RECAP: Friday Night Ops - Episode 13

Discussion in 'Friday Night Ops' started by Luperza, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Luperza Community Manager

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  2. Copain

  3. Cliff_Ascent

    We eagerly await, see you Friday!
  4. Noxx(ia)

    I'm pumped! Can't wait :)
  5. Luperza Community Manager

    Glad y'all are pumped! We can't wait. :)
  6. Luperza Community Manager

  7. SaintPeter

    Whoot! This is very exciting for us! It was kinda last minute, but we feel like we're up to the task!
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  8. krenshala

    Darn scheduling conflict! :( Give 'em hell for me, SaintPeter! Run some over for me in an AMS, would you? :) I'll be there in spirit, if not in character.
  9. Docturi

    Ohhhhhh man. Bellum Aeternus [BAID] is looking forward to this. See you all on Friday!
  10. RedOak

    Reachcast and JP woot!
  11. CdnBeefEater

    Is it possible to leave a question for the Dev's here? The only place I see to do it is twitter, and I'm not a tweeter :).

    My question is about voice comms in game. I have had a lot of difficulty with having it work reliably for me. Either I can hear others and they can't hear me, or I can't hear anyone talking, or it works fine, seeemingly at random. Is there a known issue with the in game voice comms or is it solely on my end? If it's on my end is there some detailed instruction on how to get it working? The instructions I received from SOE tech support were not that helpful. It would be nice to be able to tell my friendly liberator pilot not to land on the tree before he does it, and typing it was too slow....


    Vanu Heavy Assault
  12. SaintPeter

    Thanks to Luperza and Jimmy for the amazing time tonight! I had a lot of fun talking about our outfit and I appreciate the questions you asked.

    For anyone who is interested in joining Bellum Aeternus you can find the link in my signature block.
  13. Gunnisson

    Great job with the show, really enjoyed it.
  14. Malokir

    I really like this show, also the idea to present outfits and getting closer to the playerbase,
    but the Q&A part is getting somewhat short now.
    another thing, sending all questions through twitter is a bit counterproductive, caused by the small amounts of charakters you are allowed to use in a tweet.
  15. Noxx(ia)

    Had a wonderful time last night. Thanks again to jimmy and maggie!
  16. Rockit

    Used to follow these live regularly in the past but been busy lately. I did however decide to watch this one today via the recording and very much enjoyed it. Couldn't watch the entire thing (4 hours) but what I did see I was impressed with. You guys are doing a great job with it and getting better as you go.
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  17. Deringer

    I had a blast on Friday. I loved running around as Jimmy's pocket healer in the Bio Lab :D
  18. Luperza Community Manager

    Updated the post to contain the recap! Hope you all enjoy it. :)
  19. Copain

    How come we can't watch stuff like this instantly or the day after?
  20. Luperza Community Manager

    You can. Go to and then click the video tab at the bottom. After we are offline for a few minutes, you can immediately watch the episode.

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