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  1. OldSchoolD

    Before the rocklets I used the bow with the explosive bolts, and before that the underbarrel grenade launcher.

    Now even the antimaterial knife or rifle even helps in carving the finishing touches. The only advantage of the rocklets, is that they mostly suit every occasion so you do not need to go changing loadouts when going for a bus.

    But what I wanted to say is that being able to flatten a bus as a solo player is always been a rewarding objective for the lone wolf. Sundies have plenty of means of defense as it is. The newbie tradition of coming, seeing, not understanding the dynamics and interactions and asking for a nerf, is what actually should be phased out.
  2. brutes359

    Yes, because that VARY specific location is warrant enough to ignore the literally THOUSANDS of other situations where it works absolutely perfectly. We could also say an infiltrator can wipe out an he's shooting from behind the spawn zone shield wall. These discussions are meant to represent the issue over the entire game. Not single locations.

    Also, while being able to be rewarded for being able to outsmart your opponent is a good thing. Single men being able to not only stop entire 100 man zergs, but to do it EASILY, is a problem. There should be no point in which a single infantry target should have the toolset to reliably destroy a well defended deployment point in under ten seconds alone. C-4 should be a risky tactic with a high probability to fail. Where this a situation were a player gets close enough to use them through cunning and planning. Then yes, I would agree its a well earned reward.

    However, that is not how most light assaults work. Most light assaults will instead hurl themselves at sunders with no strategy and no plan other than to abuse the C-4 ambusher combo to reach it too fast to be retaliated against. The fact this is a common enough problem to be one of the most discussed topics of light assaults is more than enough proof that a nerf is warranted. While removal of C-4 is extreme, the alternative is to make it a PLACED explosive, that must be placed and armed over a 3 second period PER BRICK and THEN detonated. Even then however, the use of the ambushers to place them and the rocklet rifle together still make it likely it will be a further complained about weapon.

    Ultimately, removal of it all together from the light assault class is appearing more and more the reasonable and likely outcome.
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  3. SirPanfried

    I'm not entirely against this as no singly determined class should be able to stop a fight in its tracks in the way that LA does, but I do have some concern for removing yet another threat to vehicles and MAXes so readily.