maybe you guys can catch some of my amazing flying :p
  9. Kryptik 617

    99% chance the ENTIRE show is on Indar, rarely see the Waterson Vanu anywhere else unless its a zerg. Vanu has that sh*t on lock.
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  10. PoisonTaco

    Hoping to play on Esamir or Amerish but getting VS to move off of Indar (even if we own 90% of it) is like pulling teeth.
  11. MadCast: MrEpic

    Looking forward to the Op.
  12. Malacca

    Considering the excellent customer service I've received recently and this exciting outfit feature, SOE is really making a believer out of me!
  13. Nenarch

    I have no idea, how to get you guys my question so I\ll just throw it here as you\ll never see me use twitter. Won\t mind if you have to take only questions from the other route.

    Anyways, Uniforms.. are we getting more skins what show your medals and BR in your uniform like in PS1. It\s been pretty long already since launch and I believe it has been given to someone to do it.. Just wondering how long still as it ain\t that insane job unless there\s like 15 people who has to be satisfied before their added to game.

    Otherwise I don\t see point in getting medals.. Then what are achievements.. whatkind will they be etc.
  14. Red 5

    Great show. Would be so awesome to be actually fighting those battles. Too bad I live in Europe, so I'm stuck watching the replays at the moment. Maybe offer a first person perspective along the observer tool as well? Get some other person to play in the battles you are filming and you'll be able to switch perspectives without leaving observer mode. Would be very immersive, live as well for the people watching the replay.
  15. OceanFire

    Yesterday are outfit was on Amerish for 2-4 hours :p
  16. altonyc

    Mine was on the day before that, and we helped take Amerish. As soon as it was done, we had to defend Indar (our world population was still below 30%, so we really lost a lot of troops on Indar to help on Esamir and Amerish).

    But yeah, there's probably going to be a lot of Indar play. If you don't want us to fight there, don't try and take it...
  17. OceanFire

    That was fun, especial the part where we defend the amp station. Oh yeah and it was all on Esamir.
  18. PoisonTaco

    It was a lot of fun. On behalf of MadCast, thanks for having us on the show.
  19. Gav7x

    Im famous .

    not rly :/
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  20. Kamran Mackey

    Oh boo, I missed it! Oh welll... :(

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