RECAP: Friday Night Ops - Episode 1

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  1. Luperza Community Manager

    Salutations everyone!

    We know our first show was a little last minute and rough, but it'll get better as we move on and learn more! We wanted to provide you with a place to find a recap of our first Friday Night Ops! It was a lot of fun and a small portion of what we hope the show will turn into.

    Last week we talked with RadarX, the PlanetSide 2 Community Manager, where he grilled me about who I am and I tried to pry into who he is. Turns out...He's a dirty Terran Republic. I almost don't want to have him back on the show, but it was kind of fitting. Why do I say it was fitting? Well, we ended up interviewing Manitou the outfit leader of Dragon Wolves, a Terran Republic outfit. You might know their outfit from the original PlanetSide and the PlanetSide Universe Online community. It was a pleasure having them on and learning about their history. I also got to drive a Prowler, so it wasn't all too painful for me. ;)

    You can watch the recaps here:
    Part 1 -
    Part 2 -

    Give us feedback on the show. If you have an outfit or event you'd like us to showcase, let us know! I hope you enjoy and I'll see you next Friday!
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  2. Krona

    Sorry I just don't understand what this Republic dog's outfit has to do with friday night ops.
  3. Renpsy

    I think it is to show off the outfits? Idk idc it was nice to watch though even if there wasn't as much action as I hope :). Next vanu, I'm strictly NC so I never seen what other factions look like beside when I killing them :D .
  4. Rossinna-Sama

    You should probably visit West 03 and watch the constant battles for The Crown. Ain't nothing like seeing a conga line of Magriders die non-stop...

  5. Luperza Community Manager

    I hear ya Krona. VS are the only true operatives on the battlefield. ;)

    Renpsy, we'll be showcasing outfits from all factions and hopefully, we'll see more action as the game progresses and more people are working together to take over objectives.

    Thanks for the tip Rossinna-Sama! I'll be sure to check it out.
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  6. TartarusMkII

    Being a Radio and Television Production major, I see great value in these webcasts. However, the content seems odd to me because it's only inflating the egos of people who's egos are already massive (No offense, just saying.) I think there could be plenty more content, and instead of focusing on just the historical popular outfits and players, why not give up and coming people a shot at air time?

    I'd like to see where this goes, but until then, RTV Student scoffs.

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  7. Luperza Community Manager

    Hey Tartarus!

    I will gladly showcase new and upcoming outfits! Have them contact me. :) I am just going in the order they emailed/PM'd me.

    *Edit: Also if you are just an individual and you want to be on the show, PM me! I want as many community members on the show as possible. Don't be shy.
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  8. TartarusMkII

    I think that the basis of the show is awesome, though. The fact that it's very long has a very cool feel. My favorite part of this as I skip through sections of the two parts, is that the open space feels like 'hanging out.'

    The outfit I operate mostly just hangs out in a skype call all day, and while I find that some people dislike that, there are others who do. Just like the design stream, the idea of 'hanging out' with the staff/development/design team is a very cool feeling, and as some companies like Valve shows us, interaction is one of the best ways to grow customer (or player) loyalty.
  9. Luperza Community Manager

    Glad you enjoyed that aspect! I definitely want it to feel homie. This is a place where we, as a community, can just hang out and have fun. I don't want it to feel too structured or anything like that. I just want us all to hang out even if we aren't the same faction. ;)
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  10. Amrok1

    Loved the webcast. Makes me wish I had known about it before so I could watch it live, or at least try and shoot the camera a couple of times while playing. I'll probably watch again this friday, just less coughing this time! Also good to know that new computer parts I ordered are almost identical to the mighty Luperza!

    I think Tartarus touched on something which could be a great aspect for this series as well. Maybe spend a certain portion of each webcast showcasing the "up and coming" outfits as well as the older, established ones. Have some show time for the large outfits and some for the smaller, special ops outfits. If you can get this webcast established well, then when the esport portion which FuzzyHead Higby (that's mean with love Higby, but you're just not as stylish as the VS Devs) was talking about in the Dev Round Table starts up, you could do season highlights showing why the leading outfits are doing so well. Think This Week In the ***, only it would be PS2.

    And finally, this webcast is proof that the VS not only has the smarties, we have the lovelies as well!
  11. Luperza Community Manager

    Hey Amrok1!

    Thanks for the support. I will attempt to not cough this next one. I am feeling much much better now. :)

    As I stated before, I would love to showcase some new up and coming outfits. I just need their outfit leaders to PM me so I can set them up for a show. I have a large list of outfits that contacted me (and I've been going through them in order), but a lot of them are well known or old PlanetSide outfits.

    As far as the "this week in PS2", I definitely want to do something like that when we add a more eSport oriented flare to the game. I'm also going to be doing a Top 10 Plays of the Week which I think will be fun, but I have to wait on legal to see what the deal with all of that is before I can start up that segment.

    Keep the ideas coming my way and I hope you can make it out to the next livecast. :D
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  12. TartarusMkII

  13. Faceman

    Try joining West 01, you can watch the constant battles over the Crown.... it's great seeing a conga line of magriders create a line of death to the NC and TR Gates... :p underpowered?... that's our way of making you feel better after you explore the flavour of dirts on auraxis

    you should join our server.

  14. TartarusMkII

    I'm positive the show can simply move between servers seamlessly.
  15. Luperza Community Manager

    Yep! We can change servers whenever. :)
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  16. Marinealver

    That would be nice, but mabey add in some sort of ingame mechanic like jumping through hyperspace or something.
  17. QQBoo

    Hehehehe, tha'ts me at 1:13:50 (Part 1) shooting in the air like an idiot, trying to hit the streaming camera - yeah i failed :D
  18. vanQuish-uk

    Loving the PC360's "REPRESENT!" Yeah...this forum just got gangster...
  19. italktowalls

    is there gonna be a recap of those 2 streams in the planetside 2 command center show? or just a sole recap video?
    and love those piercings lol they look nice
  20. Roobarb

    Wow. Luperza is a fox!
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